An Interesting Double Today

Today was one of those days where I wasn’t really sure about what I actually wanted to do for a run. It is still fairly warmish and more humid than I enjoy, but I am still running around in shorts and a t-shirt, so that is a really good thing.

After walking the dogs, I decided to head into town to run on the treadmill for a nice recovery run after yesterday sufferfest on the Cony Track. While I am not a big fan of doing that kind of thing very often at this point in my life, it was necessary (at least in my opinion) and reminded me that I can do more than I want to at times. No, that is not a mistake in wording, sometimes I forget how stubborn I can get and when I get in the correct mindset, the old body does better than I think it can.

While on the way to the gym, I happened to look in the rear view mirror and holy hell, hair was curling out from under that hat of mine. I hadn’t realized how much I needed a haircut. So I headed for Super Cuts and got the gray locks trimmed down to milspec again. I am too damned old and set in my ways to have flowing locks or curls coming out the side of the hat. πŸ˜‰

So I got to Planet Fitness and looked at my email and saw that Jon and Mike had invited me to run with them at 11:30. Which meant that I had an hour and a bit to figure out something to do. I thought about doing my upper body workout, but I decided to do 5.0 miles on the treadmill and if I was still feeling decent go out with them.

It was going to be the test of how well my leg was feeling, since I also planned on mowing the roadside this afternoon as well.

I put the treadmill on 6.8 mph and ran the first 4.0 miles without thinking all that much about anything. When I got past that point I picked up the pace for the last mile a little. I was feeling pretty good when I stepped off the ‘mill and figured that I could go ahead and run 3-4 with Mike and Jon.

Now, I had wanted to run inside on the treadmill for a reason. It was hot and humid outside, yet here I was doing a double workout with the second session an outside run in conditions that I had planned on purposely avoiding. Like Jon said, “runner’s are gluttons for punishment!” πŸ™‚

We started pretty comfortably and maintained that pace for most of the run. Actually I was feeling pretty good and that is a pace I generally can maintain in most conditions. We gabbed and got caught up on what each other had been doing over the past few weeks. It was great to just listen and add in a comment here or there, it certainly helped to pass the time along.

Coming back up Leighton Road, I found a really comfortable stride and kind of went into my runner’s trance and just zoned from the fire station up to the corner. I was there listening to the two of them talking, but I was focused on the moment. It was one of those zones where I could have picked up the pace, but out of respect for the other runners I didn’t.

At the Corner, Mike dropped off and told us to keep going without him, I don’t like leaving running partners behind, but he was pretty adamant, so Jon and I kept running. We finished the last mile a little quicker and then I walked back up the route looking for Mike. One of the basic things that I learned a long time ago, you never leave without checking to see if everyone is okay. I didn’t see him out on the course, so I figured he had taken the shorter route back to the gym.

When I got back to the locker room, he was sitting on the bench, so I felt better about things.

I don’t get into those zones very often, especially when it is a hot/nasty day, but for a change everything just clicked and I felt good, but the next time I have a feeling that Mike and Jon are going to make me pay for today.

These two runs are definitely not the runs that I had planned for today, but sometimes you just have to go with the gut feeling and do what it says versus what you originally planned.

Yes, I did mow the roadside lawn this afternoon and in many ways that was worse than either of the runs. Who knows maybe mowing more this summer is part of the reason that I have been running better in the hotter weather this summer. The leg passed the test, but just to be cautious I did ice it after I got done mowing and it feels fine tonight. πŸ™‚

Whatever the reason, this was one of my better workouts this year because while I had a short rest between the two run, I still did 9.0 miles at a decent pace in a short amount of time.

Hot Track Work & Figuring Out Faster Day Shoes

Well…hello. I was stoopid today and got away with it!!!

Yeah, I after debating with myself and getting some great input from Mary about whether to go to the track or head to Planet Fitness to use their treadmill. You can guess what her recommendation was and which way I was leaning.

After all at 10:00 AM, it was already 86*F with higher humidity and safety, along with being an old fart who knows that running in that shit ain’t too smaht or good for a quality workout.

Today, I wanted to do 12 x .25 at a faster pace and I knew that I would get the workout in if I used the treadmill.

So of course, being the contrary old Bastid that I am, I went to the Cony Track.

