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Too Many Steps, but Got Speedwork in – RunLog 12/18/19

Sometimes I forget how old I really am and do dumb shit to remind myself that I ain’t 30 or even 50 anymore. Take this morning, overnight we got about 3″ of snow, not a big deal by any stretch of the imagination, but enough to be a pain in the arse.


In other words, I had to get out the snowblower and do both driveways, otherwise it turns to white ice and then I have to sand the hell out of it. So I got to play with the beast. Each year, the beast get harder on the old body and once I got done, I had to sit down and ended up taking a bit of nap.

Once I woke up, I decided that I probably should head to the gym for a run, the roads out by the house were just nasty.

Planned Workout Description vs Actual: Today is usually an easy/rest day. However, after I got on the treadmill, I got to work, since I missed yesterday’s faster run due to life getting in the way, so I really wanted to get a faster session in today. I thought about doing 12 x .25 at 5K race pace and easy recoveries.

Variables that impacted the run: Tired. I had already snowblowed both driveways and the shoulders were talking to me.

Weather: Indoor

        • Day: Wednesday
        • Course: PF Treadmill
        • Distance: 6.5
        • Duration: 52:19
        • img_5469
        • Pace: 8:03
        • Running Streak Day #: 1
        • Comments:
        • Speedwork 2019-12-18 201136

Shoes: Mileage (50.0) New Balance 1400 v6 – the shoes did great and I didn’t really think about them at all during the workout, which is the biggest compliment I can give to a pair of shoes. I was able to focus on the run and didn’t worry at all about my feet. Now time to do that 50 mile review. 

Yeah, today was one of the 30,000 step days and the old body felt the numerous steps quite a bit by the time I got around to writing this post. A good tired, but tired nonetheless.

Muddy, Windy = Slow and Easy – RunLog 12/15/19

While the temps were pretty warm for December, yesterday’s rain gave us a bit of mud down-back and some pretty stiff breezes out of the Northwest. Luckily, today was going to be nothing more than an 4-5 mile easy run and that is exactly what I did.


Variables that impacted the run: Right hamstring was a bit tight from yesterday’s strides, muddy and windy

Weather: Windy and Partly Sunny, 41°F, Feels like 33°F, Humidity 57%, Wind 17mph from SW

        • Day: Sunday
        • Course: Town Office & Howard 4.0 Miler
        • Distance: 4.07
        • Duration: 40:12
        • Pace: 9:53
        • Running Streak Day #: 3
        • Comments: I was supposed to run slow and easy today and the mud/wind made sure that I did. Honestly, I was feeling a bit off and couldn’t have run faster or hard if I had wanted to. This has been a long week and very emotionally/mentally draining, so I wasn’t all that surprised that I felt unmotivated/tired today.

Shoes: Mileage (9.1) – Nike Wildhorse v5 – They did fine in the muddy sections down-back (not that it was all that terrible, but just enough to be a pain). However, I am not sure that I could run a long distance in them or not?

img_5462There is something going on with my forefeet and while not horrible, by the 4.0 mile mark were getting uncomfortable, especially when I was running on the tar. So mind is still figuring out whether I like the Wildhorse v5 or not.


Back to It – RunLog 12/14/19

Well that is the first time in a long time that I have taken 3 days off, where I wasn’t injured or hurt in some form or manner. We are having our bathroom renovated and while it is disrupting things a bit, it isn’t that bad.


Well at least it wasn’t all that bad until somehow or another Elliott (our cat) decided that he wanted to investigate one of the holes that we thought was blocked and wasn’t able to get back. We thought that he had gotten out and well there was a small pack of coyotes just out back of the house that night not far from the house and we thought well – not good thoughts that night when we went to bed.

However, the next morning we heard some noise from under the house and when we investigated I saw a pair of green eyes and cat ears. However, he wasn’t willing to be coaxed close enough to be caught. That afternoon we bought a Save A Heart live trap and put food and cream in it. It took a while, but around 9:00 PM, the trap caught Elliott.

There was joy and relief in the house to say the least.

The rest of the renovation has been pretty uneventful and we now in the final stages and will be done next week, but we made sure it was pretty much impossible for Elliott to go exploring the bathroom escape route again.

