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Category: Healthy Living

Instead of Running on a Rainy Day

On Tuesday I took the day off from running, even though I was scheduled to do my long run! It seems that I have a big aversion to blinding flashes […]

Where the Food Comes From

One of the reasons that I run is to be healthy and another part of being healthy is how and what you eat. In fact, what you put into your […]

Great 10.0 Miler 5-19-12

Wow – I can’t believe that I almost forgot to post about my run this morning! It has been so busy going here and there and then working on getting […]

Running Back Bay in Portland 5-17/12

Today is the first anniversary of my knee surgery and the subsequent journey back to good health. I have gone from someone who was told that he would never run […]

Surprise 10 miler – 5-12-12

I haven’t run much in the past couple of weeks due to a few nagging aches and pains that I wanted to get over – that was pretty smart :-). […]

My Alternative Exercise Program

This morning my alternative workout gym was being created. The main culprits of creating my new workout facility were these folks: They did a great job and put my exercise […]

Knowing What You Eat

A big part of running and living a healthier life-style is knowing what you eat. As a part of this effort to eat better over the past several years, we […]