It was f*&^ing hot and miserable,

However, I had a plan for my madness. I have been pissing and moaning about the New Balance Beacon 2s feeling slow and I wanted to see if it was the shoes or me. So I had dug out all of my “go faster” shoes and planned to do a warm-up lap, a .25 lap, recovery and another .25 lap to see how each of the shoes performed.

I figured that on this hot and miserable day that I would base the performance more on perceived effort and comfort, than my actual lap time. Which in this kind of heat/humidity I figured that I was going to slow down no matter how much effort I was willing to put into running faster. I also knew that I was going to suffer no matter what shoes I would be wearing, but sometimes suffering answers questions too.

When I got to the Cony Track no one was there, but as I was getting ready to start, the summer track team showed up. I asked the coach if he minded if I ran a workout. He said he didn’t, they were doing field work today. I got to run with some spectators and it probably helped me to run a little better than I would have otherwise. Running when others are watching always seems to help push the pace a little.

The shoes were:

The Zoom Fly SP, were by far the most comfortable shoe to run faster in and even though I was definitely not into running fast by that 6th fast quarter, I was still able to maintain a 1:49 time, which I don’t believe that I could have done in any of the other shoes.

So this experiment answered a couple of questions I had:

1. The Beacon 2s are doing what they are supposed to do and it is the weather that is affecting my pacing more than how I am actually running in the shoes. You were right AJ.

2. For the foreseeable future, the Zoom Fly SP will be my “faster” shoe of choice. For them to be able to allow me to keep up the pace when I was feeling horrible and suffering pretty badly during the last two quarters was impressive. That I was able to run a slower 2.0 mile cool-down non-track run in them at the end of the workout without any issues in fit also was a good thing.

3. While I prefer the fit/feel of the Zoom Fly SP for running faster, I believe that racing in bad weather (rain, light snow, moderate trails or anytime traction might be an issue) that I would definitely choose the RunFasts. I just have confidence in the RunFasts ability to keep my keister moving forward versus landing on it or worse eating tar/dirt.

4. That the Brooks Green Silence while good in their day, their day has past and I should either put them in my trophy shoe box or get rid of them, because I don’t really see me taking them out of retirement to race in and they are not comfortable enough to be my walking shoes. Decisions, but I have a feeling I will squirrel them away with my Mizuno Elixir 7s. Shoes that I love, but don’t really want to run in anymore, but don’t want to get rid of them either.

5. The Adidas Adios 3 – I got these from Sam W and while I haven’t run a lot in them, I have had two other pair of AB3s and while the Adios shoe series were great racing shoes…at this point and time the RunFasts and Zoom Fly SP blow the AB3s out of the water for me. I would even prefer to race in the Beacon 2s before I would reach for the AB3s. The fit is wrong for my feet now and in comparison to the other shoes, felt rather harsh.

So I answered a lot of questions and while I definitely did not enjoy the sufferfest that was this Track Tuesday Workout – it was worth it.

After I got done running I was looking at the Adios 3 and the track coach came over and we talked. He is running Beach to Beacon and plans on running it very fast – sub 35:00, so I wished him luck and will look forward to seeing how he does.

I mentioned that the AB3s were almost new and wondered if he had any runners that needed new shoes. I left the shoes with him and noticed while I was taking my stuff back to the truck, him talking to a runner and the runner trying on the shoes. I saw the runner walking back to his parents car with a pair of Adidas Adios 3s in his hands and him talking to his mother, pointing to the shoes, with a smile on his face.

I smiled myself and felt pretty good getting ready for that hot cool-down run. Paying it forward is a good thing and even makes a crotchety old bastid feel pretty good.

A Perfect Regression Run & Too Much Lawn Mowing

This morning was a bit humid at 83%, but the temps were low 70’s, so I figured that since I had already done my longer run this week that I would do my hills workout today.

Now for me that usually means running my Middle Road Loop, it has plenty of hills to play on for a total of 5.0 miles. It also is another test course, where I find out a bit about what kind of shape that I actually am in.

So I decided to go a little harder than usual once I going down the hill. A sub 8:00 for the first mile was pretty decent, the right at 8.0 for the mile 2.0 split wasn’t too bad.

Then the wheels fell off.

Going up the hill in front of the Warrens was not good and I was definitely starting to feel the humidity. I was able to pick it back up after that, but instead of working the hills they worked my arse over pretty good the rest of the run.

