Going Off Plan – ME!!! Yeah – RunLog 5/28/19

Tuesdays are my weekly speed training day and this week the plan called for 4 x .75 @ 5K race pace.

Yeah, that was the plan. 😉

However, I got a bad case of Harold being Harold and wanted to try out a new pair of running shoes that have been sitting on my dresser for a couple of weeks. Especially, after I took them out of the wrapper yesterday, tried them on, weighed them and was suitably impressed.

Now I am planning on these shoes being my go fast for me shoes and in order to test them out, I decided in my infinite wisdom to use them for my Tuesday speed work session but didn’t want to do the longer repeats originally in the plan. So I decided to do my “go to” workout 12 x .25 @ 5K race pace.

With the understanding that if the new shoes bothered that I could stop the workout and change to my other shoes that I would bring with me.

I also was going to set up my Garmin 230 to timed Intervals and let it tell me when to do my repeats. It was a great plan, but one that failed miserably, once I started the watch, I noticed that the distance was waaaay off. Yes, it was set to Indoor mode, but for some reason, it attempted to use the GPS too.

Annotation 2019-05-28 210643

So I paused the treadmill, adjusted the laces and restarted the watch – it did it again, after that, I just ignored the watch and went by the treadmill display.

However, I went ahead and changed up the workout slightly and made it harder. Yeah, I know – new shoes and a harder than usual speed workout.

Yeah, you really were Harold being Harold today.

What did I end up doing?

  • 1.0 @ 6.7 mph for a warm-up
  • Recoveries after each fast .25 was 6.5 mph.
  • 4 x .25 @ 8.7 mph, with that pause to try to get the watch working correctly, slightly faster than what I would like to run for a 5K
  • 4 x .25 @ 8.9 mph – a little more difficult, but doable, but the recoveries felt pretty short
  • 4 x .25 @ 9.1 mph – actually I felt smoother running at this speed, but the recoveries seemed way too short

At this point, I looked like I had gone swimming or running in the rain, but I was still feeling pretty strong, so I decided to make this workout even harder. What a dumbshit! Like twelve quarter-mile repeats at increasing speeds were not enough.

Time for strides.

  • 5 x .1 @ 9.6 mph – my treadmill strides distance
  • 1 x .1 @ 10.1 mph – yeah that one sucked!

8.0 miles total in 60:42 or as close as I could figure.

One of those workouts that I kept changing on the fly since I was feeling pretty good throughout and wanted to test the new shoes to see how they would when I was tired and still attempting to run fast. Surprisingly, I felt better with each mile I ran in them, even though I was getting pretty tired.

I didn’t get any hotspots and my feet did not bother or hurt. Although I did have to adjust the lacing when I paused the treadmill and still have some minor adjustments to do. Otherwise no issues with the shoes – other than being impressed with how well they performed on a pretty tough initial run.

Oh yeah, the shoes were Nike Zoom Fly SP in size 8.5.


They do feel very different from my Zoom Fly v1, which to me feel more like a light-weight daily trainer style of running shoe. The SPs feel much more like a go faster shoe.

Now to get a bunch more miles and hopefully a race in them to see how they really do.

A good first run in the Zoom Fly SPs and an excellent quarter-mile speed workout.

Memorial Day and Running – RunLog 5/27/19

Big speeches, parades, spouting cliches, being part of a huge crowd, sharing patriotic memes on Facebook or Twitter and binge-watching some TV show/Movie all day are not my style or who I am.


I am one of those odd ones who think about life, the freedoms we enjoy, the meaning of days like Memorial Day on more than just one or two days a year. Which doesn’t make me better or more noble than anyone else, it just means that I probably have more time in my life to reflect on things than many others do.

Personally, I do my best thinking about “celebrations” like Memorial Day, while I am out running or attempting to put together a blog post, where I am trying hard to find the right words that make sense to me about what I am thinking about outside of my head and definitely not making myself out to be something that I am not.

