Tempo or Repeats? Either Way it Was Tough – RunLog 4/2/19

Okay today was the first day where the change of focus in my training plan really became more than just a nice theory that I have about how I need to run.

As a part of changing my training plan, I moved my tempo workouts to Tuesdays, since that seems to fit better with the local racing schedule, which has several Tuesday informally formal “races” that I plan to be using as tempo workouts once they start and I get my act together.

Which meant that today was Tempo Tuesday…err Harold Tempo Tuesday looked an awful lot like repeat vs a tempo run in the Hansons Method? What’s up. I am prepping for a harder 5K race and need to get back to running faster, even when I am tired, which means that I have to slightly alter my definition of what a tempo workout entails.

That also made today’s a little easier mentally, since I have been doing the Hanson strength workouts and this new definition of a tempo workout was more a continuation of those workouts, just a “little” faster.


Yes, I did the run on the treadmill and will continue to do the tempo and speed workouts on the treadmill for a while longer. It didn’t help that it was sunny, mid 40s and just a little breezy outside. I have to admit that the treadmill does keep my paces more honest and consistent, but still if I wasn’t doing a training plan and had specific paces I wanted hit, I would have been outside running.

So today, my “tempo” workout was: Continue reading “Tempo or Repeats? Either Way it Was Tough – RunLog 4/2/19”