Yesterday was all about repairing the underneath of the house where old duct tape finally was no longer working and also to repair where Elliott made some extra escape routes. Plus re-attaching the primary heating line to the front of the house, which did a great job of keeping Elliott warm while he was under the house.

So with everything going on, running was put on the back burner until this morning. Unfortunately, it was raining cats and dogs outside and I decided after getting soaked on the morning Bennie walk (much shorter than usual), that I would be running on the treadmill today.

Surprisingly, the gym was not nearly as busy as I expected and I was able to get my usual treadmill without an issue.

Planned Workout Description vs Actual: Longer run – actual 7.0 miles with strides

Variables that impacted the run: 3 days of no running let the body heal a bunch of small niggles that have been hanging around for a while. Treadmill

Weather: Indoor – raining outside 

        • Day: Saturday
        • Course: PF Treadmill
        • Distance: 7.0 miles
        • Duration: 59:04
        • Pace: 8:26
        • Running Streak Day #: 1
        • Comments:

I ran comfortably for the first half of the run and then picked up the pace a bit

  • 2.0 @ 6.8 mph
  • 2.0 @ 6.9 mph
  • 1.0 @ 7.0 mph
  • 0.9 @ 7.1 mph
  • 6 x 0.1 @ 9.6 mph with 6.8 mph 0.1 recovery

I felt good during the first part of the run and decided to go a little quicker and still felt really strong. So I decided to start strides at 5.9 miles and got in all 6 at a hard for me pace, but one where I can keep form for the full stride.

Shoes: Mileage (246.6) – New Balance Beacon v2 – While the sole of the V2 are pretty well worn and I don’t like wearing them outside unless it is good conditions, but on the treadmill they work fine. The Beacon line of shoes are probably the best treadmill running shoes I have used in a long time, if ever. So I was able to run comfortably at easy paces and also when I decided to go fast for me.

Some Uphill Strides – RunLog 12/10/19

Initially, I was supposed to go to the gym today for a faster treadmill session at a hard effort. However, the bathroom renovation took precedence and most of the morning was making sure that I was available to answer questions or other stuff. There is no telling what the carpenter will find during the first day, so I wanted to stick around.

That meant no faster running this morning.


The destruction phase was finished just after lunch, no surprises (thank goodness) and they will be back tomorrow to start putting things back together again. Since it was late, I didn’t want to head into town and decided to run to Pepin and then do 8 x hill repeats on Philbrick Hill.

Variables that impacted the run: First phase of renovation is always stressful, you worry about what time they are actually getting there, what they will find when they pull everything out. I was mentally tired and it showed.

Weather: Overcast, 50°F, Feels like 50°F, Humidity 91%, Wind 9mph from SW 

    • Day: Tuesday
    • Course: Pepin O/B with 9 x Philbrick Hill Strides
    • Distance: 5.25
    • Duration: 45:36
    • Pace: 8:41
    • Running Streak Day #: 7
    • Strava 12-10-19

    • Comments: I started the run really slow and then picked it up to a comfortable pace when I started going down Philbrick Hill. I maintained that kind of pace until coming back up that hill.
    • img_5447
    • I stopped at Manny’s driveway to take photos and get my brain ready to start in on the uphill strides up to Brand’s mailbox (about the middle of that field on the right).
    • Hill strides 12-10-19
    • The first one took about 31 seconds and the rest were a bit slower. Which was okay, because this is the first time I have not done hill repeats in quite a while. So instead of running hard for the uphill strides, I focused more on working on my stride and keeping it compact, but running without slouching. I did have to play some mental tricks to get past #4 and then somehow I lost count and in order to make sure that I got at least 8, I did an extra one to make sure. Turned out that I did 9, oh well it was all good.
    • After those hill strides, I slowed way down to finish climbing up Philbrick and to get ready to finish up the run. I did pickup the pace a little and felt really good finishing up the run.

Shoes: Mileage (106.6) – New Balance Propel – Did everything just the way I wanted. Smooth, Comfortable and Cushioned. My left big toe did not bother at all and I felt good running a little faster in the Propels than I usually do.img_5449

Question Answered – RunLog 12/9/19

Today was one of those weird days where you step outside and know that it is going to rain, not just because your phone’s weather app is sending notifications about how nasty it is going to be, but because your body let’s you know it.

