Sometimes Easy Days Are The Hardest–RunLog 3/15/19

Today, I was scheduled to do 5.0 miles in my “easy” pace range, after yesterday’s great Tempo and more workout. Yet really, I found today’s workout in many ways more difficult to get done than that hard-ass workout.



I definitely would have preferred to have sat in the new chair with Bennie than gone out and run on the treadmill this morning.

What in the hell are you talking about Harold?

Yesterday, you did 6.0 miles of tempo running at half marathon race pace and then added 8 x .1 strides at fast speeds for a total of 10.0 miles and you are telling us that today’s 5.0 miles at within your easy pace range was a harder run.

You really are knackered, aren’t you! Continue reading “Sometimes Easy Days Are The Hardest–RunLog 3/15/19”