By the time I got over to Stevens Hill, there wasn’t a whole lot left in the tank and the hat was raining sweat pretty good. However, the New Balance Race singlet, didn’t bother my underarm, so that might the one I go with for some upcoming races.

I don’t know if it is the higher humidity levels or if it is the Beacon 2s, but the effort levels seem to be resulting in slower paces in the B2 compared to other shoes. They are comfortable and all that, but when I up the effort levels, the paces are not where I would normally would expect them to be.

I will try a couple of other shoes on my next track workout to see if it is my imagination or if I am just getting to be an old fart where it is just getting harder for me to run faster.

Overall, it was a pretty good run, and just a bit harder than my usual effort.

Of course, after lunch, I took a nice nap, although Bennie beat me to it. Then it was time for two hours of pushing and pulling a lawn mower for a total of 3.75 miles, I measured it with my watch, I just wanted to see how far I walk behind that metal beast. Yeah it is that far to mow my lawn, wonder why I don’t really enjoy it.

But the lawn does look good πŸ™‚

Recovery Run and Floors

Some days are just for getting out the door and putting one foot in front of the other, without worrying about the time all that much. After yesterday’s longer warmish run, the old body was tired.

Also first thing this morning we had to move all the furniture and stuff out of the living room, so the carpenter could put the new floor down. Which meant moving a double recliner love seat that is heavy and hard to manage by yourself. By the time I got done with that I had done my upper body workout and some heavier lifting.

After walking the dogs almost a mile, the wife and I agreed that the humidity levels were getting in the nasty range. While the temps said mid-70’s when I got out in the sun, it felt warmer than that.

So I started the run without any plans for anything other than an easy recovery run. I had even planned on running three laps up on Philbrick and just relaxing. However, we were relegated to the garage while they were installing the floor and when I left Bennie was barking obnoxiously about being left behind. I immediately knew that if I did laps that every time I would go in front of the house he would start up again.

Out of consideration for Mary’s sanity, I quickly changed my course to down-back and eventually settled on the Town Office O/B 4.0 miler.

There was nothing special about the run, other than I kept the pace consistent and comfortable until I got back to Stevens Hill where I picked up the effort slightly in order to keep the pace about the same.

It was the run that I needed though, it was enough to stretch the legs out a little and get a few more miles on the Beacon 2s. They are turning into fine daily trainers for me.

The floors are almost all in, they just need to get them in the pantry and under the freezer and washer/dryer. We like the looks so far and all the finish work should be done next Tuesday.

That is the part of the project that I dislike the most – the finish work, usually by the time I get to that point, I am tired of it and have to really focus to get it finished.

Getting stuff done and a nice recovery run.

Longer Run and Kitchen Progress – 7-25-19

While we were walking Bennie and Hunter this morning, Mary offered to pick me up if I wanted to run up to Waterville after finishing the dog walk. She had some errands to run up there and while it wasn’t really in my plans to do a longer run today, I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to do a one-way run.

Quite simply I like the runs where I get to run someplace and Mary picks me up.

So I changed up and got ready to run. I definitely was going to use the Beacon 2s on their first longer for me run, to see how they felt after an hour or so of running in them. Also I wanted to check out my new race jersey to see how it felt.

The weather was around 70*F, a LOT of sun and about a 10 mph breeze out of the NW, with decent humidity. Which isn’t terrible summer running weather, but at the same time, once you get out in the sunshine the temps are higher than what the weather apps tend to tell you. Then the heat suddenly slaps you upside of the head and the run just goes to crap.

I wasn’t planning on going super fast and originally planned on seeing if I could get 10 in before Mary caught up with me, at least that was the plan.

I started comfortably and the first 4.0 miles I worked at running in the shade and running at an easy effort. Which today was around 9:00 minute pace, a little faster in some parts and a little slower in others.

Once I got to the field down on Goodhue Road, the shade disappears and I ran in the sun the rest of the way. I baked pretty good from that point on, plus with that Northerly breeze in my face, made the run just slightly more difficult, but a little cooler. Mary texted while I was on the Town Farm Road and I figured that she would catch me on 8 Rod Road. I am not a fan of Junction Road, there is just something about that section that I do not enjoy.

