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Category: Injury Rehab

Sometimes You Gotta Show Up

This morning I ran with Bennie, a nice easy 2.5 miler down back, nothing special, just a nice run  on a beautiful day. What was surprising was that I didn’t […]

It HAS Been A Tough Year

This morning I was going through my reading list and Christine over at Love, Life, Surf, had a great post (5 Tips For Overcoming Negative Thoughts and Learning to Fly) that […]

Sorta Speedwork – RunLog 7-1-14

I am tired of whining, pissing and moaning about my frigging leg. No matter how I do, it isn’t going to change anything. I know that I will still do […]

Humbled and Just a Little Scared

Okay this is one of those posts, where I am going talk about one of my greatest fears in running. And no, I am not whining or complaining this time, […]

Nice 3.0 Miler – RunLog 6-1-14

I was a little worried how I would feel today, after running yesterday. A bit sore, but it was soreness – not pain, so that was cool. I was walking […]

My Rehab Routine

Since I changed the name of my blog to Ramshackle Runnah, it has given me more of an impetus to really clean-up the mess that my legs have become. It […]

On The Shelf Until Next Monday

I went to my Chiropractor today and while he understands runners and our “need” to run – he just happens to be married to one. However, based on everything that […]

Frustration Level At 9/10

Whine Alert!!! Frustrated! Frustrated!! Frustrated!!! This trying to stay positive crap is just that crap, even when I know that I have to be. It keeps getting harder and harder, […]

Sore and Thinking – RunLog 5/22/14

The day after my appointment with the Chiropractor, I was sore. I expected to be, when you are first seen by any medical professional and they are attempting to diagnose/figure […]