6 x .50 Repeat & Strides – RunLog 11/19/19

Another gray day outside with periods of rain and temps in the 30’s – yeah, just a wonderful day outside. It is Tuesday, which is my go faster day, so I had planned on doing a treadmill run, which was just as well.

Planned Workout Description: Something faster at 5K (sub 7:00 minute pace) on the treadmill.

Comments: On the way in I was debating with myself on which/what kind of faster workout I was going to do. By the time I got to PF, I had pretty much decided on 6 x .50 @ 8.6 mph. However, while warming up I almost changed it to a 5K time trial, but when I got to the end of the warm-up I went with my original plan.

After my usual pre run warm up, I did use the foam roller on my legs and hip stretches, which seemed to help with the hip issues I have been plagued with for so long. So I might start doing that a bit more often.

1.0 @ 6.7 mph – warm-up

6 x .50 @ 8.6 mph

All .25 recovery repeats were at 6.7 mph.

The first couple were not a problem. Number 3 was okay, but the last three repeats were tough and I had to play mental games to get through to the end of the workout.

When I finished that last repeat, it felt good!

I usually don’t have the mental toughness to get through the entire workout as planned and wimp out at the end and change the workout to something a bit easier.

Today I didn’t.

After I got done the planned workout, I was at 5.25 miles, so I did a quarter mile recovery repeat and then did 4 x .10 @ 9.2 mph plus to get to 10K

Variables that impacted the run: None

• Day: Tuesday

• Type of Workout: Intervals at race pace or faster

• Course: Planet Fitness Treadmill – Augusta

• Distance: 6.2

• Duration: 48:14 — This my 2nd fastest treadmill 10K Since I turned 60 and only missed my best time by a couple of seconds. What is really good was that it was done during a pretty structured workout, where I didn’t vary from the slower warm-up and recovery periods.

• Pace: 7:47

• Clothes: adidas socks, calf sleeves, Reebok compression shorts, Skora shorts, CMS tech s/s t-shirt

• Rating (1-4): 4

• Running Streak Day #: 5

• Weather: Indoor

Shoes: Mileage (36.4) New Balance 1400 v6 – This is the type of running that the 1400s are designed for and they did great during the entire run. I have confidence that I can run any race in them and do well up to a half marathon. Now to get that 30 mile review done.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? Being able to run a good 10K and stay within the workout parameters gives me a bit more confidence to be able to run a good 10K.

Cardio Total: 3.22

No Bloodwork, Treadmilling and Screw Shoes – RunLog 11/18/19

One of those days where too many little thing just don’t work out quite right.

First up I thought that I had to go over to Togus today for the Vampires to take blood to have the labs ready for my physical on Friday. I have done this same thing for the past 7-8 years without any glitches or calling ahead.

Ummm Houston we have a problem…I got to Togus at about 7:20 this morning fasting and needing to pee like a race horse and sat and waited until 8:00 (another new thing – they used to open at 7:00 AM). When I finally got to sit in the chair, ready to be poked with a needle (one of my least favorite things), she suddenly told me I didn’t have an order for blood work.

She couldn’t do the draw and blood work without the Doc’s orders and even though I showed her the appointment slip – not in the computer – no can do. I knew it wasn’t her fault and while I was a little frustrated, I wasn’t upset either. These kinds of things don’t bother me like they use to. It is more a minor annoyance than anything.

It didn’t really surprise me since another Vet had come out because he hadn’t had an order for his bloodwork and I had joked with him I would be next.

I was.

Oh well, the young lady kind of indicated without actually telling me that there had been a change of policy and until you see the doc, they don’t automatically order bloodwork anymore. Not a big deal, but it would have been nice to have known this prior to driving over to Togus for no reason.

Poor communication on their part and poor assumption on my part that they would have the same procedures in place this year (like automatically ordering bloodwork for a physical exam), especially with all the changes that the VA has undergone in the last year.

Oh well, Friday I get to talk to the Doc and have fun during my physical.

