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Month: February 2019

Yes, I Watched Too Much TV Today

Yes, I ran this morning on the treadmill for 4.0 miles. No biggie in comparison to everything else going on in the world – that is for sure. However, while […]

Helluva Workout – I Like Tuesdays

Outside was crap, it might look nice when viewed from this side of the window, but with temps barely out of single digits, 20-30 plus winds, the wind chills were […]

Dragging Arse = Feeling My Age

Yeah, I am about four weeks into the Hansons Half Marathon Method training plan and when you add in the three weeks I did of the Marathon training plan, that […]

Running Down Back Was Kind of Nice

After walking Bennie over 2.0 miles down-back, I decided that it was just too damn nice to head into town to run or plod along on the treadmill for a […]

Exhaustion Equal Lack of Willpower

It has been a busy couple of days to say the least. However, last night after one of those nearly 40,000 step days, I had a hankering for carbs…lots of […]

Tough Workout Tuesday

Treadmill time and you know something, I rather enjoy doing my speedwork on the treadmill rather than on the track or using a marked trail. For me at least I […]

adidas Tempo 9 – 300 Mile Review

The adidas Tempo 9s made it to 300 miles. A 300 mile review on a pair of shoes??? Holy crap…I couldn’t remember the last time that I had a pair […]

Running Outside is Better

Yes, I finally got to get my butt outside for a decent run. The temp was almost balmy at 39*F and a pretty stiff wind out of the NW at […]

Just A Bit Surprised After Yesterday

Okay what happened yesterday? It was supposed to be a rest day, to lounge around and relax after a hard speed session on Tuesday. You know a scheduled day off […]

Wonders of a Positive Attitude

Yeah, all that glitters is gold – right!!!??? Not always, but last week I did a great 6 x .50, with .25 recoveries and thought that it was one of […]

Week 6 – 2019

Not quite the week I wanted/expected, but the one that I got through. My favorite photo from the week: I am still using the Hansons Half Marathon Method as the […]

One of the Better Workouts in a While

This morning it was one of those you wake up to an inch or so of pain-in-the-arse white shite, which meant just enough snow moving for three driveways and then […]