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Category: marathon training

Time to Do the Work

I am a little nervous, I gotta admit since today is June 4th and my training log says it is the first day where I am actively training for a […]

Cleaning Up a Few Odds and Ends

Even with my latest set-back on the hamstring front, time marches on and I still need to get ready to start my marathon training on Monday. It seems as though […]

A Little Ray of Hope – PMT 5-29-18

PMT – Pre-Marathon Training 😉 It is was just a beautiful day outside this morning, too damn nice to be stuck doing a workout inside on the elliptical! However, it […]

Updating My Goals for 2018

2018 has been a good year so far, only one injury – a little hamstring strain that just doesn’t want to go away. However, this injury has slowed me down […]

Week in Review – 12/15/13

This week I decided to not run a marathon in 2014. You can read about my reasons here. When you add in that my Achilles just doesn’t like long runs […]

Do I Really Want to Run a Marathon

I was feeling a little off the other day and just generally, tired and beat. It was just nasty out that morning as far as the footing goes. So instead […]