BTW I did stop on the way out of the lab and after I that I was a LOT more comfortable. Hehehehe

There were a couple of other small things, but that did warrant writing about.

It was misting and the temps were 29*F while walking the dogs, so I decide not to tempt fate and went and ran on the Planet Fitness treadmill.

Planned Workout Description: Comfortable 5-7 Miles

Comments: I set the treadmill to 7.0 mph and for 3.9 miles I just trotted along. I did try out my old Garmin 310 XT (because it was so accurate on the treadmill when I used it before) and remembered after the first mile that it needed the Garmin footpod (that I lost) to work on the treadmill. Guess it is time to get rid of the old ponderous workhorse.

I did 6 x .10 at least 9.2 mph with .10 recovery @ 7.0 mph. Those felt quite good and actually my last one was a lot faster and that one actually felt smoother than the ones at 9.2 mph

Variables that impacted the run: Freezing drizzle outside, playing around with the Garmin 310XT,

• Day: Monday

• Type of Workout: Comfortable pace

• Course: Planet Fitness Treadmill

• Distance: 5.0

• Duration: 41:22

• Pace: 8:16

• Clothes: New Balance socks, calf sleeves, Brooks Shorts, Reebok Compression shorts, tech s/s shirt,

• Rating (1-4): 3

• Running Streak Day #: 4

• Weather: Indoor

Shoes: Mileage (50.1) New Balance Fuel Cell Propel – They did just fine, although my left big toe has an ingrown toenail that rubs just a bit, nothing serious, but enough to be a distraction. They now have more than 50 miles and it is time for a quick review.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? More miles on the legs and now I can get rid of one more piece of old technology that is no longer needed.

Cardio Total: 2.41

Non Running Comments: This evening, since we seem to have more ice events around here lately and I have already fallen on the ice once this year. I figured that I needed put together my screw shoes for the winter.

I like the hex head screws with a slot – they just seem to provide more grip than other systems or screws that I have used. They work better than trail shoes or all the slip on things that you can put over your shoes. I am too cheap to buy a pair of running shoes with carbide tips in the bottoms – maybe someday, but these work pretty good for me and the price is right $3.99 for the screws at Tractor Supply.

Each year, I pick out a pair of thick soled shoes that I don’t plan on running in again regularly and make them into screw shoes.

This year’s victim…errr volunteer was a pair of old Altra Torin 3.5’s that I had turned into my lawn shoes, but seemed perfect for wearing wool socks and having sheet metal screws in the outsole.

I walked with Bennie down-back this morning and if I really had to I could run there, but since I don’t bounce as well as I once did, as long as I don’t have to, I won’t. Too much ice to play on for my tastes.

While the roads by the house are pretty much clear, with just a couple places where you have to watch out for icy patches. However, if you need to get off into the shoulder due to traffic, things can get dicey pretty quickly.

So even though the roads are clear, I still hesitated running out here, due to the lack of safe shoulders to run on if I needed to.

Planned Workout Description: Easy 5-6 miler

Comments: I really thought about heading into Augusta and running from Planet Fitness, but decided that I needed to get the run done, so I ran from home.

Everything was going as planned, until I got down where the St. Bernard lives. He as usual was off-leash and the owner can’t control him. He is no longer a puppy and weighs more than I do and is very intimidating.

The St. Bernard came bounding out and was huffing, chuffing around me. I told the owner, if he makes any attempt to bite or get aggressive, I would pepper spray him and reached in my belt pouch and got my spray out.

That got the the owner’s attention very quickly. I explained in no uncertain terms that I was not happy and that they needed to get their dog. Instead of just calling to it, she rushed to get her dog. I told her I was tired of having her dog come out in the road at me like that and the next time it happens to my wife or me, I will be calling animal control.

I also let her know that I would be coming back through in 15-20 minutes and I didn’t want to encounter her dog again. I got “The Who to F#$k are you to tell me what to do!” look, which I ignored and got back to running.

