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Month: August 2019

Track Tuesday – RunLog 8/27/19

I really was not sure how the left foot was going to react to running faster, but I really, really wanted to try out the New Balance 1400 v6 on […]

Middle Road Loop – RunLog 8-23-19

Have you ever started talking to someone and found out that they actually are your cousin and that you have a lot more in common than you ever thought possible. […]

Running Easy and Whining Still –

Well there, I did something very surprising this morning – I ran with my Garmin. Okay, it really is not all that surprising, but due to my old Timex Ironman […]

Do I Need My Garmin – RunLog 8-19-19

Yesterday, I tested out my theory about wearing my old Timex Ironman watch versus my Garmin GPS w/heart rate monitor. So what was my theory? That I was too concerned, […]

A Pretty Good Week – 8-18-19

My first week in review in a while, but it was a pretty decent week: Raced Reassessed Re-read Relaxed Revised And yes, Simplified Yeah, those words pretty much sum up […]

Working Hard At Easy & 6 x Strides

Another one of those good days for running, when I got out the door. Lower 70’s decent humidity and believe it or not a light rain with the sun shining […]