What I do know is that as I get older, is that I appreciate the time I do have left on this little blue ball and how precious each of our lives is. I also believe that as we get older and for many of us a bit wiser, we tend to understand better and more clearly the sacrifices of so many who did not get the chance to grow older and to enjoy the life that their sacrifices enabled the rest of us to live.

I don’t want anyone to think I am trivializing Memorial Day by writing yet another boring blog post about my running. However, being the odd duck that I am, I believe that I best honor the memory of those who gave their lives defending our freedoms today is by continuing to live life the way that I chose and enjoying the freedom being able to write about my boring life.

Isn’t that what their sacrifice was for?

First up – no I did not race, I thought about it earlier in the week but decided not to go to either one of the ones I was thinking about, I just didn’t feel the need to compete.


However, today was one of those exceptional weather days, where you just want to go for a run. Yeah, it was that nice outside. After yesterday’s long run, I planned on doing a nice 5.0-mile recovery run down-back.

The breeze was out of the North, so it was in my face all the way out, which kept things a bit cooler, but not so much that it really slowed me down all that much.

I did have to chuckle, the guy who owns the house with the swimming pool down on Tiffany now sees me as a regular and we usually have a conversation as I run by. It is typically about the weather and how fast the frigging grass is growing, but it is a neighborly kind of “how do you do” thing. Although I do wish that he would keep his shirt on, that wasn’t a pretty sight by any stretch of the imagination – at least he put his dog up on the porch behind the gate this time.

I think the dog just wants to go for a run with me, but for a black lab, he is pretty aggressive about how he is protecting his turf. I could still hear him barking down past Bartlett.

It seemed like most everyone else was at the Sidney parade because the road was pretty much deserted for almost the whole run.


However, once I turned around and the wind was at my back, it did get a bit warmish. That, along with some pretty nasty nipple chafe from yesterday’s long run (I forgot to put my protective bandages on them before I ran yesterday), were taking my attention off of running and thinking, to thinking about how uncomfortable I was getting.

So I made the decision to take off my shirt and run topless!!!

No, no birds fell to the earth dazed or blinded and the two cars that did go by did not end up in the ditch, although I thought for a moment that one was going to go in the ditch from laughing so hard at an old fart going shirtless and all the fat and stuff jiggling around. I guess I am one to talk about going out in public with no shirt on. 😉

Luckily no photos were taken and no cameras broken as a result.

However, the chaffed areas stopped bothering and I could feel the cool breeze on my back, so at that point, I really didn’t care who I offended with my shirt off.

I was much more comfortable running!

After that, it was all about getting back to the lower gate down-back and stop at 10K. Yeah, the weather was so nice that I tacked on an extra mile to the run, just because I could.

Then I walked back to the house…err I walked up Stevens Hill…shhh I just didn’t feel like dealing with that hill this morning.

The reality is that

I had a really good recovery run, enjoyed a pretty normal day, walked the dog, mowed the lawn, puttered around the garage, cooked supper on the BBQ, helped out a neighbor who was having computer issues and enjoyed the evening with the wife.

In other words another wonderful day in the life.

However, I will always remember and honor the sacrifices of those who made it possible and do it more than once a year.

Sunday Longer Run – RunLog 5/26/19

Well, I got the miles done, but today was more a sightseeing tour of Waterville / Winslow than it was about focusing on running the long miles hard. I did stop to take more photos than usual and that was okay since the run wasn’t about speed.

I changed up my usual course and started beside the Hannaford and then ran through the residential section versus just heading down to the River Road. If I had to live in Waterville, I have a sneaking suspicion that is the road I would prefer to live on. There was just something about the neighborhood that I liked.


Going across the bridge was the first photo stop, there is just something about that view of the Kennebec River that I enjoy. Going through Winslow I did have to take a picture of the old dam that used to cross the Sebasticook River.


