A Tough Week is Over – Ending 9/29/19

This week has been one of those, where you scratch your head and just go with the flow.

You might have noticed that I have discussed driving to Boston and back home twice this week. Someone we know is in the hospital and not doing well, so we are helping out with driving duties for family members to be there or get back home. I used to work in Boston and don’t mind driving down there too much.

However, I am learning that the driving to Boston and back is tough on me physically (my lower back doesn’t like sitting that long) and having to focus for over 8 hours of driving in that short amount of time gets the brain pretty tired/foggy by the time I get home.

Although I found that if I go for a run at some point during the drive, it seems to help a little.

All this driving has impacted the running a lot more than I expected for a couple of days after the driving. I guess as I get older it takes more out of me to drive that much in a day.

Also, I am making a few changes to how the RunLog entries look. When I updated my iPad Pro from IOS 12.4 to the new iPad OS, I lost everything in my Numbers Spreadsheet from August 29th on and had to recreate those entries.

Luckily most weeks I do a screen shot of the week, but I hadn’t done a couple lately and it made it more difficult to update, especially since I stopped wearing my Garmin on most runs.

In order to avoid this issue again (not that it happens all that often, it is just when it does it is a pain in the butt), I will be wearing my Garmin watches most of the time, so that the stats will be there if I do need them.

Plus I have made my RunLog posts look more like a running log entry than the free form writing that I have been using most of the time. Having a template forces me to record more data and think about what happened during the run more consistently than I have before.

Running this week

While I was happy that I got to over 30 miles for the week, it was not really the week that I had expected when the week began.

Week ending 9/29/19

The trips to Boston did affect my running more than I wanted to admit to myself. Enough that I decided not to run in a race that I had planned on for a couple of weeks. I just was not in a good space physically or mentally and decided that nothing good would come of running the race. It would have been a waste of $30 bucks.

I just felt…well tired and out of sorts all week, so the running suffered.

Although I did run more in the Zoom Fly SP to get them over 50 miles earlier in the week and will be reviewing them soon.

However, none of the workouts or times are what I consider to be super high quality, it was more get this done and move on, than focus, push the pace and dig to get where I wanted to be.

The New Balance Beacon 2s have over 200 miles on them and I will doing a review of them and that milestone soon.

I even had a pretty good run in the Altra Impulse down at Back Cove in Portland.

This run showed me I could run well in them and they just felt comfortable

The Reality is that

It was not the week that I wanted or expected, but I still managed to get in some decent quality work, the mileage was almost where I wanted it, but we were able to help out someone who needed it, so that was more important than my running.

Notta Road O/B – RunLog 9/29/19

Today was all about getting enough miles to have over 30 for the week and also getting the Beacons to over 200 miles. Two minor goals, but ones that I wanted to get done this morning. Although I really felt more like doing this

Bennie laying on the chair and letting me know that I could go run for him. 🙂

• Day: Sunday

• Time of Day: 11:05 AM

• Course: Notta Road O/B

Variables that impacted the run: Back is still a little sore and the legs felt tired. I was still a little disappointed that I didn’t race the 5K this morning, but I wasn’t in the correct headspace to run well.

• Type: Easy

• Distance: 5.01

• Time of Run: 45:58

• Pace: 9:10

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak #: 6

• Weather: Clear, 60*F, Humidity 57%, Wind 11 mph N

• Shoes Worn: New Balance Beacon 2 (201.0) – Yeah, over 200 miles on the Beacon 2 now. Not a flashy shoe, but one that I can put on and run almost any run that I do, without worrying about how my feet are going to feel when I finish.

Comments: I really didn’t run hard this morning, all I did was run comfortably for the first 4 miles and then the last one I picked up the pace a little and worked Stevens Hill harder than I have for a while. It was a good run, where I got the kinks worked out of the legs and by the time I got done my back was actually feeling pretty good.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? It was an easier run where I relaxed and just ran for 4.0 miles. Working harder going up Stevens Hill is something that I know that I need to work on, since hills at this point in my life are a weakness for me.

Cardio (walking, elliptical, bike, mowing, etc.) 4.02

Non Running Comments: Worked on setting up my Lenovo for SD2 since her laptop died yesterday. I don’t really use it all that much now that I have a decent keyboard for my iPad Pro. I just prefer the Apple products now, so she can have the Lenovo for as long as she wants/needs it. I just wish that Never Winter Nights was available on IOS.

Running to Strengthen the Noggin – RunLog 9/28/19

I really was not into a run yesterday, it has been one of those weeks where the body and mind are just tired. Two Boston flip/flops and trying to keep most everything else going along as close to normal as possible. Yeah, it has been one of those weeks.

Running Log – Pepin Test Course 4.0 Miler

Day: Saturday

Date: 9/29/19

Time of Day: 11:32 AM

Time of Run: 31:36

Distance: 4.01

Pace: 7:53

Weather: Clear, 66*F, 73% Humidity, Wind 6 mph SW

Variables that impacted the run: While walking Bennie, I got to thinking about what I was going to do for a run, my plan called for a long run, but eight hours of sitting in the Transit on Thursday, meant that my back wasn’t up to double-digits even if I wanted to. Plus I was in a bit of funk mentally and had already decided not to race on Sunday, because the noggin just wasn’t into racing.

It came down to:

  • Take a day off
  • An easy 3-4 miles
  • Attempt the long run

Or do something completely stoopid and force myself to get out the funk I was in.

Me being me, I decided to go ahead, get my Nike Zoom Fly SP on and see how fast I could do my Pepin Test course.

Shoes Worn: Nike Zoom Fly SP

It was also a nice test of the Zoom Fly SP on this course and it gives me an idea of how they compare to other shoes that I have run fast in on this course. They did everything I wanted and the only negative is that I have to find the “right” socks to wear with them when racing, they are just a tad too snug on the right foot’s bunionette.


Starting out I really wasn’t sure that this was all that great of an idea, so while I went out briskly for me, I didn’t really commit to running hard. It was again, more in the comfortably hard range. A pace I can maintain for quite a while, but not set any Land-Speed records.

Going down Philbrick Hill everything was fine, but the big difference was when I hit the flats, I didn’t pick up the pace like I usually would – that lack of commitment thing and the lower back bothering more than it usually does.

I was right around a 7:30 pace for the first mile, which is really slow for a time trial, so at that point I sort of gave up on going for a fast time and focused more on maintaining the pace/effort that I was at.

Down on Pepin which is a slight downhill most of the way and usually where I pickup free speed until the turn-around which is back up what I just rand down. I had to work to maintain the 7:30 pace through 2.0 miles.

Once I hit the 2.0 mile point, I had a choice relax and enjoy the run or keep pushing a bit. Something inside me said to keep pushing, so I did and while I didn’t really run all that fast, the effort level was there. Mile 3.0 split was under 9:00 which is good for me since it is just about all uphill and I have to fight going up Philbrick Hill.

Once I crested the hill, I was able to pick the pace back up to around a 7:40 pace and finished the run with a sub 8:00 pace overall.

No it was not my best time on the Pepin Test Course this year, but it was only 34 seconds off, so it wasn’t a slow run and it did seem to help clear my head quite a bit.

I think the biggest problem that I faced this run was not my body, but my lack of commitment to run harder. Other than the lower back issue, I was feeling good and could have pushed the pace harder in several places and just didn’t.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? Running today was more about doing the run and challenging myself to run faster than usual even though I really was not into running. Sometimes those runs help me more mentally than physically.

Other Comments:

Even though I felt a LOT better after the run, I still had that fatigued feeling the rest of the day and about all I did was mow the lawn and some Light reading the rest of the day.