Actually, I thought I was nice in view of the circumstances. I didn’t swear at her, I called her ma’am, but I was firm and very direct when I was talking to her about her dog and what I would do, if it got aggressive with me and what I will do next time, if there is one.

Other than that it was one of those easy runs where you just plug along, do the miles and enjoy the run. I did meet another person walking their dog (twice), but it was on a leash and we waved at each other while the dog tried to go run with me.

Oh yeah, when I went back by the St. Bernard’s house, he was not out and neither was the owner. I kind of figured that I would be dealing with the husband after “talking” with his wife earlier, but thankfully no one bothered me.

Variables that impacted the run: Chilly, St. Bernard encounter,

• Day: Sunday

• Type of Workout: Easy

• Course: Pepin 5.0 Miler

• Distance: 5.09

• Duration: 46:54 (take-off about 30-40 seconds for the St. Bernard encounter. It sure did feel like it was a lot longer. 🙂

• Pace: 9:13

• Clothes: Adidas long socks, calf sleeves, New Balance running pants, Reebok Compression shorts, Reebok s/s tech tee, l/s tech tee, Asics Beanie, Adidas ball cap, running mittens

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 3

• Weather: Clear, 25°F, Feels like 25°F, Humidity 54%, Wind 3mph from NE

Shoes: Mileage (47.0) New Balance Fuel Cell Propel – Did every thing that I wanted again.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? More miles on the legs

Cardio Total: 3.92

Kicksology by Brian Metzler

Kicksology is a book that I have wanted to read since I first read about it on Facebook a little while ago. So when I got a chance I ordered as a personal purchase and got it in this week. It took me just over a day to read it from cover-to-cover.

Running shoe geekery is something that has afflicted me for far too many years. Sometimes I think I run more to check out all the different running shoes than I do to train for any running event or race. If you don’t believe that think for a second, I have run in one race in 2019 and have run in more than 20 pair of running shoes this year.

I think that says about everything.

So when I saw that Brian Metzler (who’s running shoe reviews I have read so often) was writing a book on running shoes, I knew it was one that I had to read and add to my collection.

Did I enjoy it? Absolutely, it gave me the rest of the story from an insiders view point. Which as a complete outsider to the running shoe industry, but someone who loves running shoes was pretty cool.

As you can see by the table of contents, he does cover a lot of ground. While some of the contents of the book I was sort of familiar with having read “Born to Run”, “Shoe Dog”, along with a bunch of other books, magazine articles, having met/talked with Golden Harper and just having been a running shoe geek from the 70’s, made the book a must read.

Brian brought more of the back story and tied a lot of the loose ends together that I had always wondered about. His insider’s view and knowledge of the shoe industry gave me insights into some of the why’s, while at the same time giving me a chance to remember a few things that I had forgotten about.

Like Hersey’s custom shoes, I came within dropping a big envelope in the post office box of having a pair made for me back in the mid 80’s, but balked at the last minute due to the high cost of custom made shoes. I wonder how it might have changed my running if I had gone ahead and put that envelope in the mail to get a pair of running shoes that actually fit my hard to fit feet?

Probably a bit differently I would love to surmise.

The other big thing that I am taking from the book is how much hands-on work is required to create a running shoe. I knew that it was labor intensive, but to have a consistent product with that many things having to come together is a testament to the actual people who physically put together my running shoes.

I have a lot more respect for the amount of work it takes to create, produce and get my running shoes to me at a price that is usually pretty reasonable for the amount of work involved.

The reality is that

There is a lot of information on how running shoes have evolved over the years and a lot more I could write about, but instead I encourage you to get the book and read it for yourself, especially if you consider yourself a running shoe geek.

I will end with a comment by Brian at the start of the book that just stuck with me, because I find myself doing this whenever I am out and around people wearing running shoes

“Truth is, I can’t help but check out what kicks the people are wearing.”

Yeah, I do look to see if I can tell what running shoes someone else has on…I guess that is a sign of a running shoe geek.