Of course, by the time I got to Dunkins it was time for a pit stop, something about a long run and having to stop about 5 miles or so for that pit stop.

Then I had to get a photo of Head of Falls, it does show the power of the river.


I have never run across the 2 Cent Bridge and it seemed like a great day to do it and then go up to the new River Walk area.


I haven’t been there since they fixed it up! It is actually pretty nice and they did put in a lot of work to get it to where it is.


After that, it was more just keep putting one foot in front of the other, although that little bump on Sanger Ave did kick my butt. Of course, I had to get another photo along the Messalonskee Stream Trail.


And yes, I did have to stop once I got on Silver Street to adjust my sock. I was wearing toe socks and for some reason or other the little right toe seemed to be a bit too tight and I had to take it off to get it feeling correct.

So I gave myself another mile penalty for stopping to fix it and ended up with 11.0 miles for the run versus the 10 I had planned on.

Actually it was a pretty decent run, where I could have gone further if my socks didn’t bother at about mile 8-9 and even after fixing them, they didn’t feel quite right. So I didn’t bother attempting to go any further. I was feeling really good otherwise and it would have been nice to have had a drink of some kind.

img_3927The distance field is Kilometers, so that I wouldn’t know exactly how far I had run, since my ability to convert the distance becomes more difficult as the further I run.

Almost Tempo Pace and Honoring Family – RunLog 5/23/19

This morning was about as good as it gets for running in my opinion, Partly Sunny, 50’s, light breeze that got…well felt stronger when I turned around and ran back against it. I was also scheduled for a quality run of some sort.

My Thursday runs tend to be more go by feel and do the work based on my energy levels more than an actual formal tempo run at a certain pace. Honestly, I was still feeling a bit tired from Tuesday’s harder repeats, so I decided to run down-back 5-6 miles, see if I could stay around an 8:00 minute pace and not feel like I was dipping into the well.

I was surprised at the faster first mile and just picked up the effort level for the second mile down to a comfortably hard, but still a very manageable pace. However, during the third mile I lost focus on the deceptively long uphill section of the course and slowed down a lot more than I expected. Instead of working at running faster, I was just running comfortably and then realized what I was doing.

At that point I pushed the effort level back up to a bit harder.

Miles four and five were just keep it going at the comfortably, well until I got to the end of the tar road and had to go up the little grade to finish the 5.0 miles. I had decided that 5.0 miles was all I was going to do this morning when I turned around. I tried to push the uphill portion of the last 100 yards.

I did just okay with the pace/effort at the end, I should have worked harder, but I was getting tired and the uphill at the end of the hard part of the run was just a pain in the arse (which is exactly what I needed – to take myself out of my comfort zone – running hard uphill is tough for me), but I did what I wanted finished sub 40:00 for 5.0 miles.

Not by much, but I made it.

I shut down the hard part of the run at 5.0 and did a cool-down 1.0 mile instead of attempting to do too much. Which tends to get me in trouble physically, especially with Stevens Hill looming ahead of me.

A pretty good run and one that I was very happy with. I haven’t broken 40:00 minutes for 5.0 miles in training for a long time, so that was pretty good indicator of where I am in this training cycle. Better than I have been for a while and I attribute a great deal of this progress to one thing:


I have been able to run consistently since October 2017 and that is the biggest difference in my running. Being able to just run at least 20 just about every week since then has made a huge difference.

Honoring Family

Tonight I am exhausted though, but smiling.

After running the faster 5.0 miles (for me), Mary and I did Berlin, NH the flip flop. It is Memorial Day weekend, so we have also been working on honoring our ancestors by cleaning up their gravesites and putting flowers there as well. It is a small thing, but something that I believe is important to do and so does Mary.

A small sign of respect.

Honoring our past and remembering those that came before us is something that I tend to believe is being lost a bit more with each generation – for various reasons that are well beyond the scope of this blog. How much of our families heritage and history is gone forever and will never be recovered?

