Good Long Run – RunLog 5/5/19

Ahh, the weekly long run…I finally got one in after a few too many weeks away from it. This morning’s run was kind of up in the air until the last minute and Mary said that she had to do some errands in Waterville, which made up my mind which direction to go.


Actually, once I got going, it was the correct direction, the sun was out, temps were in the high 50’s and a nice 5-10 mph breeze right in my face just about the entire way. I think that the breeze actually helped towards the end of the run, I wasn’t overheated like I normally would be in this kind of weather and felt good all the way through to the end.

I started out a little faster than I wanted, (what a difference comfortable shoes make when you just want to run) and purposely slowed down the next couple of miles. Then when I got to Goodhue I managed to pick up the pace a little and hold it for most of the rest of the run.

Although I did slow down a bit once I got over on 10 Rod Road, between going up a long slow uphill section and the breeze in my face, I just sort of slowed down and then did a good job on the last mile and half.

Good long run and the pace felt pretty comfortable for that distance and I could have run a bit further without any issues.

Although while I was waiting for Mary to pick me up, I saw ambulances, fire trucks and police vehicles converging on the road out front of Thomas College. I had to walk up to make sure that it wasn’t Mary in an accident (yeah, you always assume the worst).


When I got up to the end of the road, somehow a pickup truck had managed to demolish the softball field dugout. I am not sure how the driver managed to do it? I was glad it wasn’t Mary

Overall, I was very happy with how the Epic Reacts did on the run and how I felt during the run.


Long Run Reality Check – MT WK3 D4

Today was vehicle repair day at ACAR in Augusta and I really didn’t feel like sitting in the waiting room for 2-3 hours while they worked on the Jeep GC. Which meant that I would Go For A Run.

It also is the first day of changing my long run to Thursdays.

So everything really worked out quite nicely. This way I got a long run in without having to do Bennie’s long walk and didn’t have to worry getting back in time to have lunch with Mary (something that we attempt to do daily).

I headed down the road towards Gardiner. Downtown Hallowell is still a mess from all the construction, so I went along the driveways by the river. Once I got through there and got down on the Rail Trail, I sort of just put the brain and body into auto mode until I got to 3.0 miles and had to make a mad dash to find a tree to hide behind. Continue reading “Long Run Reality Check – MT WK3 D4”

Tough 10.0 Miler in the Heat – MT WK 2 D6

This morning was a bit busy and we had to figure out the schedule for the day. Bennie needed his long walk, so we got going on that and while we were walking Bennie figure out how things would take place. After texting, talking on the phone and stuff – things got sorted out.

Mary would do her workout on the elliptical, SD2 would do a run at her house and I would run from the house towards Waterville. She would leave the house after about an hour and a half to let me get my long run in and then we would go to SD2’s to install her air conditioner.

Okay we had all that figured out, all I needed to do after that was run 10 miles. Only one problem, the temps were already in the 80’s and bright sunshine with a slight headwind. Unfortunately, the route I was going to have to take didn’t have a whole lot of shade once I got off Tiffany, so there was a real good chance of me baking pretty badly.

The first 5.0 miles were pretty uneventful, a quick pit stop at 3.0 miles, then a bit quicker as usual going down Goodhue. Lots of traffic on the Middle Road, which meant a lot of time on the dirt shoulders. That always slows me down.

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A Bit Battered, But 10 In the Books – RunLog 4-24-18

Tuesdays are my long run days and when I get to bitch because the weather is just too damn nice…well then I just can’t bitch can I? Hehehehe

The short summary is that I had a great run through 7.0 miles, when the heat got me a little the rest of the way and then I auditioned for America’s Funniest Videos as I attempted to start my kick turning into the home stretch at Thomas College. No serious damage, just some road rash and soreness from old body meeting hard asphalt. One of those where you look around to see how many people were clapping at your ability to look absolutely stoopid – although I will live to run again of that I am sure. ;-). Just the ego may have been permanently damaged (not really).

Yeah, the weather was absolutely gorgeous, 57* bright sunshine and a 6 mph breeze out of the South, which meant that it was my first run of 2018 that I got to run in shorts and a t-shirt — nice!!! Mary suggested that I run to Waterville to take advantage of the tailwind versus the headwind going to Augusta would have entailed. Great suggestion and since she is a lot smarter than I am, I took it.

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