Fall is Here – RunLog 9-9-18

Well in the World According to Harold, this morning was the first real day of Fall. A little early aren’t we guy?

By the calendars and the equinoxes and all that blather yeah, we still have another week and a half, but this morning the low was 39*F and the first day that happens in my world after a long, hot summer – that means Fall is here. Besides the high at the house was a balmy 64*F (which I loved).

Which meant this morning I was re-introduced to a wind pants, long-sleeved tech shirt and light jacket for Bennie’s first walk. He was high-stepping and struttin. Shhhh he loves colder weather…crazy dog. Even on his long walk this morning it was still cool enough that I was quite comfortable with my t-shirt and long sleeve tech shirts on, with a pair of wind pants.

However, after that long walk for some reason or other, I just felt off and tired. So I sat and relaxed, ate a nice lunch and took a nap. After all that I started feeling a little better, so I decided to mow the road frontage, which took just about 2 hours. I wished that I had run then, instead of mowing, but from what I can see, I will only have to do it once, maybe twice more this year.

Then I relaxed for a bit, while Mary tried out her new Pegasus 34’s. She went down-back and liked them, except for a little off feeling in the heel, but thinks it will wear in and be fine once she gets them broke in.

I started a bit after her and just went slowly, then when I met her down on Blake Hill, I decided that I would turnaround and run with her until she finished. We gabbed about this and that, and just ran together, something that we do not do all that often, but is nice when we do.

After Mary finished running, I picked up the pace a bit and ran a little progression run for the last half of the run. My final lap, I did pick up the pace a little more and the hamstring didn’t bother at all. Although my feet seemed to bother quite a bit today in the Grasse Roads. I am not sure what is up with that, but it wasn’t an enjoyable sensation. Not that it slowed me down all that much, but it was distracting.

It wasn’t all that great a run, but I got it done and wonder why I was feeling off this morning and even right now. Not sure what is going on, but sometimes it is just as simple as the weather change or even the pollen levels that can cause me to feel a little under the weather.

At least I got my run in and made 20 miles for the week.

Quarry Road 3K

Running Log — 8/28/18

I am going to try something a little different going forward. I like my written log because it has certain fields that I need to fill out every day, which provides a bit of consistency to what information I record. Between it and my spreadsheet log, I capture a lot of data, but I have to go back and forth between the two, plus the blog to get a total picture of the run. So I wanted to get the data in one place.

Today was the first time I have a run a double in a long time. This morning’s 4.0 miler was as comfortable as I could make it in the heat and humidity and then tonight well I guess you could say that I ran 3 times, but the warm-up data I just added to the spreadsheet and called it good.

Tonight was the final race of the Quarry Road Trail Race series and I was leading the 60+ division, so I thought I might have a pretty good shot at the age group overall standings. Otherwise I probably would not have gone due to the weather. The heat 88*F at the start of the race and the high humidity were at points that I really am not comfortable at racing in.

Pre-race photo – we had a bunch of high school and college cross country runners show up in addition to the regulars. They flew.

Unfortunately, my head really was not into racing, I kept wavering back and forth between simply running, running hard and racing tonight. Not really where I need to be before a race.

It showed when I finished the race.

When I started I went out conservatively, not too fast and slowed down from there. I did pretty good on the flat section by the river, but when I got over to the bumps, my heart rate shot up way too much, at which time I purposely shut down thinking about doing anything faster.

Unfortunately, I slowed down way too much.

When Julie flew by me, I didn’t even attempt to go with her. I really wanted to finish ahead of her tonight, but it wasn’t to be. The body and brain just wasn’t going to do it today in those conditions. So I went zero for Quarry Road this summer against Julie, so my hat goes off to her. She is a tougher runner than I am right now. Gotta work on that for next year. 🙂

I never stopped running, but I felt as thought I was going just about as hard as I could in the conditions, which is all I can do. So while I was disappointed with my time, I was not disappointed with the effort I gave.

