Stress Fracture Update #1 – RunLog 6/12/19

Okay, it has been a week since I hurt myself running and I thought that I would do an update on how things have been going, what I have been doing and most importantly what I have been thinking about.


Other than not running – which sucks donkey balls…of course.

Things have been pretty positive and I haven’t gone into a deep, dark depression about not being able to run, just because I know that I can’t. No amount of whining, pissing or moaning about it will change that fact, so I have accepted it as the way it is.

The other good news is that the wife has not kicked me out of the house as yet, the dog still wants to be around me and the activities of daily life continue on, despite my inability to run.

I know that I am very lucky the stress fracture was not severe enough that I am not able to walk on it or else I am so used to things hurting that it is just another damn thing to ignore. I can’t tell which sometimes, but at least I didn’t have to get out the big plastic walking boot and skip around in that for a couple of weeks. Phew!!!

The doc knows me too well, when I called on Monday, yeah I did this last Wednesday, the office staff asked if I was still walking on my leg, when I told them I had mowed the lawn and chipped wood despite the leg hurting a bit, they just chuckled – like I said they know me. When I explained what happened and how the leg felt, the doc asked a bunch more questions (which I answered honestly) and she agreed with my self-diagnosis.

At that point, the doc basically told me that if it started to hurt more to call back to come into the office or if they couldn’t get me in in a timely manner to go to their express care in Waterville.

She did tell me:

  • that if I tried to run now I would be risking a total break, so don’t run, jump or twist. When it starts to hurt – stop.
  • Expect it to become a dull ache that just doesn’t go away for a while – she was right
  • that X-Rays would be a waste of time since they wouldn’t show anything at this time
  • it would be at least 6-8 weeks before I should even think about running – in other words, let the damn thing heal

So really I am very lucky – I can still walk on my leg, be somewhat active and the sharp pain that was so evident last Wednesday through Friday has subsided into a dull ache when I am good and increases the more I misbehave. I also have a great and very unsympathetic warning system in place that is working to keep me from being too stoopid.

My ice pack has gotten a lot of use, but I have been able to stay away from aspirin or other pain killers since if it doesn’t hurt a little I would be tempted to overdo it too much.

Since I hurt the leg, I have allowed myself to rest more than usual, not worry about what I put down the pie-hole and just relax a bit. In other words not stress-out about not being able to run and dealing with the dull ache that is a part of recovering from a stress fracture.

However, I have been busy thinking about what happened, how I ended up with a stress fracture in my tibia, how I can prevent it from happening again, yet keep running. I won’t bore you with all that stuff in this post but will write about it later.

I am fairly certain that more than a little of the reasons for the injury had to do with my training, ramping up my speed too much and the style of shoes I was wearing.

So I have been:

  • thinking more about what I want from running going forward
  • reading about what I need to do to recover from a tibial stress fracture
  • been re-reading my training books to figure out the direction I will be going after I can start running
  • looking closely at my training logs
  • got a new pair of running shoes that have a bit more structure and are supposed to dampen the vibration on the tibial region. Getting them now will give me a chance to walk a bit in them to get them broke in for when I am ready to actually start running again.
  • eat better
  • not run.

The reality is that

I am lucky.

Very lucky.

I am still able to walk and do most of the things that I need to do around the house despite having a stress fracture in my lower left leg. It is a more a question of pain tolerance and management.

No walking boot, no questioning the doc’s diagnosis, no non-compliance issues to speak of and knowing that I cannot run make the no running fact that much easier and a lot less stressful for me.

Sometimes things happen for a reason and this injury has forced me to actually stop, be realistic about my running versus the usual lip service that I tend to give it and then go on to do exactly what I have always done before. You know that do the same things and expect different results.

That definition that I tend to exemplify all too much.

My body is changing as I am getting older and as much as I don’t want to change my running all that much, if I want to keep running for the next 20 years or more, I will have to change a few things.

So I have taken steps to figure out why and what I need to do to make sure that I don’t repeat the injury again.

Now to just do it.