Quick 5.0 and Changing Paces – RunLog 2-19-14

I am getting bad at writing up my RunLog entries on the same day lately, between watching the Olympic Recaps, Celtics on late and playing around with my new TomTom GPS watch (and reading the owner’s manual – yes I read it), I didn’t write-up yesterday’s run.

Looking up the driveway 2-19-14
Looking up the driveway 2-19-14

With everything going on, yesterday, clearing the yard, walking the dog and finishing up a post that I have thought about for months – I missed the Central Maine Striders Group run for the third run in a row.

It was just a long, busy day. Continue reading “Quick 5.0 and Changing Paces – RunLog 2-19-14”

Runner’s World Meet and Greet BBQ

Tonight was a meet and greet BBQ at The Runner’s World Offices. Usually these kind of things are something you gotta do as part of work, but tonight I was excited about going! Being a runner this is one of those places that I have dreamed about going to and having the  opportunity to meet so many of the Runner’s World Staff and also my fellow FitFluential Ambassadors in an atmosphere conducive to mingling in a relaxed atmosphere.

The ride over was noisy, with everyone introducing themselves, getting to know one another (beyond our Twitter handles or Blog Names).

Then when we got to Runner’s World we were met by Bart Yasso and David Willey

Bart Yasso telling me that I was lucky to be the only guy with the ladies tonight.

David Willey – Editor-In-Chief – Runner’s World

Amby Burfoot – figured out who I was (we did SpeedWork (I got to watch his back a lot) together at the USCGA Indoor Track back in 85 & 86) after we talked for a while.

Amby Burfoot and Golden Harper from Altra Running

Michelle (NYCRunningMama) and me.

Amanda L. (Mizz Zippy) and me

I could just keep putting more and more pictures into this post, because there were so many Runner’s World Staff and FitFluential Ambassadors that I met tonight, who were simply fantastic! It was almost like I knew so many of them after talking with them online over the past year.

The food was GREAT and I was good – I only had two Brownies and one Chocolate Chip cookie!

I also got fitted for the Altra Superior Trail Shoe and found out that they run just about a full size small for me, compared to my Instinct’s 1.0, but I know that I can’t wait to run in them, especially on some trails that I have back home.

The Altra Running staff were absolutely great and knowledgeable about their shoes and made sure that all the Ambassadors shoes fit correctly.

Overall, the night was a lot of fun, I got to meet a lot of GREAT people, and learned a lot more about Runner’s World and Altra Running. That they are all passionate about running and love to talk about it with other runners. Also they are more than just names in a magazine are fantastic people who love running as much as we do.

However, the best part is that I got to meet so many of my other FitFluential Ambassadors who I have Tweeted with online, Read their blogs and Facebook pages!

Rise ‘N Shine Race Recap–9/26/12

P9280002BRRRRRRRR! That is the first thing that entered my mind when I left the house this morning. The Forester’s outside temperature gauge said it was anywhere from 32-34 on the way into the Rise ‘N Shine Race in Augusta this morning!

I am glad that I had my long sleeve tech shirt and my gloves with me – The gloves especially! My hands get cold pretty easy and I almost always wear gloves when it is below 40. Plus it gives me someplace to put the car keys.

This is my first road race since June and I was wondering if I had improved any with my track workouts and the mileage I have been doing?

One thing that I made a promise to myself for the race this morning was that I wouldn’t kick at the end P9280001and just finish with a nice even pace! I kept my word to myself, because that seems to be when I tend to injure myself, when I get up on my toes and sprint too much.

It was one of the the hardest things for me to do, because 2 people passed me in the last 100 yards!

That hardly ever happens, but I didn’t go with them, I kept my steady pace and held tightly onto the reins.

My first mile was in 6:40, which is right where I want to be for the entire race, but the first part is down hill, so that time wasn’t quite as fast as it sounds. During the race I could feel myself slowing down a little and then when we had to come back up the hill, I lost my chance for sub 7:00 pace. I finished in 21:42 with a 7:02 final pace. Next time I hope to get under 7:00 minute pace for a 5K race!


I was surprised when I looked at the results!!! I finished 28/340 participants and 1st in my age group (55-59)! Very cool!

Overall I was extremely happy with my time and effort, which was a PR for the 5K this year, but could I have done better – Yes! Next time I need to get a little deeper into the racing zone, instead of just staying at the fringe, but that comes with racing more and knowing how far I can push myself. I really want to break that 7:00 minute per mile pace barrier. Smile



Overall winner – sorry about cutting off his head.


Women’s Winner – she raced a lot at Bond Brook trail races this summer


Race Director – Mark from Kennebec Savings Bank. The proceeds from this race benefit the Augusta YMCA, so it was a good cause and a great way to support it.