Good book and one I heartily recommend reading if you have any interesting in running shoes.

A Real Long Run – RunLog 11/15/19

I run more for pleasure now and running outside when the temps are below freezing, the wind is howling, too much ice or snow greets my footsteps, just is not something I choose to do very often anymore.

Not fun to run on this stuff, but at least the roads were decent when there wasn’t traffic

There is no need for me prove my bonefides as an all season runner and there is much more to say about staying safe and uninsured over the course of a winter.

This point was driven home painfully for me yesterday, while walking in the driveway with Bennie, I suddenly found myself headed down to the icy ground. Somehow my left hand landed under me and for a few seconds the pain was pretty excruciating.

I was almost sure that I had broken my wrist. I laid there for about 30 seconds collecting myself, while Mary was asking if I was okay.

Luckily, the pain started to subside this morning and was able to move it all around, so I was pretty worried about how much damage I had done to myself this time.

The wrist definitely hurt and while I felt good enough to finish Bennie’s walk, it was still pretty damn sore. Overnight it was still bothering a bit. I kind of figured at around 2:00 AM that I would be headed over to Express Care to get an X-Ray. No I don’t take pain-killers very often, and I didn’t yesterday, so I had a pretty good idea of how much it actually hurt.

However, when I woke up the wrist snapped and felt a lot better, so I decided to forego the X-Ray. Even so I still can’t put any weight on it, but I am pretty sure that it ain’t broke because I chipped ice, spread sand in the driveway and worked around the house without too many problems.

So I dodged one this time, but at the same time, this is also why I have become more judicious about when I run outside now. Snow covered ice is something I avoid whenever possible.

Planned Workout Description:

Usually Friday’s are my easy or rest day, but since I did that yesterday (ending my 20 day run streak) and when I looked at the weather forecast – it’s going to be a wee bit chilly on Saturday, I decided to do it today.


The weather today was reasonable, but running around the house due how narrow the roads are and the amount of ice/snow/slush on the sides and down-back made it unsafe for me to run more than laps in front of the house. No way I was going to do that for a longer run.

So I went into Waterville for my run. It has wider roads and usually is plowed a little better than Sidney and it has more cut-off places to get back to the truck if I run into issues.

Today’s run was not anything really earth shattering, when running during winter weather, you have to be a bit more flexible around what days you do your different runs. The weather does play a huge factor in what I do outside for running at this point in my life.

This was not supposed to be a fast run and I had to keep reminding myself to stick to the plan. I just wanted to keep running slowly and keep going.

I did have pit stops in Winslow and Colby, it is strange how running gets things moving like that.

I do have to admit that I was glad when the run was over, I was pretty well toast. It felt good to get over double-digits again, but I have to start doing it more often. The 7-8 mile runs are okay, but there is something about the longer runs that gets the old body actually working.

However, my Garmin screwed up and didn’t record the workout correctly, so I didn’t get splits or those wonderful graph, but I got the important stats.

Variables that impacted the run: The roads in Waterville were better than Sidney, but they still were not great and gave me a lot better idea of how the Propels will work, the wind was a more a factor than I thought it would be and I overdressed.

• Day: Friday

• Type of Workout: Long Run

• Course: JFK Hannaford – Winslow – Colby Loop

• Distance: 11.01

• Duration: 1:43:44

• Pace: 9:25

• Clothes: Adidas socks, calf sleeves, Adidas running pants, Reebok compression shorts, tech s/s shirt, tech l/s shirt, Brooks orange running jacket, Asics beanie, Adidas ball cap, running mittens

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 1

• Weather: Partly cloudy, 43*F @ Fred’s Coffee, Wind stronger than I thought out of the south

Shoes: Mileage (37.0) – New Balance Fuel Cell Propel – The left big toe had a few distracting moments, but otherwise they did everything that I wanted during my long run

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? Long run

Cardio Total: 2.78

Weight: 156 A/R

Brrrr means Treadmillin – RunLog 11/13/19

When I looked at out thermometer while I was getting ready for Bennies first walk, it said 6*F, I had already looked out the window and saw how much the tree limbs were moving, so I knew the feels like or wind chills were sub zero.

