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Category: Injury

Well This Sucks – RunLog 6/9/19

This will be my last runlog update for 6-8 weeks if things are what they seem. What did you do this time Harold? Last Wednesday I was supposed to be […]

Humbled and Just a Little Scared

Okay this is one of those posts, where I am going talk about one of my greatest fears in running. And no, I am not whining or complaining this time, […]

On The Shelf Until Next Monday

I went to my Chiropractor today and while he understands runners and our “need” to run – he just happens to be married to one. However, based on everything that […]

Frustration Level At 9/10

Whine Alert!!! Frustrated! Frustrated!! Frustrated!!! This trying to stay positive crap is just that crap, even when I know that I have to be. It keeps getting harder and harder, […]

Light At the End of The Tunnel

There is something up ahead, no, no it can’t be, it is, is, that is light. There is light at the end of this damn tunnel. It is still a […]

Frustrated and We Will See

Sometimes it seems as though I can’t win for loosing, in other words, the following words are dripping with frustration and the need for a big whoopie pie and an […]