Well This Sucks – RunLog 6/9/19

This will be my last runlog update for 6-8 weeks if things are what they seem.

What did you do this time Harold?

Last Wednesday I was supposed to be having an easy recovery run, after a nice run on Tuesday. So, of course, I screwed up and turned it into a nice progression run where I ran pretty hard the last three miles of a 5.0-mile run.

At about 3.5 miles…

Annotation 2019-06-05 203723_LI.jpg

I had just turned around and played in traffic to cross Outer Civic Center Drive up by the Commerce Center lights and suddenly I felt a sharp pain in my left lower leg. I slowed down for a few steps and while the discomfort was still there it wasn’t anything unusual. At my age, I seem to have to these unexplained twinges during runs and they usually go away without any issues.

Plus I wanted to see if I could get down to my half marathon race pace for the last mile.

Mmmmm Houston we have a problem, that discomfort while not debilitating ain’t going away. Shut-up and finish the mile is what I told myself and did (yeah, I got down to the pace), but the discomfort wasn’t getting any better during that last mile. So I shut down the run when I got to 5.0 miles and just cruised it back to Planet Fitness to finish things up.

I haven’t run since.

The rest of the day Wednesday and all-day Thursday the leg talked to me about how stoopid I am. I don’t usually take anything for pain, but Wednesday afternoon I did take a couple of Aspirin, which helped and couple more on Thursday morning. The discomfort seemed to fade a bit by the afternoon, so I was thinking that it wasn’t anything serious.

Friday things felt good enough that I was able to do some work around the house, you know using the chainsaw to cut up a few trees, drag brush and chip what I could. With Saturday being a day to finish up what I didn’t get done the day before.

Yep, the leg hurt a bit, but not enough to stop me from getting stuff done.

Which meant that I hadn’t broken anything yet, but I had a pretty good idea that I probably had all the classic signs of a lower leg stress fracture, probably in the fibula since the discomfort is located more on the outside of the leg. I tested the theory by putting the buffer on the leg yesterday afternoon and immediately knew the answer.

So I will get to go to the doctor’s office at some point this week and might even listen to their advice for a change (this is the stuff they are good at), but either way for at least the next 6-8 weeks my runlog entries ain’t gonna be about me running.

There are going to posts about me whining, pissing and bitching about not running, all the crazy crap that I will be doing to attempt to speed up the healing process and how I am driving everyone including myself batshit crazy about not being able to run. đŸ˜‰

Actually, I have a feeling that it will give the legs a chance to heal all the niggles that were accumulating, give me a reason to actually work out with weights at the gym and use the stationary bike for my cardio fix. Who knows I might even get my old mountain bike out and see how the leg feels on that in a week or two.

I have accepted the no running part as best as I can and the body is definitely telling me that running ain’t gonna happen for a while. Walking is enough of a challenge at this point. I just have to remember that I am not going to run again (unless there is a miracle of some sort) until sometime around August 1st and stick with that idea.

Which in the overall scheme of things is not that far away, now to let the body rest a bit, heal a lot and start working on my rehab routine, versus simply going out and trashing the old body again. It also means that I will have to look a LOT closer at what goes down the pie-hole if I do not have the benefit of running to cover-up some of my bad eating habits.

Now, what is the doctor’s number so I can call them tomorrow first thing and have them tell me what is actually going on with the old leg.

Yeah, it kind of sucks, but it just another day in the life of Harold being Harold.

Sometimes You Gotta Show Up

This morning I ran with Bennie, a nice easy 2.5 miler down back, nothing special, just a nice run  on a beautiful day.

Strava - Bennie Run 8-9-14
Strava – Bennie Run 8-9-14

What was surprising was that I didn’t run the Doc & Mardie 5K over in Waterville this morning, which I had planned on doing all summer, it was one of my goal races.

Hell this post should be a Doc & Mardie 5K race recap or even a quick RunLog entry about my Bennie Run, instead it is something else completely.


The truth is that I just “never” got around to putting in the race registration. I know Patrick, the race director pretty well and have volunteered at the Quarry Road Trail Race series with him for the past couple of years. Which also means that I know a lot of the runners who were running the race this morning.

I knew it would be a good time, although running up the hill by Colby, would be a pain-in-the-ass. However, the after-the-race camaraderie of the event would more than make up for the tough course.

However, for some reason, I just couldn’t bring myself to register for this race, yesterday I did a tough long run (which I do not do before a goal race) or even go this morning and just do a race-day registration.