This is what the Accuweather app was telling me as the “official” temps.

Welcome to Winter only it is supposed to still be Fall. Oh well, January weather in November is the new normal.

In other words Brrrr.

Yeah, Bennie and I cut that walk pretty short. Based on that walk, even though it warmed up a bit, it was below my run outside temps. Plus the roads were still a LOT too icy out where I live to attempt running on them for an old fart that doesn’t bounce too well.

Planned Workout Description: An easy run

Variables that impacted the run: Feeling a bit tired after dealing with all the outside stuff yesterday. There is just something about extreme cold that takes something out of me more and more as I get older. So even though I was running on the treadmill my motivation was not what I would call overwhelming.

Comments: I got on the treadmill, set it to 6.8 mph, ran 4.0 miles, walked .30 for a cool-down and did my foam roll routine after the run.

In other words, an easy run, where I got the miles in.

• Day: Wednesday

• Type of Workout: Easy run

• Course: PF Treadmill

• Distance: 4.0

• Duration: 35:08

• Pace: 8:47

• Clothes: black ankle socks, Reebok compression socks, Brooks shorts, Avia tech s/s shirt,

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 20

• Weather: Indoor

Shoes: Mileage (26.0) New Balance Fuel Cell Propel – They did great, no issues and I did not really think about the shoes, which is what I want to do.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? Even though I had very little motivation to go run this morning, I still managed to head to Planet Fitness and do 4.0 miles.

Cardio Total: 2.16

Non Running Comments: It is going to be a long winter.

I did get in the book Kicksology by Brian Metzler this morning and have gotten about half-way through it. I am enjoying it.

Treadmill Progression and Strides – RunLog 11/12/19

Well the first snow of the year is history and I went 5 rounds with a roof rake and the roof would have won by KO, except I was saved by the bell.

Okay what happened? We got a bit of rain with the snow and it was forming an ice dam at the edge of the roof, so I got out the roof rake to knock off the ridge. While pulling hard against a ridge out back, it suddenly let go and wacked me square on the chin.

That one took me to my knees and I know that I exceeded the 10 count before I got back up. I haven’t been hit that hard in over 40 years!!!

I did stagger back to the corner and came back out and wacked the hell out of the remaining ice ridges, without further injury to the chin, body or ego. Although when I walked to catch up to Mary & SD2 who were walking the dogs, she did ask why my face was all bloody.

She laughed when I told her the story of the defending my roof raking championship. Hehehee

Planned Workout Description: A faster paced workout in the New Balance Fuel Cell Propel – to see how they respond on the treadmill and at faster paces.

Comments: When I got on the treadmill, I really did not feel like doing a 5K time trial. I had been outside playing with a snow scoop, roof raking and walking on ice covered roads. So I figured I would do something faster, but not the original plan.

So I started out at faster than usual warm-up pace and figured out today would be a good day for a progression run and hard strides.

  • 1.0 mile @ 7.2 mph
  • 1.0 mile @ 7.3 mph
  • .50 @ 7.6 mph
  • .50 @ 7.7 mph
  • .50 @ 7.8 mph
  • .40 @ 8.1 mph
  • .10 @ 9.3 mph
  • 4 x 1.0 @ 9.3 mph with rest intervals @ 7.2 mph
  • .10 @ 10.1 mph to finish up

Actually going through the first 4.0 miles I was feeling a LOT better than I thought that I was going to after the “fun” morning that I had.

While doing the strides, it did take me a few seconds to figure out how to run that fast in the Propels, but once I did they handled the faster than I will run in a race paces quit nicely

I gotta admit that I sweat like a stuck pig during this workout and was ready to stop when I hit 5.0 mile mark on the treadmill.