After getting to 8.0 miles I decided to shut it down and walk until Mary caught up with me. I probably could have squeezed another mile, but at that point the heat was starting to slow me down and I was very happy with the quality of the workout to that point.

I am finally learning that I do not have to kill myself to make good progress in my training and a 8:58 pace for 8.0 miles in 70-80*F weather is a nice workout in my book. Especially, when it was a last minute decision to do it.

I will take it.

The new racing singlet caused chaffing on inside of my left arm after 4-5 miles, so that is not a good thing. It did distract me during the run and I have to figure out why or have to wear a liner shirt under it. Not really what I want in hot weather.

The Beacon 2’s did great all the way and I didn’t stop running because of my feet hurting, which is all I ask of my daily trainers. That being said, I felt as though I was running faster than the actual pace for the effort I putting out. Last week’s similar run was faster, even though the day was more humid, but I was using the Beacon v1. So there is a slight difference between the two shoes. However, as long as I can run comfortably in the B2s, I really am not going to complain, since I don’t see them as my race day shoes – they ARE my daily trainers.

Kitchen Progress!!!

Ahh, we have a kitchen sink that works, handles on the new cupboards, microwave over the stove and can actually start loading stuff in them from the boxes we have been living out of for the last 4-6 weeks.

No more washing dishes in the bathroom sink and having a little bit of space on my dresser again. Tomorrow we get a new floor in the kitchen/living room if everything goes as planned and then it is just some incidental stuff to finish it off.

All I can say is – finally.

It will be so nice to get back to a semi-normal living again.

Trying the Track

I am waaaayyyyy ahead of schedule as far as my recovery from my latest injury, so I figured that it wouldn’t be a bad idea to head to the track and see how things shook out. More to see how much fitness/speed I lost over the last month and half.


Now, I wasn’t planning on being stoopid on the track and it was more of check things out kind of session than one where I hammered the old body into submission. Plus, since it was raining lightly, with temps in the mid 60’s.

I brought Bennie along with the idea we would find a trail and go for a walk after the track. He was sitting in the van during my time on the track. He could see me and would bark each time I came into view to let me know he was okay. Which turned out to be a distraction because I was thinking about how he was doing versus focusing on the run, every time I was coming up the track.


The rain was fairly steady when I first started, so I got to check out the Beacon 2s on the track and in the rain. They did just fine, not a single issue with slipping around and didn’t have that sinking in feeling that some cushioned trainers have on the track or when running faster for me.

What did I end up doing:

1.0 – Warm-up

1.0 – Mile time trial based on effort effort and getting the feel for running faster. The first bit was quicker than I settled into a nice comfortably hard pace and picked it up a little for the last lap.

track mile 7-23-19

Nothing special, but it was better than I expected at 7:15 and not all that far from the 7:05 that I ran back on May 7th. This is something that I probably will attempt to do on at least a monthly basis, just as a check on where I am with my speed.

4 x .25 @ 1:48, 1:48, 1:51, 1:48 with a quarter rest between. I was still working on just running with a comfortably hard effort. Nothing super hard or going into the well at all. On the last quarter, I could feel the left hamstring pulling just a little on the home stretch. Nothing serious, but at that point I figured no more quarters and planned to just relax for a couple of laps to see how thing felt.

I wanted to get a total of 5-6 miles in this morning.

Unfortunately, the sun was starting to come out, which paired with the higher humidity raised the temperatures very quickly during that last lap. Bennie didn’t bark at me, but was standing on the arm rest with his tail wagging. At that point I got worried about how Bennie was doing in the van, so I stopped running to check on him..

He was fine, but with the temps climbing into the 70s and the sun coming out, I wasn’t going to put him back in the van to keep running.Β  So we just walked around the parking lot a bit, thought about the workout and I decided that I had passed my track test with flying colors.

Although the leg was a little sore when I got done, it wasn’t anything that I am worried about. I expect a bit of soreness when doing faster work after a long lay-off and the leg is still in healing mode and will be for a while longer. So being conservative and patient is allowing me to run and find out about where I am with my fitness.

Better than expected, but still a long ways to go to get to where I want to be.

On other news – our counter-tops are installed, but now to get the plumber back in (probably next week) to finish hooking up the sink and get all the hardware on, then new floors. Progress is good, but slow at times.