I had plenty of opportunities.

TheWife even asked last night and this morning if I was going and I made up some excuse about having to put the front door back together (which could have waited until I got home), last week I had gone down to Portland to see Meb and didn’t want to do two weekends in a row and best of all – I just didn’t feel like it.

The bottom-line was that I didn’t go run the Doc and Mardie 5K today, even though I planned to and wanted to.

What to hell happened then?

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It HAS Been A Tough Year

This morning I was going through my reading list and Christine over at Love, Life, Surf, had a great post (5 Tips For Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Learning to Fly) that really made me stop and think.

Let’s back-up for a minute

Over the past year, it seems that my running has taken a back seat to recovering from a multitude of injuries.

The residual effects of a partially torn left Achilles tendon and Posterior Tibialis on May 28th of last year (yeah last year).

Take the bad with the good :-)
Take the bad with the good đŸ™‚ My foot in May 2013

Yeah, this is still bothering me a lot more than I let on after more than a year of working on the damn thing.

Even though I went through a long period of physical therapy, tried Graston therapy last month (which only re-aggravated it) and have done a lot of mobilization, stretching, strengthening routines, nothing seems to actually work to get it so that I can run on it pain-free.

I have lost confidence that this injury will ever allow me to train/run at the levels I want now.

However, I can still run on it, though I have to be very aware of the how it feels when I am running faster and slow down if it starts to tighten up too much. Continue reading “It HAS Been A Tough Year”

12 x 20 Second Strides – RunLog 7-8-14

TheWife is on vacation this week, so my schedule is slightly different from it usually is. In other words my schedule is more about what she wants to do and I get my runs/workouts in around that.

Last night she was spending the night with SD2, so I got to entertain myself around the house, which meant that I got bored (which can be dangerous). Bennie is great company, but he ain’t much of a conversationalist and after his last walk I decided to finish up my Kinetic Revolution workout.

A part of  this workout was doing 12 moderate effort repeats focusing on my arm swing and keeping my stride shorter and quicker. I changed it up to being a speed workout.

What in the hell are you doing Harold?

This is one of those do not do as I do posts and if you have an injury and need to rehab it, do not be like me and actually listen to your medical professionals or coaches for what you should be doing after an injury. 

You ran a tough run yesterday morning and it was still in the mid 70’s with a lot of humidity. On Monday your Chiro fired your ass, because you wouldn’t take his advise to take a couple of weeks off and here you are doing speed work the next day – are you f$%*&$#+ nuts.


At the same time, get over it.

I know my body better than anyone else and I am feeling 100% better than I was a couple of weeks ago.

So in spite of the Chiro’s recommendations (which I acknowledge are based on sound medical advice) and what many others would consider to be common sense, I am going to fail or succeed doing it my way.

Stubborn old bastid that I am.

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Another ACAR Run – RunLog 7-7-14

Time to get caught up on my running log, it has been a few days and I am falling behind again.

It seems that I have spent more than a few too many mornings at Al’s Certified Auto & Repair shop lately, but the Jeep’s left front tire developed another leak (what is it with me an tires lately), but anyways as usual I wasn’t going to sit around and just wait – I went for a run.

I snuck down through Hallowell (which is mostly downhill from ACAR) and got on the Rail Trail at MM 2.75 and ran down to 4.50 and returned. This section of the R/T is probably my favorite, it is rolling, not flat and there is even shade most of the way.

Strava Stats 7-7-14
Strava Stats 7-7-14

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Sorta Speedwork – RunLog 7-1-14

I am tired of whining, pissing and moaning about my frigging leg. No matter how I do, it isn’t going to change anything.

I know that I will still do it, but at some point everyone else has to be getting sick of it being the primary topic of conversation on my blog and when any of my local running buddies see me.

After yesterday’s Chiro appointment, if all that is wrong with my leg is accumulated scar tissue rubbing together and irritating the hell out of my hamstring, there ain’t a whole hell of a lot that I can do about it.

Scar tissue does not dissolve, go away or any of the other fairy tales that I have heard. About all you can do is make it softer and more pliable, so it isn’t as painful when it rubs over each other.

So unless there is a miracle cure for softening up scar tissue out there that I haven’t heard of, it means that this crap  is just something that I am going to have to learn to live with, if I want to keep running.

Which I am going to do.