Variables that impacted the run: Storming outside so had to do scooping and roof raking (see story above), sore chin and walking a couple of miles on icy roads

Day: Tuesday

Type of Workout: Treadmill Progression Run with 6 x strides at the end.

Course: Treadmill

Distance: 5.0

Duration: 38:24

Pace: 7:41

Clothes: NB socks, Compression Sleeves, Skora shorts, Reebok compression shorts, NB singlet

Rating (1-4): 4

Running Streak Day #: 19

Weather: Indoor – outdoors sucked too much to even think about running outside – too much ice for me to stay upright.

Shoes: Mileage (22.0) I got to use the Propels on a faster treadmill run and they did everything that I wanted from them. They did not bother my right foot at all and when I did the faster strides, once I figured out how to run fast in the Prpels they were fine.

Very impressed with them so far, only change I would make is to lower the ankle side wells a bit and make the toe box more rounded like the Beacons. Otherwise, I like the cushioning and how well they respond when I do want to run faster.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? It showed me I can run a treadmill 7:30 to 7:40 pace and not have it kill me. Then I ran the strides a bit faster and felt fine.

I did learn that while I can run faster in the Propels, that I would prefer to run faster in my Zoom Fly SP or 1400 v6, both of which just feel faster underfoot and I don’t have to focus as much on running faster.

Cardio Total: 3.01

Non Running Comments: With the storm today, I started my winter chauffeur duties for SD2, she doesn’t do well in crappy weather driving. It does take a bit more out of me than it used to, but hey it is part of the deal of living in Maine.

Veteran’s Meandering Thoughts – RunLog 11/11/19

I hope that all the Veterans out there had a good day, that you enjoyed yourselves, attended gatherings to honor us if you enjoy that kind of thing, but mostly I hope that you looked in the mirror, smiled and said to yourself “Yes, I am a Veteran and proud of it.”

Boot Camp 1975 – A lifetime ago

Me, I stayed home, made sure that I was out running on the 11th month, 11th day, 11th hour and 11th minute. Something I have done for a few years now.

Fittingly I was running past the Town Office where a Veteran’s Day celebration was happening. I smiled for a moment when I was running past all the cars parked outside and thought about what I was missing not going in. What would they think if I popped in, in my running outfit – just another old oddball, trying to attract too much attention to himself probably. So I didn’t.

At times like this morning I do question if I am too stand-of fish or is that I just don’t fit in? I am not and have never been big on ceremonies or social gatherings, but as I get older and some say wiser, I do sort of wonder what it is like to be more socially connected to the rest of the world.

Oh well, when I turned the corner, I headed up the hill in front of the Town Office, it kind of took my mind off, going inside and forced me to focus on “taking that damn hill”. But after that, my run was less focused and I thought about “other” stuff.

It was one of those gray days outside where you know that a storm is coming and not just because a weather app or the Weather Channel are saying so.

The pre-storm headache was in full bloom, the ankle and hip both are grumbling and to be honest, you really do not feel like doing a whole lot of anything, but hunkering down and waiting things out.

Planned Workout Description: An easy effort based 5-7 miles

Comments: I started out pretty slowly to do the Middle Road Loop, while I thought about chasing the Shepard Road segment and decided that it was supposed to be an easy run and didn’t. Worked at just running comfortably throughout the run I might have worked the hills on the Middle Road a little harder

Once I got past the Town Office and all the cars parked on the side of Blake, I lost my focus a bit, because I got back to thinking about things other than running.

Although I finished the run up nicely and actually added an extra mile on just because I was feeling pretty good and attempted to chase down Mary as she was finishing up her run. Didn’t do it, but I got closer than I thought that I would.

Variables that impacted the run: Pre-storm headache and other aches and pains, lost focus on running after the Town Office.

• Day: Monday – Veteran’s Day

• Type of Workout: Easy Effort

• Course: Middle Road 6.0 Miler

• Distance: 6.01

• Duration: 55:46

• Pace: 9:17

• Clothes: Adidas socks, NB running pants, Reebok compression shorts, green tech s/s, orange tech l/s, Brooks orange running jacket, orange Nike running vest, running mittens, Asics Beanie, Adidas running hat.