A good workout and while the times were not great, they were about where they should be for the amount of effort that I gave on the track today.

Shit Show and A Needed Run

Today was more shit show than anything else, but the one saving grace was that I did get my run in after a morning from well you know.

I had just finished running and was taking a post run selfie to share with everyone (it is a wonder I didn’t break the camera), when to my surprise a brandy-spanky new Jeep truck drove by as I was taking the photo. Now if any of you good people want to get me one of these beasts, I will gladly accept the gift.

Get back to reality Harold.

My drivers license expires on my birthday next month and Maine has recently gone to the Real ID renewal, which meant that instead of simply going to Bureau of Motor Vehicles, paying my money, doing a quick eye test and getting a new license that I had to have several documents with me to prove that I am who, I claim to be.

Not a big deal, all the documents were in the lock box or file cabinet, well at least I thought they were.

I put the paperwork together and headed to Augusta after Bennie’s long walk. Once I got to the Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV) and sat down to wait my turn they were on #47 and I was #70, I double-checked the paperwork.

Shit, what I had thought was my birth certificate was our marriage certificate.


So I drove the 20 minutes back to the house, thinking of all the different places that it could be and when was the last time that I actually used it. I figured that I would quickly get my birth certificate and get back there before my number was called

Yeah right.

I searched everywhere for that damned birth certificate and could not find it. Shit, I was going to have to drive all the way up to Newport to get a replacement one. I stopped and talked with Mary (who is a LOT smarter than me), who suggested going to Maine’s Department of Vital Statistics in Augusta. Okay, that would be better than driving an hour one way and dealing with the Newport Town Office – someplace I haven’t lived officially in over 20 years.

I plugged in the address and headed to Augusta, somehow I got 220 State Street, when the correct address was 220 Capitol Street. So that took about an extra 20 minutes and a talk with Capital Security to figure out the correct place to be. Once I got there it was really simple, quick and easy – filling out a form and a great person at the front desk. After less than 10 minutes and $15.00 lighter I had an official birth certificate.

The next thing was driving back to BMV to get my license renewed. Luckily it is right beside Planet Fitness and all there was left to do was get through the line. When I signed in I had #113 and they were in the 90’s (not too, too bad). Once I got to the desk about 45 minutes later, thing went smoothly (I forgot my Social Security Card, but that information was on my DD214) and took only 10 minutes to finish everything up. I should be getting my new drivers license in 2-3 weeks – a pretty important thing in today’s world.

The new photo sucks, but hey if somebody official needs to see it, they will know it is this old fart, not some young buck. πŸ˜‰

However, by this time I had missed running with the guys, we were supposed to meet up at noon for the first time since I got injured. Needless to say I was fairly wired after a pretty frustrating morning. So I needed a nice run, plus the weather was cooperating, 76*F, overcast/slightly raining (which meant it was also slightly humid) and a light breeze.

Today is an easy day, so I purposely didn’t try to push the pace and just ran. I was using the Beacon 2s and in my opinion they did change the angle of the toe box taper ever so slightly. Not enough that I am going to complain too much, but enough that I noticed it a little more today.

For the first 5.0 miles the splits were very consistent and I did pick it up slightly for the last mile – nothing crazy or stoopid, but a better last mile, which is something that I try for in most runs.

I thought seriously about a second run after super, then thought better of it. The weather would have been perfect, upper 60s, light rain, a slight breeze. Yeah, it was so very tempting, but a comfortable 10K was good enough today.

It seems like I might be getting my running mojo back, I am getting back to where I want to run again.

Do you have all of your important paperwork in place, so that when you need it you can find it? If you are not sure I recommend you go take a look to make sure that you have your birth certificate, mortgage paperwork, court filings, divorce decrees, baptismal certificates, the kids birth certificates, military DD214s, college transcripts/degrees and all those other pieces of paper that you will need to produce at some time or another in one place that is fireproof and lockable.

It is easier to get all that stuff together before you need it, versus needing it and not having it. Think about it.

Actually, as messed up as the morning was, I still got a lot of stuff done and now I want to work on getting all of my paperwork in order. Something that I should have done a long time ago, especially with my background as a paper pusher. I guess I just got lazy and a bit sloppy. Time to tidy up the mess and get back to where I know I need to be.

A good run and a lot better weather.