No two pieces of scar tissue rubbing together is not the most comfortable feeling when I am running, but as long as I am not doing too much further damage to my hamstrings, I can handle the discomfort. It just means that I will not ever be as fast as I was 2 months ago, but at least I will still be running, which is the most important thing.

So this morning, after getting an inspection sticker on the Toyota – yes it passed, so all the work we did on it was worth the effort.

I went down to the Rail Trail and parked on the other side of Hallowell at the 2.75 mile marker and proceeded to run towards Gardiner, to do some quarter-mile intervals – my favorite type of speed work (well I prefer to do quarters on the track, but I didn’t feel like driving over to Cony or up to Colby).

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I Ran – Not Just Slogged – RunLog 6-28-14

IMG_20140628_105838_840This morning I had the most progress I have had in almost 2 months and it came after the day I seriously thought about shutting everything down for 2 weeks. In other words I am in the middle of Running Injury Recovery Madness.

One day I hit the depths of despair and want to bag it and the next day things seem to be turning around. Yeah, I am riding the roller coaster pretty hard now.

Today’s first run with Bennie, even though I can’t focus my arm swing very well, the first quarter-mile was AMAZING!

NO FREAKING PAIN in my left leg!

Then I came back to reality and the discomfort started in again, but I had run without pain for the first time since April 30th.

I had also had a free and flowing stride that felt strong and was holding myself back, because I really didn’t know what to do with how I was feeling! Continue reading “I Ran – Not Just Slogged – RunLog 6-28-14”

Humbled and Just a Little Scared

cropped-miles-for-mills2.jpgOkay this is one of those posts, where I am going talk about one of my greatest fears in running. And no, I am not whining or complaining this time, I don’t need Karma to be such a Bitch.

It is something that all athletes (no matter how great or humble) face at some point in their athletic careers.

Think of the many athletes (whether they are 30, 40, 50 or older), have an injury and they just are not the same afterwards.

Now I am not my any stretch of my imagination or any thing else all that a great runner, but I am still competitive, if only in my own mind and with myself. Okay, once in a while in my own age group too.

Right now I am scared to death, that I will not be able to return to running at the same or even close to the level of running that I was able to do, just a couple of months ago.

Yeah we all have our highs and lows, when we rehabbing from an injury, but this time it feels different.

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Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge

As “everyone” knows by now, I am a more than a bit of a ramshackle mess and I have decided to really work on rehabbing this old body.

Yes in other words I am trying to get it back to where I want and where it needs to be for me to be able to run pain-free or at least as pain-free as possible.

Over the course of the last few weeks, I have done a lot of the routines in Bruce Wilk’s – The Running Injury Recovery Program and Matt Fitzgerald’s Brain Training for Runners and while the routines are working, I am not completely…well satisfied with how it is going.

I have followed James Dunne and his blog Kinetic Revolution for a while now and I like/respect the information that he provides. A little while ago, I saw his 30 day challenge, but decided that due to my hamstring issues that I wasn’t ready to do it yet.

Fortunately for me, starting last Thursday, I found part of the solution for me and my hamstring has come a long way and when I read Dan’s post over at Run, Rest, Repeat


I got more intrigued by the

Kenetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge
Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge

and I decided to watch more of the videos on why I should join the challenge and got motivated to go ahead do it.

So yes, I signed up for the Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge and I plan to go through the entire cycle.

Even though I already worked out today, I went ahead and did the challenge activities: Continue reading “Kinetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge”

Nice 3.0 Miler – RunLog 6-1-14

Just a little nasty to run on
Just a little nasty to run on

I was a little worried how I would feel today, after running yesterday.

A bit sore, but it was soreness – not pain, so that was cool.

I was walking Bennie this morning and Mary was finishing up her run, so we ran the last 0.7 miles with her. Boy, gotta teach Bennie, not choke himself to death trying to drag me faster than I want to go, but I do make a great anchor.

It was a great warm-up for my run, right after we got back to the house. By the way the weather is gorgeous, mid 70’s, light breeze and lots of sunshine.

Since I was all warmed-up, I took off a little faster than I have been and it actually felt pretty good. Even though it was on the rocks and crap down-back, it was all downhill, so it wasn’t too bad. I only wanted to do 2-3, so I turned around at the ledge (the bump) and came back. I backed off the pace and just trotted along comfortably, even going back up Stevens hill. Continue reading “Nice 3.0 Miler – RunLog 6-1-14”