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 18

• Weather: Overcast, 35*F, Feels like 29*F, Humidity 65%, Wind 7 mph from NNE

Shoes: Mileage (17.0) New Balance Fuel Cell Propel – They did everything that I wanted them to. I think that I will wear them tomorrow for my treadmill 5K time trial to see how they feel actually going faster and if they are a treadmill shoe or not.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? 6.0 more miles in the book.

Oh yeah, as of today I have over 1,500 miles for the year, so I have achieved one of my goals for 2019! A pretty appropriate day to do it, if I do say so myself. 🙂

Cardio Total: 3.82

Weight: 156 A/R

Non Running Comments: After lunch, a neighbor was gracious enough to come over and supervise me pruning the apple trees out front. The old Mac really needed it and while the Macoun wasn’t too bad, it still had a bit of stuff that needed to go away.

Before pruning
After pruning

It was nice to have someone that knows what they are talking about help me out versus me just hacking and slashing my way around the tree, like I usually do. I think we both wished it was a bit warmer outside while we were doing the pruning. Plus I learned a lot – thanks so much Karen G.

Then the snow came. Bennie was not impressed.

Test Course Testing – RunLog 11/10/19

A better day outside than we have had lately, so I was able to get a bit of stuff done outside. It was actually kind of nice to get some fresh air without freezing my you know what off. 🙂

Planned Workout Description:

• Day: Sunday

• Type of Workout: Just run – run. Taking the Propel down onto my test course to see how they did.

• Course: Pepin Test Course

• Distance: 4.01

• Duration: 34:37

• Pace: 8:38

• Clothes: Adidas socks, Skora running pants, Reebok compression shorts, tech s/s, tech l/s, New Balance running jacket, Saucony beanie, NB running ballcap

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 17

• Weather: 40*F, Feels like 35*F, Humidity 44%, Wind 7 mph from SS@

Variables that impacted the run: A bit tired, right hip, wore my toe separator on my right foot

Comments: I was surprised at the intensity of the wind when I first started out! It was a wind tunnel coming down Philbrick and while the official wind speed was 7 mph, this felt closer to 15-20 mph until I crested the hill.

Going down the big hill, the Propels protected me while picking up the pace a little. Then when I got to the 1.0 mile mark, I decided to go a little faster than comfortable, but not anything all that hard. Everything felt smooth and controlled through 2.0 miles.

Coming back up the hill the Propels felt good, but are nothing special as climbers. I did pick the pace back up a little after the hill. The run was nothing all that special, other than it solidified my initial impressions of the Propel on a course that I check out how my newer shoes are going to react to a variety of scenarios while running.

Shoes: Mileage: (11.0) New Balance Fuel Cell Propel. They did everything that I asked of them on my test course. The Propels were smooth, comfortable and didn’t get in my way when I decided to pick up the pace a little.

While they do not encourage me to run faster, I can run faster in them, but they would not be my choice for a fast 5 or 10K. However, I might seriously think about them for something longer, once I get a couple of long runs in them.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? I am continuing to see how I run in the Propels and running comfortably.

Non Running Comments: In the afternoon, I put up a single section of rail fencing at the end of SD2’s turn around in her driveway. It is there to help her and others who use her driveway judge where the end of the turn-around is, so they don’t drive off the 4 foot bank into the water hazard.

After thatI got rake and then mow leaves – one of my least favorite things is raking (my back doesn’t like it) – so the lawn mower is a good choice. Just more getting ready for winter – it is coming sooner than later.

First Run New Balance Fuel Cell Propel – RunLog 11/9/19

Another first run in a pair of new shoe – the New Balance Fuel Cell Propel.

Short review that says it all – me likey.

I have been searching all year for a pair of daily trainers that I can run longer distances in comfortably on and off for most of the year. The closest shoes have been the New Balance Beacons versions 1 and 2, but they have been just a bit too firm when I get into the double digit range.