First Run New Balance Beacon 2 – 7/21/19

Sometimes it is just better to stick with what works for you when you are a runnah. However, most of us usually want to try the newest and greatest – next big thing, especially when it comes to running shoes.

I know that is how I am…well 90% of the time, the other 10% I actually think about what I am doing, well sort of, kind of, maybe. πŸ™‚

Bennie was nice to me and ordered a pair of New Balance Beacon 2 for my birthday which is in a few weeks. I had been whining as usual about how none of my daily trainers were working with or is that against my Tailor’s Bunionette. So in his infinite wisdom (he can be smarter than I am at times), he remembered how well I ran in the Beacon v1 and figured that I would run well in the Beacon v2 also.

Well, I went back to the Beacon v1 last week as my primary trainer and miraculously the discomfort in my right foot went away. I was able to run comfortably all week, without having to go into suck it up running mode – always a great thing.

Unfortunately, my Beacon v1 are also rather long in the tooth with almost 350 miles and had been retired to lawn duty before I started running in them again. Which means they don’t look too purty and don’t have a lot of grip left on the outsole. However, they didn’t hurt my feet when I ran in them, but I did notice they felt just a bit tired.

This morning, I decided to get the Beacon v2 out of the box and see how they felt compared to the V1. I kind of like the wider feel of the V1, but have a feeling that after I break in the v2 that won’t be an issue. However, the big difference was that the B2s felt lively and were begging me to run in them.

The temp was above 90*F and when you add in the high humidity…well I headed for the Planet Fitness treadmill. Which is probably just as well, since I ran in the v1 yesterday on one, so I would have a recent similar run to compare the B2 too.

I did 4.0 miles a 6.7 mph and everything felt great, the fit was excellent, after the first half mile I forgot about the shoes and just ran – which is all I want from my shoes. At 4.0 miles I decided to do some strides at faster than my hoped for race pace to see how the shoes felt at the faster paces.

This is where the Beacon v1 really showed their mileage and felt pretty much dead underfoot. With the Beacon v2 there was no deadness, they felt lively and didn’t have that bottoming out feeling that I seemed to remember even when the v1 were new. The B2s felt light underfoot and the body enjoyed being able to run at the faster pace without the shoes getting in the way.

I guess that is the biggest thing that I can say about the Beacon v2, is that they don’t get in my way when I am running. They are a pretty straight forward, not too many bells and whistles kind of shoe that just gets the job done for me.

Although I would have preferred a bit more color, the Beacon line-up seems to be lacking the bright colors that I prefer and instead has boring colorways. Oh well as long as they run great, I can’t complain that much about the boring colorway.

The reality is that

Yeah, sometimes the newest and greatest is cool, but I am learning ever so slowly that maybe it is time to just use what works most of the time and experiment a lot less. Maybe I will get to enjoy my runs more and who knows not spend quite as much money on running shoes that end up being given away.

Now to see how many miles I can get on the Beacon 2s before they go away. πŸ™‚ I have a feeling it will be more than the B1.

Back Inside Again Today

Okay, I am a wimp, I ran on the treadmill on a nice July day.

I won’t say it was that miserable or nasty, but the 90* plus temps, high humidity levels and bright sunshine were outside my personal safety limits for running outside.

Absolutely nothing to do with running, but Elliott has found a nice place to nap/sleep until the countertops arrive on Tuesday morning.

Getting back to running, let’s be real Harold, it was miserable and nasty outside and I won’t run in that stuff at this point in my life.

There was a 5K race over in Belgrade this morning that I was seriously considering going to, but when I walked Bennie outside at 7:00 AM and the humidity was already nasty and the temps in the mid 70s, so that thought left my brain as a crappy idea really quickly. I will pick something when the weather plays more to my strengths.

Extremes of heat or cold are things that I avoid running in when I can. Yes, it is a concession to getting to be an old fart, but better safe than sorry.

So I headed off to Planet Fitness and got on the treadmill after a very quick Bennie walk.

Today is my normally scheduled longer run, but since I had done that on Thursday, I wasn’t going to do too long. So I decided that wanted to run a 10K at an easy to harder pace, in other words a progression kind of run and maybe some strides the last mile. You know a run that wasn’t crazy, but still have parts that are a little faster than I would normally run.

