Long Run and Conflicting Data – RunLog 3/3/19

That half inch of snow overnight really changed my long run plans this morning and as a result I got all discombobulated again. The weather was actually pretty decent outside for a change (but that will change tomorrow 8-12″ inches of snow is forecast for our area), so I really wanted to do my long run outside.

I figured that the best place to do it would be from Planet Fitness and wander around Leighton Road and Outer Civic Center Drive out past Steve’s Appliance. Great plan and the roads were a lot clearer once I got to Augusta than they were in Sidney.

That part was not an issue.

When I got to Planet Fitness and changed, I noticed that I didn’t have my Garmin with me. Shit, damnit, that is the second time in about a week, I left it sitting in the charging station at the house. Not a biggie, but I wanted to get at least 12 miles in and it is a lot easier figuring things out when I am wearing my Garmin.


Okay, not the end of the world, I have my old reliable Timex Ironman watch in my gym bag and the Milestone pod, which I calibrated yesterday, so I figured that it would be fairly close. The biggest issue/problem I have with the Milestone pod is that I don’t have a clue on the data until the run is over, which is nice to look at, but doesn’t do a damn thing about helping during the run.

I figured that between the two and knowing most of the course, I would have a pretty good idea of about how far I would be running. However, there was another option that I forgot all about – but more on that later. Yeah, when I figured it out I really felt like a dumbshit.

This run isn’t really about speed, but the plan calls for something around a 9:07 pace. Not super fast, but then again not dogging it too much either. The roads were mostly clear with a few slick areas where the snow had melted and felt a little greasy underfoot, otherwise it was the correct choice to run this course.

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Better Late Than Never – RunLog 3/2/19

After focusing on getting some of the mechanics and stuff done on Just A Runnah last night and this morning, I remembered that I hadn’t written a post on my run and some activities I did out and about yesterday.

We planned on heading down to Portland yesterday for our monthly Trader Joe’s trip and I knew that I needed to run before I drove down there. While the roads were clear, the temps in the low 20’s, with a pretty good breeze out of the North. Not ideal, but I also knew that I didn’t have time to got to Planet Fitness and use the treadmill.

So I bundled up and trundled out the door to do laps on Philbrick. The wife and SD2 had gone into town for a Vet appointment and we were planning on leaving as soon as they got back. I wasn’t sure about how many laps I would get in, especially since it was supposed to be an easy day.

Off I went.

The first lap and actually the entire run, I just felt cold and never really warmed up. While the temps were not awful, the wind just seemed to cut right through me. Oh well, I survived the weather.

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I Almost Bought One of My Unicorn Shoes

I did have to stop at Fleet Feet Sports to check out some of the newer shoes while we were in Portland yesterday and what do I see when I walk in the the door, one of my Unicorn Shoes:

Nike Vapor Fly 4%

Sitting on a table as I walk through the door…they had size 8.5 sitting out on top of the boxes, just SCREAMING — “BUY ME!!!”

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