An Honest 10.0 Miler – RunLog 3/9/19

The weather forecast for tomorrow made me decide to get my run done today, which was about a good a winter day as you are going to get. Mid 30s, plenty of sunshine, the only issues were the 10-15 mph breeze out of the Northwest and some slick spots due to melting. It was great day for a longer run.


I had originally toyed with the idea of running from home and doing my 10 mile River Road Loop, but when Bennie and I walked down on Blake Road, the ruts and ice made me re-think that idea. It is only about a mile of the run, but it was enough that I didn’t want to chance landing on my arse down there, which would be the last part of the run. It is one thing to run on that kind of stuff when you are fresh and another when you are 8-9 miles into a run.

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