Who were our grandparents or great grandparents besides those old farts who couldn’t move too well and were shrunken, wrinkled and too tired of life – that we knew as kids?

  • Who were they when they were our age?
  • What were their dreams, thoughts, hobbies and other interests?
  • Who were those people, who’s name is on the headstone or who image is in the photo album?
  • What questions would I ask them now, that I didn’t ask when I was younger?
  • What stories would I be told about their lives?


Most of us don’t have a clue who they were and that is another reason that I blog. I want my grandchildren and who knows generations beyond, to know something of who I was. I am doing this because my family didn’t keep journals, diaries, letters that give me an idea of who they were and blogging is my way of documenting a small part of my life.

No, I am anyone special who is all that important in the scheme of things, but I am me and I would like to believe that at some point one them might want to read about their weird grandfather, who ran too damn much.

That is part of the reason that I am willing to drive 3.5 hours one way and back again, to clean gravestones, help put flowers out and spend time talking about the memories of family – good, bad and even the stuff that is not pleasant to remember.

Respect for my family and those who have gone before me.

A tough run, a tough drive to New Hampshire and back, but all-in-all a damn important day in the life.

Yesterday, we did my mother’s family graves up in Newport and her parents in Waterville for the same reasons.

Errand Day – RunLog 5-20-19

Yeah, today was the day for driving to Waterville, getting a bunch of stuff done up there and then heading to Augusta. Just a heads-up, if you prepay your heating oil check the date you need to have the contract back to the company. If you are like us they have to be back to them by the end of May to lock into the present rates.

Yeah, it kind of sucks to have to think about next Winter already, but just being able to call up and ask for a delivery without worrying about having to worry about the payment is a huge stress relief.

Once I got all that running around done, I actually got to run.

I decided to go over to the BMV commuter lot towards Chelsea and ran the Cony Loop. After yesterday’s nine plus, I was planning on an easy 6.0 mile or so run.

The weather was overcast and humid. It had rained off and on all morning and during Bennie’s longer walk, it was just miserable. There was a little breeze out of the south, but nothing all that bad.

I like this course, but I like it better on the weekend, during the week, it is just too busy on the main road and even the Cony Road was pretty steady, so I don’t see me running it all that often during the week. A few of the bigger trucks felt like they were pretty close over by the bog area and the ditch was such that I couldn’t move over much more without scrambling around on a pretty good slope.

Once I got over by the Shell Station, the hill came into view. Usually I am a bit intimidated by this particular hill, but today, I actually picked up the pace a little and made it over it, without any issues. Not super fast, but no problems like I was having with hills last year, so that is something.

I did pick up the pace for the last mile, but that is something that I attempt to do on most of my runs. Even so, it wasn’t a hard push, it was more pick up the pace and throw myself up that damn little bump on Piggery Road. 😉

A nice recovery run.

A Surprising Week – Week In Review 5/19/19

Let’s see…I haven’t done a week in review for a while, but with so much going on this week that I want to remember going forward, I figure that I probably should write some of this stuff down here.


I swear every other day it rains and doesn’t give anything around here a chance to dry out. We haven’t even attempted to get into the gardens yet and usually we have at least planted our spring garden and rototilled the big garden by now. I stepped in them and sank almost up to my ankles, so it might be a late planting. The only good thing is that I have only had to mow once so far, instead of the usual 3-4 times that I usually have in past years.

We finally decided to do some work around the house and made a commitment to re-do the dining room, kitchen, master bathroom and some other things that just need to be done on a home that is over 30 years old.

It is a bit daunting and intimidating, especially once the work begins, but after it all gets done we hope that it will make our home better for us as we get older and have different needs going forward. I am sure that I will be writing more than a little about this over the next few months.