The advantages of running on the treadmill today is that I can actually run versus the slog that I would be doing outside, get a few more miles on the legs and not feel like I am going to die during the run.

I started out at 6.7 mph (around a 9:00 pace) the first mile and increased the speed every mile or so until the last mile when I increased it more often.

When I got under an 8:30 pace, the left leg complained just a bit, nothing serious but enough that I decided against doing any strides. Then when I got up to sub 8:00s my stride changed slightly (that seems to be where I start running more efficiently) and it was just enough that my leg stopped bothering at all. I maintained that speed for a quarter-mile and then for the last .2 I picked it up to where I want to be my race pace.

It felt pretty good and I didn’t have any issues maintaining that pace until the end of the run. Actually it felt really good.

While I was there, I got to talk with the runner who had asked me for some help with getting faster earlier this year. He had trained for a 4th of July 5K, with the express purpose of beating another runner that he had never beaten before and run a personal best.

He did both and ran a great time of 22:18, just nipping his 14 year old son as well. He thanked me and told me that he really wanted to run a race with me. In other words he wants to kick my arse too. I have a feeling that he will to, since I haven’t run that kind of time in a while. We will see. πŸ™‚

I guess I have some work todo.

Also while the Beacon v1 are doing okay, the tread is pretty much gone and I have a feeling that most of the bounce in the sole is gone at almost 350 miles. They feel a little dead, but are still working better than anything else in the rotation as daily trainers.

However, even though the Beacon v2 are for my birthday.

I am pretty sure that I will put another pair of shoes into the box and start running in the v2s sooner than later. Hate to do it actually, but at this point in my running injury recovery, I want to give myself any benefit that I can and new shoes compared to old ones might make enough of a difference to keep me running healthy. There were reasons that I relegated the Beacon v1 to lawn shoes and while they are doing okay, they could be better.

The heat will be with us a little bit longer, but I have hit my mileage goal for the week, so I am not under any kind of pressure to do too much tomorrow – always a good thing. I will probably get out and do 3-4 very easy miles.

Stopped When I Was Supposed To This Time

The weather forecast for up heah in Maine this weekend is pretty toasty, Saturday is usually my longer run day and since it appears that it will be outside of my safe for me to run zone pretty quickly, I jumped at the opportunity for the wife to chase me down in Clifford as I ran towards Waterville with an hour head start.


Yeah, running at high noon is not usually a great idea during July and there is a reason that I don’t run longer distances at that time of day. However, the humidity levels were reasonable and the temp in the shade was in the mid 70’s.

So I headed out the door, but as I was leaving the wife kind of told me that I only had 45 minutes to get my run done. Shit, that meant only about 5.0 miles in this kind of weather and that I would have to scurry a little bit if I wanted get back out on the Middle Road for her to easily find my sorry arse on the side of the road.

Which meant I had to go a little quicker than I had planned in this heat – it was great motivation to get heat-adapted in a hurry. πŸ˜‰

7-18-19 Strava.png

All the splits were under 9:00 and I searched out shade whenever I could find it. Unfortunately from mile 4.0 on there was not a lot a shade on this course. I had to contend with the full sun from there on out.

Once I got on the Middle Road, it got pretty warmish and down on the Town Farm Road, well I won’t say it was an oven, but the old hat was raining pretty good by the time I got Lee Marcoux’s Butcher Shop.

I crossed over the Interstate 95 bridge wondering where Mary was.

I had passed the 6.0 mile point and was almost to 7.0 miles and it seemed like that 45 minute head start was going to turn into an hour. It seems that she went back to the original plan and left the house an hour after I started.

Which didn’t really matter, by the time I got to 7.0 miles I was ready to stop, the heat was working its magic against my pea brain and the body was telling me that it was time to shut it down. I managed to suffer for an additional .25 before I decided enough was enough and shut it down.

I walked to the end of 10 Rod Road and turned around when I saw Clifford coming down the dirt road to pick me up. A .6 mile walk on top of the 7 plus of running was a pretty good distance in those conditions. Not horrible conditions, but still pretty warmish, even with the breeze out of the North, which did help.

On a cooler day, I probably would have gotten in 9.0 miles before Mary would have caught me, but today the 7.25 was a really good distance and I was very happy with the pacing. Pretty consistent and all the splits were in the no-zone for training, but the heat upped the difficulty considerably.

A very good run.