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Category: Aging

The Weather – It Is What It Is

Over the last week, you might have heard me spit and sputter a bit about the weather again. It is called whining and bitchin about the weather and I am […]

Unexpected Rest Day – RunLog 3-17-17

I had a 15 day mini running streak interrupted by a day off. It wasn’t because I didn’t have the best of intentions, but…well let’s talk about it. Today is┬ámy […]

Why do I Run?

Do you know why I run?   No, not what most people think. Some of the reasons might be: weight-loss improving/changing your mood social engagement competition and so many other […]

A Great Eight – RunLog 3-10-17

I took today off work and it was simply mahvelous. The day started off early, but it was relaxing and I did get a few things done around the house […]

Hey, I Did It!

I did something that I am not all that great at…I voluntarily took a day off from running!!! On Wednesday, I did a tough (for me) double workout, that included […]

Week In Review – 3/5/17

I changed back to WordPress last year because I didn’t want to simply focus on running all the time and guess what…it still seems like that all I publish lately […]

Everything is Gravy Now

Twenty-one years ago, I retired from the U.S. Coast Guard. Which means that I have now been retired longer than I was on active duty. It is not really a […]

Yes, I Am An Aging Runner

Yep, the title it is the truth and as much as I hate to admit it some days, I am the proverbial and stereotypical aging runner, full of contradictions, plans […]