My Lenovo Thinkpad X230T has been acting a bit wonky and when I ran a diagnostics on the harddrive, it showed a few bad sectors. At this point I decided to go ahead and get a replacement SSD. Once I got the harddrive cloned, it took about 5:00 minutes to change out the drives. All I did was turn the X230T back on and everything was there. Oh, there was one difference…performance. WOW!!! I didn’t realize how much faster the SSD would make my old Lenovo perform – there  is a noticeable difference.


Oh yeah, my iPhone 7 is still working just fine, you can read about my misadventure with it here. I got lucky, very lucky after submerging it for that long.


Annotation 2019-05-19 170936

I kept pretty close to the Hansons Half Marathon plan, despite the wonderful weather we are having up heah in Maine. While I am doing most of the plan, I am attempting to keep the mileage on the lower side of the scale and when I get to 40 miles for the week, that is about where I want to end up – well most of the time.

Which means that I am being more careful about how many miles that I am doing on my easy days and not attempting to do the cumulative fatigue part of the Hansons plan.

This week’s quality workouts were just that – quality and my slower runs were done at comfortable for me paces – you know the way I am supposed to train. However, if you read my post from this afternoon, you know that tonight I have a bad case of should’a, could’a, would’as and as a result might be looking for a race to actually do at some point in the near future.

Running Shoes

I have basically gone to a two shoe rotation.

Annotation 2019-05-19 212822Nike Epic React v1 – They now have over 100 miles on them and this is the point where I said that I would do a review, so that is coming at some point this coming week. So far I have liked running in them, they are comfortable don’t bother my feet to run in them at any speed or distance. The Epic Reacts do everything that I want from a daily trainer.

Nike Zoom Fly v1 – Ah the Zoom Fly v1s, I haven’t decided if they are a maximal light-weight trainer or a race day/go fast for me running shoe. What I do know is that according to my Milestone Pod/App is that I run differently in the Zoom Fly than I have in any other running shoe I have run in during the past year. My paces are faster with less effort and it is being done with less fatigue or soreness after the runs. I can foresee that the next time I run in a race that the Zoom Flys will be on my feet.

Yeah, can you believe it I am back to running primarily in Nikes again? Even though my adidas Tempo 9s, adidas Adios 3 and Karhu Ikoni Ortix all are good shoes, but when I get right down to what I want to run in on a daily basis I reach for either the Zoom Fly or Epic Reacts.

Which surprised me, due to the polarizing reviews that both of these shoes had when they first came out, but they were shoes that I really wanted to run in and make up my own mind about them. I guess it comes down to runners either loving or hating them and I am one of the runners who love both shoes.

Aches and Pains

Nothing that I haven’t dealt with as ongoing fun stuff.

The right ankle is bothering more than it has in the past, I am thinking that there is a bit of arthritis going on in there. Too many torn ligaments and sprained ankles from my past are finally starting to catch up with me.

The tailor’s bunionette is sort of under control…well as long as I remember to wear my soft gel bunionette pad at night. Since I have started wearing them almost every night, the number of different running shoes I have been able to wear comfortably has tripled and I have been able to actually enjoy running without discomfort on most of my runs.

My left Achilles tendon is feeling the best it has been in several years, so I am hoping to keep it that way.

The reality is

That I was very happy with how things have gone this week.

While the work on the house has been delayed for a couple of years for circumstance beyond our control, it is both more than a little daunting and at the same time very necessary. I really believe that once it is done we are going to be very happy, but it will be some big changes in our house.

Yes, there will be before and after photos.

Running is going well and I am starting to get the itch to race again to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone, both physically and mentally, especially after so many runners that I know participated in the Sugarloaf 15K or marathon and did so well.

When it comes to running shoes, it seems that I usually come back to Nike shoes most every year, just because they work for me and then I wander off on some tangent for a while, then come back to them again. One of those they work and I get bored with them working things that I am attempting to change. That if it works well, don’t F%$# with it idea.

I wonder what I would do if I ran in Nike shoes for the rest of the year and didn’t take off on the tangent? Who knows maybe I will find out this year.

