About Me

First of all, I don’t take myself too seriously and know that I am one of those “never-was” runners. My name is Harold and yeah I can be weird at times, but even while I am pretty well grounded in who I am and where I am going with my life, that I am still learning things about myself and running that I wish that I had learned thirty or forty years ago, but didn’t.

The biggest things I have learned is to not limit myself and to stay positive.

About my only claim to fame as a runner is that I have made most of the mistakes that a runner can make, but even after failing, I keep getting up, getting out the door and putting one foot in front of the other.


I don’t worry about living up to a carefully constructed online persona that doesn’t resemble the person I really am, there are enough of those people and blogs out there. I am here and have a real life that has warts, pimples and sometimes expels green noxious clouds. While I usually keep to generalities about the rest of my life, it is pretty easy to figure out when I have bad days and when things are going pretty good.

On my blog I plan to write like I talk – so it will not be not a G-rated site. However, it will have certain standards, it is just that I get to choose them, not you – that is part of the deal.

However, be prepared I am not always politically correct, I have long-held opinions that may or may not be even close to yours. Just because I don’t support what you believe in or believe the same way as you, doesn’t mean that I don’t respect your choices. All it means is that I choose to respectfully disagree with you or have chosen a different path in my life.

Which is a part of life – not everyone has the same opinions and many of mine might surprise you – if you get to know me.


I am getting old and do struggle with some of physical and/or mental changes that I have no control over. However, the way I look at it I have a great life and I am enjoying most of the things about getting to be an old fart.

It sure as hell beats the alternative!!!

However, let’s be totally honest, I am not too crazy about the physical changes that are happening to my body and yes, I whine about it quite a bit, along with the weather. Everything seems harder to do than it did before and yet my mind is telling me I can still do things the same way as I did when I was younger, which is bullshit – I can’t.

Unfortunately, because I am a stubborn old fart and don’t want to believe that I am getting this old, I might lose touch with reality sometimes (actually quite often). As a result I sometimes, let’s get real Harold I often do stupid stuff and then write about it for your reading pleasure. Yeah, I don’t mind you laughing or smiling at some of my latest escapades of Harold being Harold.

Father Time or the Grim Reaper if you like, is unbeaten as far as we know, but I have a feeling he enjoys a good laugh now and then. So I plan to keep tinkering with the gonna keep living forever idea and have fun, while he chuckles at my lame efforts to stay half a step ahead of him.

I hope you enjoy my blog as much or more than he does. 😉

Why Blog?

Blogging to me is about the stories that we share with others.

Blogging is not just writing reviews about products, services and being yet another marketing strategy for brands, so while I do reviews of stuff that I buy and use, I have moved away from the online marketing biz/game or representing brands.

Honestly, the get free shit to review rigmarole, is just is not usually worth the hassles, strings (yes there are spoken and unspoken expectations when you receive a “free” product, especially if you want to keep doing it) and income tax obligations that go along with getting them.

I have a tremendous amount of respect and regularly read several blogs that do this and enjoy their writing. I even think about what might have been from time-to-time and then I remember the reasons why I walked away from that lifestyle, the heart-rate settles back down and I smile as I write my personal blog posts about what I want to write about on any particular day or even not write if I choose not to.

Does it mean that I will not accept free stuff?

Nope, it means that if I do, I have to really use and like the product, to deal with all the crap and strings that goes along with reviewing it.

Primarily I plan to share my journey to be active, have fun and delay the ravages of Father Time.

Sometimes, my grammar and proofreadin, ain’t that great for a former English teacher. Most of my blog posts are what I would consider first or crappy second draft levels of work and will have a multitude of errors and mistakes in them…deal with it your own way.

I hope you enjoy reading the adventures and miscues that I will have, along with pieces of my life that I chose to share with you, as I move towards the late Autumn and the beginnings of the Winter of stages of my life, shit let’s be real and not wax poetic – as I get to be a cantankerous old and retired fart.