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Category: Month In Review

April 2019 – Looking Back

April 2019 wasn’t the month that I expected or necessarily even wanted, but it was the month that was. Thank you for bearing with the meandering thoughts of an old […]

January 2019 – Good Month

No, I have not dropped off the face of the blogging world, it is just that my Zagg Keyboard to my iPad Pro died and I am waiting for a […]

April – A Month of Change

Yeah, April is always a month where things seem to change in my running. The weather eventually gets back to shorts and t-shirts, the snow slowly melts away and I […]

Looking Back At March 2018

March 2018, was another month where the weather was the primary focus of my running – that how to deal with last part of winter, when you are ready for […]

January – Starting Fresh

January is the start of a new year, it is a good point to begin again, make changes in our lives and see where life takes us with the changes […]

November 2017 – A Quick Look Back

November was a blur…lately it seems as though every month is a blur and probably will be for a while yet. My favorite photo this month: I am back in […]

August 2014 – What A Surprise

A much as July was a roller coaster — August was all about becoming consistent: Carrying through on a decision made Consistency Running with Bennie Favorite Photo from Augusta Decision […]

July 2014 – What A Rollercoaster

July was a roller coaster — no doubt about it, but I am encouraged about the direction my running is going and here are some of the things that I […]

April 2014 – A Month of Change

April was not a good month weather-wise or for my running, it still has been cold and nasty. So it was cold and nasty – that is just part of […]

March 2014 – Glad it is OVER

The cold, long winter finally got to me during the middle of of March. Yeah – me that guy that loves to run, had to force myself to go outside […]