Yeah, a good week.

Especially, since I didn’t have to replace my iPhone 7 and repairing my laptop was very simple.


You Gotta Show Up – RunLog 5-19-19

Congratulations to all those runners who competed and/or completed their race at Sugarloaf this morning. No, I didn’t go, I am still in my non-racing funk, but I knew more than a few runners in both the 15K and the Marathon. Each runner had their own story to tell and the biggest thing is that they trained and then showed up.

Which is the biggest thing – many times just showing up is the difference. All those could’a, should’a, would’a that we all think about after not doing something, that we would’a, should’a and could’a – well they are going through my mind right now.

A lot.

One of the guys I have been running with lately – Jon, ran it this morning. He did amazing finishing 3rd in our age group in the 15K, only 5 weeks out from knee surgery. Needless to say he is a much better and mentally stronger runner than I will ever be. So a big congratulations to him on a great performance.

Along with several runners I know who punched out their BQ qualifying time. 🙂

Getting back to the running log.

The last few days, I have had a bad case of the blahs, not feeling like doing a whole lot and having to force myself out the door to run or just do stuff around the house. So looking at how Jon and some others did, helped to motivat me to get off my arse and get moving this morning. I had seriously considered taking the day off from running.

I was scheduled to do an 11.0 miler, but I only needed 9 miles to hit 40 for the week and it seemed like a perfect day to do a 15K training run. Actually the weather was about as good as it gets for me, low 50’s, light rain and a bit of a breeze. I wanted to see what kind of time a normal for me training run would get in comparison to the Sugarloaf 15K results.


Yeah, I know could’a, should’a, would’a.

I also wanted to see how the Zoom Fly v1 did on a “normal”, but longer training run at a slower pace. One where I was not purposely attempting to pick up the pace all that much.

The first 3.0 miles were at an easy pace, just to get rid of the cobwebs, blahs and crap. Once I got out to Goodhue, I started to feel a bit more like me and naturally picked up the pace going down towards the Pond Road and stayed about the same pace until I got over to Bartlett, where the hill in the photo got my attention pretty damn quickly.


I did see another runner coming down the hill, which is unusual for me to see any runners over that way. I kind of wonder if it was one of the local runners I follow on Strava, I didn’t get a good look at the face, because I was working hard on simply getting myself up that damn hill. We greeted, smiled and kept moving.

Coming back down the other side of Bartlett I picked the pace up a little and then once I got back on the dirt road I slowed things down. The Zoom Flys did great on the wet roads, but on wet dirt…well let’s just say I made it back to the tar without any misadventures.

Now the Sugarloaf 15K course is a fast one and many a PR has been set along it by other runners, which is great, but that is not the couse I ran today. My Pond Road Loop course is a bit more challenging shall we say, but nothing crazy.



That being said, I would have a feeling that I would have done alright based on comparing my time this morning to the race results. That is if I had shown up for “that” race this morning. Which does help my confidence levels and leaves me wondering even more about getting off my arse and doing a few races.

Oh yeah, the Zoom Flys did just fine at the slower paces, I ran this morning, which reinforces the idea that I could probably use them as trainers if I wanted to.


In running races it is all about running with and competing against those that do show up. I don’t show up to races, so I can only talk about what might have bee. The truth is that I don’t attempt to challenge myself very often, to get out of my comfort zone and see how I compare to other runners, both my age group and others. It is a demon that I haven’t quite gotten the best of yet.

Now to work on that part of the equation.

All I know is that running with Jon is starting to pique my interest in actually showing up once or twice at some point.

Right now I have a bad case of could’a, should’a and would’a…

and you know something I am good with that.

However,…let’s add in – for now.

Apple’s iPhone 7 Dunk Test

Not running related, so if that is what you are looking for, this post isn’t for you. However, I screwed up again and just wanted share what I did this time.