Since September I have tried several bands/models, but they all had fatal flaws that made them not work for me.

As usual the other night I was wandering around the internet and had a price alert on a pair of New Balance Propels at almost 50% off on Amazon. I didn’t immediately get them, I did a lot of reading different reviews (all pretty much positive) about the Propel, searched to see if there were better deals and then went back and forth between getting an 8.0 and 8.5.

Finally, after thinking about it arguing with myself about the pros and cons, how much trouble I would get in with the wife and did I really need yet another pair of running shoes. I decided to go ahead and just do it. They came in yesterday afternoon.

This morning I went through my new shoe ritual which means I inspected them closely for flaws, weighed them and wore them around the house for a while to see if they fit and felt like something that I wanted to keep.

They felt great, my size 8.0 fit like most other New Balance size 8.0’s tend to so they are pretty much true to size.

Saturday’s are my longer run day, but it was also pretty chilly out there first thing this morning for Bennie’s wake-up me up walk at 14*F with a light breeze. Luckily for me by the time I got out the door it was almost upta freezing and the the sun was shining.

A photo from Bennie’s 2.0 mile walk before my run

Planned Workout Description: I figured that I would head towards Goodhue and if the Propels began to bother, I could just turn around. Also today’s run was not about running faster, it was about putting longer miles on the legs.

• Day: Saturday

• Type of Workout: Longer Run

• Course: Goodhue Road 7.0 miler

• Distance: 7.0

• Duration: 1:04:18

• Pace: 9:11

• Clothes: Adidas running pants, Reebok compression shorts, Reebok black tech s/s tee, Adidas orange tech l/s tee, Brooks running jacket, Nike running vest, Saucony Beanie, Nike ball cap and running mittens.

Yeah, it was a little overkill, but I was not cold.

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 16

• Weather: Clear/Sunny, 33*F feels like 27*F, humidity 47%, Wind 6 mph SW

Variables that impacted the run: First run new shoes, chilly, left hip and glute tight at first, left instep a bit of a nuisance, but went away

Comments: I ran most of the run comfortably at an easy pace, where if I had been running with someone else I could have maintained a nice conversation. Even though I wanted to push the pace a few times, but pulled back on the reins pretty quickly. I am attempting to be more disciplined on my runs and not overdo the workout.

Today, I was able to do that, whereas in the past I would have tested my new shoes a little differently than a comfortable longer run.

This getting older thing does have some advantages, i.e. I am not quite as impulsive most of the time.

Shoes: Mileage: New Balance Fuel Cell Propel (7.0) – They did quite nicely for a first run and a longer one at that. No hot spots, blisters, soreness caused by the shoes during or after the run. Which is gratifying. The Propels felt nicely cushioned but firm enough that if I wanted to I could pick up the pace pretty easily.

However, the Propels do not feel like a fast shoe, but they are definitely a comfortable shoe. Which is exactly what I am looking for. I have other shoes that I can run faster in or have more snap, but I need/want and maybe found a pair that will not bother my hard to please feet for daily trainer and long run duties.

I am not going to get my hopes too high, but it would be nice to finally have found something that freaking actually works the way I want, especially for longer runs. That running in discomfort or pain stuff, just takes all the joy out of the runs.

The other part is that the outsole is perfect for where I will be doing most of my runs. A nice multipurpose one that will grip in bad weather, light snow, a little slime (mud) or non technical trails.

Very good first impressions.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? I have been searching for that elusive daily trainer that is light, cushioned, comfortable, able to run on multiple surfaces and not break the bank, for it seems like forever.

About the only thing I would change is to make the toe box more rounded like the Beacons. It wasn’t an issue, but I could feel my big toe pushing slightly against the toe box at times.

I don’t know if I have found the beast in the New Balance Fuel Cell Propel, but this was the kind of first run that I have been imagining for quite a while.

Cardio Total: 4.22

Weight: 156 A/R