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Month: May 2019

Sunday Longer Run – RunLog 5/26/19

Well, I got the miles done, but today was more a sightseeing tour of Waterville / Winslow than it was about focusing on running the long miles hard. I did […]

Errand Day – RunLog 5-20-19

Yeah, today was the day for driving to Waterville, getting a bunch of stuff done up there and then heading to Augusta. Just a heads-up, if you prepay your heating […]

You Gotta Show Up – RunLog 5-19-19

Congratulations to all those runners who competed and/or completed their race at Sugarloaf this morning. No, I didn’t go, I am still in my non-racing funk, but I knew more […]

Apple’s iPhone 7 Dunk Test

Not running related, so if that is what you are looking for, this post isn’t for you. However, I screwed up again and just wanted share what I did this […]

No Track Tuesday-But Speedwork Done

The rains returned overnight and while we didn’t get the predicted snow, we did have pretty raw conditions this morning. Today is track Tuesday and with the weather, the way […]

Nike Zoom Fly v1 – 30 Mile Review

The Nike Zoom Fly v1 – Another older shoe that is finally coming down into the price range where I am willing to experiment with them, i.e. checking them out […]

Track Tuesday – RunLog 5/7/19

Okay, bear with me whilst you listen to the old fart whine, piss and moan about my track workout this morning. The good news is that I did it, the […]

Good Long Run – RunLog 5/5/19

Ahh, the weekly long run…I finally got one in after a few too many weeks away from it. This morning’s run was kind of up in the air until the […]