After walking Bennie and Hunter this morning, I decided that I was going to head into Augusta to run. Down-back was already getting squirrelly and pretty slippery and I didn’t want to do Philbrick Hill, since today was going to be an easy day.

Initially, I had planned on running 5.0 miles outside, but by the time I got to the gym, it was already raining lightly, so I decided to do the treadmill. I just am not fond of running in the rain and temps in the high 30’s.

While I was getting out of the truck, I realized that my Propels were pretty muddy from running outside the other day and that wasn’t good gym treadmill etiquette to use them for that today. Then I remembered that I had the Altra Impulse behind the seat. I figured this would be a make or break run for them and took them inside.

Planned Workout Description vs Actual: 5.0 miles easy, actually did 5.25 easy

Variables that impacted the run: Ran in the Altra Impulse, forgot t-shirt and had to wear heavy Adidas l/s tech shirt (mock tee).

Weather: Indoor

      • Day: Monday
      • Course: PF Treadmill
      • Distance: 5.25
      • Duration: 46:46
      • Pace: 8:54
      • Running Streak Day #: 6
      • Comments: I started out easy at 6.7 mph and kept it there for the entire run. I felt good and it was more just keeping the feet moving, than any issues with running…well mostly. 
      • I did have to stop for a pitstop at 1.25 miles and when I got back on it took a few minutes to get the mojo going again, after that it was more just get it done than any real issues.

Shoes: Mileage (42.45) – Altra Impulse – Oh well they didn’t do so good. They were loud, slappy and after 4.0 miles total my right foot started to bother pretty good. So I would not have gone any further even if I had really wanted to. I really, really didn’t want to screw up my foot again. The Impulse will be going away, they are not comfortable enough to keep for walking and running anything over 3.0 miles results in my right foot becoming painful – which ain’t good. Headed to the back of the garage tomorrow.

Nike Wildhorse v5 – First Run – RunLog 12/8/19

Sometimes it takes some time to get out for a first run in a pair of shoes (what me never!!!) Unfortunately, or is that fortunately, the Nike Wildhorse v5 are that shoe this year.img_5432

It is not because they are a bad shoe or anything, but I haven’t been running trails hardly at all since I got them and we haven’t been hiking all that much either. I have worn them around a bit walking to get them broke in, but to be honest they didn’t “wow” me all that much, so I haven’t gone out of my way to run in them.img_5429

However, after my experience down back earlier this week in a pair of road shoes and after walking in them this morning down there, I decided to go ahead and do my first run in them, to test how they are as running shoes on snow, white ice, tar and yes, a tiny, eetsy bit of dirt.

They were okay.

The Nike Wildhorse v5 did everything they were supposed to:

  • didn’t bother my feet
  • were pretty comfortable
  • gripped the snow and kept me upright on the white ice portions
  • img_5430
  • were pretty smooth on the tar
  • all-in-all they did what they were supposed to.

I guess that really was the problem, the Wildhorse v5 are a boring, do what they are supposed to kind of shoe. img_5433

To be quite honest, I have gotten spoiled and my expectations are now that a running shoe is supposed to “Wow” me when I first try them one and especially on that all in important first run. You know when we make up our minds whether we will love or hate a shoe. When in fact it is usually when a running shoe is boring, does what is supposed to do in a understated way that those shoes seem to usually be the shoes that I like the best over the long haul.

You know, the kind of shoe that I should be running in.

As you can see from the photos, the conditions were not all that bad for winter running and the Wildhorse v5 handled everything I ran on today quite nicely.

Planned Workout Description vs Actual: Planned on an easy 4-5 to get over 30 miles for the week. Did 5.0 down-back to check out the Nike Wildhorse v5

Variables that impacted the run: Running down-back on sketchy, but good winter running conditions.