The next episode of Harold being Harold.

A little bit of background first.

My stepdaughter built a house beside us and she has been having drainage problems around her new house. Actually it is more like a moat sometimes than a yard. So I have been doing some yardwork to help lower the water levels a little, so she can eventually get someone in to actually get the yard where it should be.


The duck pond – if you look close you can see where the duck is swimming.

Late yesterday afternoon I went over to move some of the smaller rocks and re-route the water so that it would flow down to the culvert across the old dirt road versus sitting like a pond on SD2’s future lawn. Which meant crawling around on the rock wall, using a pry bar to move rocks and a hoe to dig out the channel.

No Phone!

Okay, now fast-forward to 10:30 P.M. We are getting ready to go to bed and I look around for my iPhone 7. Can’t find it anywhere in the house…we had been shopping yesterday and I thought that I might have left it at the Middle Road Bakery (yeah, we got Whoopie Pies), so I went to the Find My Phone app on my iPad to see where my iPhone was.

Ah Houston we have a problem…

It showed my iPhone as being in the middle of Messalonskee Lake.


We imagined all kind of scenarios, but then I remembered that I had been working over at SD2s around water and wondered….if….maybe the phone was laying in the water by the rock wall.

So at about 11:00 P.M. my understanding and wonderful wife accompanied me outside to go look for my iPhone. We headed over to the area I had been working. It was pretty difficult to hear anything (like a phone ringing), with the frogs making all the noise and other night sounds going on around us.

However, when I got back on the rock wall and Mary called one more time, we thought we could hear something very faintly and I saw a little bit of light coming from under water by where I had been working.

It was my iPhone 7!!!

Annotation 2019-05-17 081109

The phone was laying in about six inches of water and had been for around 5-6 hours. What I couldn’t believe was that when I grabbed it out of the water is that it turned onto the lock screen!!!

The damn thing still worked!!!

Yeah, I couldn’t believe it.

I clambered back off the rock wall and navigated through the mud and showed it to Mary and she couldn’t believe it either.

I really figured when I saw my phone underwater, that I would be moving back to my old Kyocera for a while – not a great thing, but better than nothing. However, I had a slim hope that my iPhone might be salvageable.

When we got home, the iPhone was still working, so I wiped it dry and put it in a bag of rice to see what would happe in the morning. I didn’t really hold out a lot of hope that it would still be working in the morning.

Low and behold, when I went out and turned it on, it did!

I was pretty damned surprised that it turned on and that everything still seemed to be working fine after 6 hours of being submerged in water.

Needless to say I was very, very impressed.

Next up was whether it would still charge. No problem it is charging normally as I write this.

The reality is that

I got lucky:

First that I was able to find the iPhone. The Find My Phone app worked pretty well and it knew the phone was underwater and showed it being in the only water in the local area that is on a map. Which gave me an idea of where to look.

Second, that the phone is still working after being submerged for more than six hours.

So thank you to the engineers at Apple who designed a phone that was able to survive this particular episode of Harold being Harold. A special thank you to my wife who was willing to go outside at almost midnight to help me hunt for my phone.

Yeah, the iPhone 7 is still working and hopefully it continues to.

See, I do stoopid stuff and write about it.



A Pretty Good Tempo Run – RunLog 5/16/19

Yesterday was a rest day, I think that mentally I needed the rest more than physically. I find that when I get a longer running streak (for me) going it become more an head thing and while had a 25 day running streak going. It was time for a day off.

Today – No rain, decent temps – well at least I was able to wear shorts/t-shirt, while there was a bit of a breeze going out, it was almost on my back coming back and a little/lot of partly cloudy. Pretty nice day for running actually.

I wore the Nike Zoom Fly v1s and they just let me cruize at faster speeds than I usually do at this effort level, which is nice. Yes, I do believe that they change my stride slightly and in turn make my running a bit more efficient. Not something that I say lightly, because shoes are an X factor when it comes to running and shouldn’t make that big of a difference when I run, but my leg swing is different in the Zoom Fly v1 than any shoe I have run in a while.