This was my first year I have run this race and I found it to be very well organized (going up to my bank teller window and getting my race packet felt strange), but it was cool. The volunteers were amazing, they were there before 6:00 A.M. and did everything they could to ensure that the runners had a great experience. So thank you very much to all the volunteers!

I even ran into a couple of neighbors who ran in the race, which was great to see and some other runners that I have gotten to know over the summer. That is the part that I am enjoying the most about running in races again, is the social side of running.

When I thought about what shoes I wanted to wear today, I really don’t have a pair of racing flats, so I went ahead and dug out my old Nike Air Flo’s that I bought back in the late 80’s and ran in them. It was kind of funny to think that I was running in a pair of shoes that were older than quite a few of the participants!

They did great! However, they are getting rather long in the tooth and I think I will look around to buy a new pair of racing flats over the next few weeks, so that I will have them for the Runner’s World 5K on 10/20/12.

Overall, it was a great race and I was very happy with how I did!

Great Photo and Nice 6.0 Miler 9/21/12


The above picture was one I took while on a short walk with Bennie on a trail about 3.0 miles from the house, it is one of the best pictures that I have ever taken Smile.

Back to the run, I wanted to run a little faster than my usual training pace today, on my hilly 5.0 mile course. The 8:10 pace was close to what I wanted, but I just petered out on the two hills on the dirt road down-back. It was less feeling bad and more loosing focus, so that is something that I really have to get better at – maintaining focus.

My splits were:

  • Shepard Road – 7:25
  • Middle Road – 12:27 (5:02)
  • M&A Repair Shop – 20:04 (7:36)
  • Blake Road – 25:59 (5:55)
  • Mile 4.0 – 32:42 (6:43)
  • My Mailbox – 41:15 (8:32)
  • Philbrick/Howard Lap 49:01 (7:45)

Mile 4.0 to My Mailbox in 8:32 was the second fastest I have run it this year, so I was happy with that even if it was one of the toughest (for me) parts of the course. Once I got back on the tar, I picked it back up again and got under 8:00.

With my running style of pushing off with my toes, I have worn through the sole of my Gravities in the very front of my left foot, now that I am through in this area, it will probably start to wear a lot faster in this area. So I am going to need to look at another pair of daily trainers.

I can either go with the Adidas or Altra’s or look a lot closer at something else.

However, the Altra’s are going to require a lot of form work on my part and I only have a month before my #RWHalf Marathon, so I don’t know if that would be a great idea right now. I really don’t want to decrease the amount or intensity of my running workouts until that is over.

The Sonics just seem a little slow to me, they are fine if I am not trying for a fast paced workout, but I am trying to get my pace up and these shoes, don’t seem to be a fast shoe for me.

Luckily, I can probably get another few weeks or more out of the Newton’s, before they start to have problems because of this wear pattern that my present running form causes. However, if I do change shoes for training, I am going to have to make a decision next week or two, so I have time to wear them for a couple of weeks before the Runner’s World Half Marathon on October 21st.

Have you looked at your shoes to see if they are going to be up to running a half, a full marathon or other major race for you, over the course of the next month or so. If you are around 300 miles on your shoes or if you have worn through the outsole someplace, you might want to look into getting another pair of shoes before your last long run or at least 2-3 weeks before your race, to get used to them before your race/event.

RunLog 9-21-12

Running At UMA in the Rain 7-1-12

P7010004Today was supposed to be a rest day, but after last Thursday’s fiasco on the trails, I had TheWife’s blessing to go get a pair of trail running shoes.

I ended up getting the Adidas Vigor – nope not a top of the line, newest and greatest running shoe or even a minimalist shoe, but I have a feeling that it will more than meet my needs.

Let’s get to it – how was the run.

I went over to the University of Maine @ Augusta, because it was pouring and the trails are not very technical (more like running groomed walking trails), except for a couple of places. If it hadn’t rained, I would have gone to Bond Brook – may later in the week.

The photos are not blurry, it looks this way because of the rain that was pouring down Winking smile.






Actually there are only a couple of places at UMA that I would hesitate about driving my Subaru through and wouldn’t  hesitate much with my truck. So it was an easy course.

I already had 50 miles in for the week, so this was to just run slow, get used to the new shoes and enjoy being on the trails. Actually, if I could have seen better (wearing glasses in the rain is a pain) it would have been a little safer and more fun. But I made it the 3.0 miles in the new shoes that I wanted to get in.

Then as soon as I got home, the sun came out – Murphy’s Law for runners Winking smile.

Here are my Nike Stats for today’s run

Nike Stats 7-1-12

Nope these are not racing flats, but the shoes protected my feet, when I purposely stepped on rocks and there were no hotspot, blisters or discomfort. So overall it was a very good first run in a new pair of trail running shoes.

RunLog 7-1-12