Blogging Anniversary – Missed

I missed a very important anniversary in the annals of my blogging career.

Ten years ago on October 21, 2007 –  I published my first ever blog post.

It was really riveting stuff – about two paragraphs and had me wondering what the hell I was going to use or do with this blogging thing.

I just want to talk a bit about how difficult it is to teach in today’s world. How do you decide how to teach with Blogs, Wikki,  OpenSource,  Proprietary,  Google, FaceBook,  YouTubeTeacherTube and everything else that is out there to “help” you teach. All these things that I am just starting to see, but not yet use in the classroom. I am willing to start, but am feeling very overwhelmed.

Technology is not new to me, I have been using computers since the old Vic 20 with a cassette tape as an OS, but I am a bit intimidated about using all these web based applications to “assist” me in my classroom teaching.

If anyone out there can assuage my uncertainty or give me some helpful hints to help me be successful 😉


Lke I said riveting stuff, but that is where I started. There are not too many people out there that read that post that day – well maybe Craig Suttie, but he is about the only one.

Actually that was a pretty significant milestone for me – who would have thought that I would keep writing posts for the next 10 years.

Screenshot-2017-10-23 One Foot In Reality
One Foot In Reality – My most successful blog.

My career as a blogger had very humble beginnings, to getting heavily involved in the Edublogging world (Education), then after I left teaching searching for a new focus for the blog I tried a few thing, but eventually settled into the space where I am primarily still writing – the RunBlogging world.

Hard to believe, but I have been writing about my running since 2011 – a long time to write about something that I am not really all that good at – so I guess the joke is on me. 🙂 Continue reading “Blogging Anniversary – Missed”

Minor Updates to My Blog

There have been a a few changes on the blog as I get ready for that 60th birthday thing (next week). Yeah, reaching that next decade makes you think about how you want to present yourself on your blog.

I have decided to change the name from “My Blog” to one of my old blogs “Aging Runnah”. It is what I am – an aging runner from Maine. It fits what I write most about – running and getting older.

Also the header photo is of a sunrise down on the Maine coast taken my daughter Katherine, while they were up visiting during June. I just like the photo and fits the direction that I am heading in my life.

Nothing major, earth shattering or anything else, but fits where I seem to be going with both my running and my blogging. I will still have a random thought or more about other things, but since I am writing primarily about running, I might as well go back to a blog title that reflects what I am doing.

A Couple of Changes

Yes, I have made a few changes that better reflect where I want my blog to go. I waited a few weeks after I moved here in October, actually thought about what needed to be done and now I feel good about the tweaks I made last night.


Blog Name Changed

You will notice that there is no specific “name” for my blog. Even though I did like Simply Aging for a title, it doesn’t really fit and limited or narrowed what I am expected to write about.

Which is something I did not want.

So I have stopped having a blog title and just gone with the selfie of me in the upper corner and not worried about what to call it, other than my blog. That might even be the name someday, if I feel that I need one again.

A minor change, but one that was necessary in my mind. I am not attempting to create a brand, I am just writing about things that interest me. Continue reading “A Couple of Changes”

Thank You

Earlier this week I wrote a post We Have To Keep Moving Forward and there were more comments and thoughtful discussion of people’s perspective on the election results.


This could have quickly degenerated into vicious attacks and thoughtless comments.

It did not.

All the comments remained respectful and articulately provided the thoughts of the writers during a very difficult time for many.

I want to take the time to personally thank each and every one of you, who took the time to comment and to show that we can have civil discourse about something so emotionally charged.

Thank you!


Why I Stopped RunBlogging

It has only been a couple of weeks, but it seems a lot longer than that.

Since August I had been really looking at, thinking about and finally coming to a decision in October about where I wanted to go with my blogging.


My blog had become little more than a daily blog post about yet another run or why I didn’t run, with the obligatory proof that what I wrote about was what I actually did to keep the trolls at bay, take a photo of the course to show where and how beautiful where I run is, hop on some running bandwagon or other running related article, to be able to write another perspective that didn’t mean a whole lot, write reviews about gear or running books that I had read to become a better runner, failed training plans that I attempted after reading those books, whine about my latest injury or how I didn’t perform up to my expectations at the last race I ran.

That was the extent of my writing over the past couple of years. Continue reading “Why I Stopped RunBlogging”


Storm clouds in the distance – Kind of like me moving back to

Yes, I like blogging on Blogger better, it is more open and I can do more, without having to pay extra for everything that I want to do. Especially when it comes to customizing the look or what widgets I choose to use. You can even earn a couple of pennies and maybe in 5-10 years or so reach the threshold for Google disburse the $100 bucks you need for having their Adwords on your blog.

That being said…

When I looked around and contemplated the directions that I wanted to take my blogging last week, I had some serious choices: Continue reading “Why”