Why do I say that?

Today was a scheduled 3 mile tempo run and I had planned on doing 7.0 miles total, with 1.0 mile warm-up and then each mile after 3.0 doing a body check to see how things were holding up and then shut it down if there were any complaints that the bodys was making. I wanted to get my faster paces into the 7:40s, but I was not going for anything faster.

z-Annotation 2019-05-16 210819

First Mile was just getting things in gear and even though most of it is on the dirt road, I was pretty shocked when I saw the time at the mile mark.

Mile 2 was pretty much into a 10 mph headwind and I wasn’t quite ready to start pushing the pace all that much

Mile 3 was still into that same breeze and my playlist had gotten to the race music, so I was picking up the pace without really pushing the effort all that hard

Mile 4 I got to the end of Tiffany and turned around and started downhill and the wind was mostly at my back all the way to the finish.

Mile 5 I did pick up the pace for what I figured would be the last faster mile, I was getting tired and my left lower quad was starting to complain a bit more than usual, so I knew that it was going be a 2.0 mile cool-down at that point.

Mile 6 Nice slower pace

Mile 7 I might have picked up the pace a little for the home to top of the hill, just to see how the quad felt (no issues) and if I could get close to the segment time.

I ended up with a pretty good 5K and even though I slowed down quite a bit during mile 6 I still had a good 10K time. I didn’t get the segment but I came pretty close to getting it at the end of a 7.0 mile run, which is good.

It was one of my better tempo runs, but I do have to do some quad work I have a feeling with the way the Zoom Flys are allowing me to run.

Also I have to put a new 500 gb SSD into my Lenovo Thinkpad 230T, it won’t be all that difficult, I just have to get around to doing it, before the old hard drive dies, so that I can clone the drive versus starting from scratch again. Now to do it. 🙂

No Track Tuesday-But Speedwork Done

The rains returned overnight and while we didn’t get the predicted snow, we did have pretty raw conditions this morning.


Today is track Tuesday and with the weather, the way it was, running circles on the track seemed like a great way to find my way to an injury. That combination of rain, 37*F and a light breeze kind of thing that makes me just want to head straight inside for the treadmill.

So that is what I did

I was planning to do 6 x 800 / 1/2 mile repeats and probably a few faster strides to get a total of 7.0 miles in. How much did I change things up?

Oh yeah, I forgot my Garmin, so I depended on my Milestone Pod for stats today, not ideal, but it worked out fine.

  • 7 x .50 @ what I want for my next 5K race pace
  • 5 x .10 @ faster than projected 5K races pace
  • recoveries done at 6.5 mph

Going in I wasn’t really all that into the idea of running fast today and almost bagged the workout before I even began. However, I have been attempting to stay within the guidelines of the training plan and it did call for doing speedwork, so I was going to start the session and see how I was feeling after the first half mile repeat.

z Annotation 2019-05-14 171735

Once I got going things felt pretty good and I decided to go with it. The last couple of planned repeats were getting harder, then I decided in my infinite wisdom to add one more half mile repeat to the mix to get to an even 6.0 miles so that the last mile could be a set of 5 strides to get the 7.0 miles in.


Nothing broke during the repeats and while I had a couple of complaints on the recovery portions, they were not anything to worry about.

It was a helluva sweatfest.


I did wear the Nike Zoom Fly v1s again and they did great. On the Milestone App it showed me about 50/50 mid/high leg swing, which is about what I would expect for this kind of workout.

Now to figure out which contractor(s) to use for the new windows, maybe a deck and bathroom/kitchen rehab this summer. Met the first one this afternoon, looks like a long and expensive summer in our future. However, it will be nice to get the house updated a bit and do some of the things we have always wanted.

That being said sticker shock is real.