Going Old School Tech

Earlier this week I got in an older computer a Dell Latitude 6400 with Windows 10 on it through a great deal on eBay.


Now it is not super powerful, the screen is not super great, it is heavy and it even has a disc drive. In other words it is state of the art 10 years ago. However, it does everything that my wife wants from a computer and she can:

  • play our library of movies without having to stream them from the Internet
  • surf the web and visit sites that she needs to
  • receive and send emails
  • type miscellaneous stuff when she needs to
  • play games
  • doesn’t have to have the Internet to be an effective computer

Pretty basic computing needs, but if you stop and look at things what more do most people use a computer for? Continue reading “Going Old School Tech”

Memories and Just A Bit of Work Updating the Blog – Again

Since I decided to move most of my old blogs to this one, there has been a LOT of behind the scenes, backend stuff that has been done to get things to where they are presently.

Annotation 2019-03-08 190029

Which more than likely means that you the reader have been inundated with posts and stuff from eons gone by. If you have I apologize and hope that you bear with me while I get things semi-squared away around here again.

Importing the old blog posts, getting them so they are readable, has been fun, but necessary and at times a time to stop and think about what I had written at that time. Updating old links will be an ongoing process and one that I have a feeling will never be completed, but I have gotten some of the more important pages and posts done.

I have not decided on a few things yet and how I will approach or tackle them, but I do know that I am not going to get back into the business of RunBlogging. It is not where my heart is and while I will still do a few running gear reviews, some tech stuff (in an very inexpert way), my focus is going to remain very simple.

My thoughts about the weather, running, my journey to become a better one even as I get to be an old fart, people letting their dogs run loose, some other random thoughts along the way and a little about my personal life.

However, for the most part I will avoid third-rail subjects – those are conversations I prefer to do in person, there are too many ways to misinterpret what is being written or to take things out of context. Both of which serve no purpose for anyone.


This is and will be a personal weblog where I get to put my thoughts out there and have something that I can reflect back on at some later date. I do know that having to go back through posts that I wrote 5-10 years ago, bring them back to my mind much more vividly than I could ever have remembered them otherwise.

Rereading blog posts with my thoughts on my mother’s death brought back memories of that day, times when my father was in the hospital and near death, reminded me of how lucky we are to still have him with us and a tear or two may have dribbled down my cheek while reading those very personal posts.

More recently reading about Phil’s death and then some posts that I talked about a dear friend who I found passed away at a later date. Then of course there are the posts where I wrote from my heart about some our critters who are waiting on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge. Yes, those memories hurt, but at the same time they are part of living and bring those that have passed a bit closer to our hearts.

Then there are all the great memories: the Runners World Half Festival, how I felt when I interviewed and was selected for the different positions that I had since I started blogging, people I have met, hikes we have gone on, spending time with my grandkids and many of life’s other great moments.

However, most of the blog posts tell a day in the life of a fairly boring old fart, who runs too much, spends a lot of time thinking…well dreaming of how to be a better runner even though I am now over 60. Then I always seem to find time to talk about running shoes, probably my biggest wasted endeavor, but one that is fairly harmless, even though it does cause Mary to raise an eyebrow sometimes when I have way too many laying around the house.

So I ask that you bear with me while I keep working to get the site back up to snuff.

Thanks for your patience.

6.0 Mile Recovery Run Down-back – RunLog 3-8-19

I don’t have a clue what was going on with me yesterday, after feeling like ungh all day, I went to bed early last night and woke up this morning with a spring back in my step that was not there the day before.

It is still colder than hell around heah, it got to -4*F overnight and warmed up to 3*F for Bennie and my morning walkabout. According to the forecast the cold air escalator is shutting down today and we will get back to more March-like or at least average March temps starting this afternoon. That will be nice.

Bennie and Hunter are starting to get along a bit better and we are walking them more and more together. Hopefully at some point they will figure it out and not growl at one another quite as often.

After walking down-back with them, I figured it would be safe enough to do a run down to Tiffany. The dirt road has been plowed by the local truck guys, even though it is closed for the winter and there is a layer of snow on top of the ice that makes walking or in my case running possible through here for now.

Today is a scheduled 6.0 mile recovery run, so I wasn’t worried about trying to run faster through the downback section of the course, it might be decent, but not that great.

Once I got over on Tiffany, I was able to relax and just run. However, on the way back there was about a 10 mph breeze in my face that was a bit chilly coming off the snowbanks, but I lived through it. 😉

The Tempo 9s are beginning to show the mileage, the left heel cup is wearing through the liner and I can see the same thing starting on the right foot as well. It was bound to happen at some point, but they have served me well for 325 miles and while the liner is wearing through, it hasn’t started to bother my feet yet. I would like to get them over 400 before I retire them to the shoes I keep in the truck for those just in case runs that pop up from time-to-time.

Otherwise it was one of those nice recovery runs where I just run comfortably and slowed down from there. The weather will warm-up eventually and it will be nice to get to running outside in shorts and a t-shirt again.