Weather: Clear, 24°F, Feels like 17°F, Humidity 71%, Wind 6mph from SSW

  • Day: Sunday
  • Course: Town Office 5.0 Miler
  • Distance: 5.01
  • Duration: 46:40
  • Pace: 9:19
  • Running Streak Day #: 5
  • Comments: I purposely wanted to go slower today, I won’t say it was really all that much easier, since it was down-back, but I slowed down and the legs felt pretty good after a couple of days of treadmilling and strides.

Shoes: Mileage (5.01) Nike Wildhorse v5 – They did everything I would expect of a pair of trail shoes on snow. Nothing exciting or wow, just nice boring shoes that worked for me.

In other words just what I need.

Disclaimer: I got them as a Father’s Day gift from D2 back in June, while she was in Maine visiting and we ordered them from


Some Snow Training – RunLog 12/4/19

It was too damn nice to run on the treadmill this morning! The temps were in the high 20’s *F, the sun was trying to come out and to be quite honest I didn’t feel like running inside.

Sunrise on Bennie’s first walk

Let’s back up a little. The photo above was from first thing this morning on Bennie’s first walk. The roads were slush/icy then. So I wasn’t too overly thrilled about running a lot on them at that time.

When we walked the dogs later this morning down-back, the dirt road was in great shape, although the tar roads were a lot slushy, wet, gritty, with patches of ice. So if I wanted to get a decent run in I was heading down-back for most of it.

Planned Workout Description vs Actual: Easy 5 or so. Although the pace was easy running on the snow was not all that easy

Variables that impacted the run: Road conditions, snow, bright sunshine

Weather: Clear, 29°F, Feels like 29°F, Humidity 74%, Wind 2mph from SSW

• Day: Wednesday – I kind of lost track of what day it was – it felt more like a Monday after the storm yesterday.

• Course: Town Office 5.0 Miler

• Distance: 5.01

• Duration: 49:26

• Pace: 9:52

• Running Streak Day #: 2

• Comments: Today was not a day I was focused on going fast. Running on the snow down-back was like running on beach sand by the water line. All I know is that I activated stabilizer muscles that haven’t been used since last Winter.

While the snow was plowed down to the lower gate and then packed down by vehicles going through, it still gave a bit when you took a stride, so I had to do more a land, lever, lift, without attempting to toe-off, which is not my normal stride.

The other part is that while the road was still snow covered, I was not going to run very fast and didn’t. I plodded along and enjoyed the views and even stopped to take more photos than usual.

When I got back on the tar, it had warmed up enough to really make the roads wet, sandy and slushy, but the ice was gone.

It was a good run and one that made me decide to get my Nike Wildhorse 5 out the back of Clifford, to see if on the next run they are worth keeping or not.

Shoes: Mileage (94.9) New Balance Propel – I purposely chose to run in road shoes down-back to see how they performed on the snow-covered road and nasty stuff on the tar roads.

While they did good enough, I tend to think that either my Wildhorse 5’s or Sense Ride v1s would be better choices. The grip was decent and I was able to get through the workout without any issues, but I could tell that I needed a little more grip.

A Snowy Day = No Running – RunLog 12/3/19

Yeah, I could run outside today, but if I ain’t even driving anywhere, why on earth would I want to run outside?

To prove my machismo, how tough I am or any of those other things I could say. Nope, if it is too bad for me to drive to the gym, it means it is too bad to run outside.


Besides that is what we got that fancy-dancy elliptical for last year. No it is not running, but it is good cross training and when I use it, the aches and pains that I have when running disappear. So it gives the old body a break and who know might even strengthen some of the parts that need fixin or is that no pounding.

We unplug the elliptical after each time, so the date/time are way off.

To make a long story short, I did 8.0 miles on the elliptical while watching Falcon Park Colorado Virtual Run with Seth James DeMoor on YouTube. It helps make the time go by quicker and also lets me imagine running in places that I will never see.

Now to get ready for a couple of hours behind the snowblower, since it is the first one of the year, I will probably go ahead and turn on the GPS in walk mode to see how far my usual snowblowing will be worth cardio-wise. I know I also get in a helluva upper body workout tugging and twisting that beast of a snow blower around.

Snowblowing was worth about 2.25 miles of walking for two driveways and two hours of push and pull. We got about 6-8” of snow and it was ending just about the same time that I finished the driveways :-).