I did win my Age Group for the Summer series and will proudly put my rock on the dresser. A very nice and unique trophy

The Reebok Floatride RunFasts did great on the groomed trails at Quarry Road, they are a little dirtier than the bright white they were when they were new, but they have been run in all the conditions I typically run (except for the treadmill) and have done well.

Distance: 4.07

Run Time: 36:41

Pace: 9:01

Weight: 161

Day: Tuesday

Time of Day: 10:20a

Intensity (1-10)

Course: Town Office O/B & HC

Where: Sidney


Weather: Hot & Humid

Temp: 79*F

Winds: 5 – W


Gr | VG | Go | F | P | VB


Reebok FloatRide RunFast

Shoe Miles: 46.52


Week Total: 11.1

Month Total: 135.11

Year to Date: 1097.81

RUN #2 –

Distance: 2.10

Run Time: 18:30

Pace: 8:49

Day: Tuesday

Time of Day: 6:03p

Intensity (1-10)

Course: Quarry Road 3K Trail Race

Where: Waterville


Weather: Hot & Humid

Temp: 88*F

Winds: 7 – N


Gr | VG | Go | F | P | VB


Reebok FloatRide RunFast

Shoe Miles: 49.67


Week Total: 14.2

Month Total: 138.26

Year to Date: 1100.96


Run #1

#1: 8:43

#2: 8:48

#3: 9:15

#4: 9:25

Run #2

#1: 8:13

#2: 9:34

Run Notes:

Run #1 —

It was one of those hot/humid muggy mess kind of days. I started out slowly and each split got slower. The shirt when I got done looked like I had gone swimming, but at least there was a little breeze and the clouds came around and blocked the sunshine, otherwise it would have been unbearable. As it was I had a tough time coming back up the hills, but made them.

Something that I do want to work on is loosing my negativity about running up hills that I seemed to have gained over the past few years. Yes, they are harder to run up as I get older, but I know that I am still a good hill runner when I set my mind to it. Chakka Shok, Chakka Cor – from the Mithgarian Dwarves. 😉

As for the RunFasts changing out the insole seemed to have did the trick. They did not bother my right forefoot at all during the run and felt just fine going at the slower speeds. Now to get back to a rotation to get them back to being my go faster shoes, although I do know that I can do any run that I do in them.

The Quarry Road Trail 3K is tonight, so that will be hot and interesting since the temps are supposed to be in the 90’s with high arse humidity.

Aches and Pains:

Surprisingly the right hip felt the best it has in a long time this morning. It might be helping that I am trying to be a little more consistent with my post-run stuff and doing a quick weight-lifting session in the mornings after walking Bennie.

Life Notes:

A pretty good day for just sitting around and relaxing for a change, it was too hot to do much outside.

Food Log:





Black Coffee

Green Tea

Iced Coffee

3 handfuls dry roasted peanuts


Leftover Venison Stew

Chicken/Stuffing hot dish

Veggies & Dip at race

English Muffin w/peanut and apple butter

Ciabatta Bread to soak up the juice

Corn on the cob

Turkey sandwich meat 4 slices



Veggies & Dip



Corn Chips



Green Apple

Friends on the 4th 5K Race Recap – 7-4-18


Yes, it was freakin hot!

Okay, it is better than having to clean up after a snow storm and you get by with wearing a LOT less clothes, but this kind of hot does affect how I run. Enough whining Harold, get back to the race.

After all the conditions – they are what they are.

I registered last Friday for the annual Friends on the 4th 5K race and never got all that worked up about it beforehand. I thought about it a couple of times, but didn’t loose any sleep over how I was gonna do or think about not going. I treated it more like just another Quarry Road race. 🙂

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UMA Trails 5K – Race Recap 5-6-18

That was a learning experience. I might be in decent road running shape, but I am definitely not in trail running shape and that includes a well groomed trail racing course. This morning’s groomed trail race at the University of Maine Augusta proved that without any question.

Let’s get to the race.

A couple of Striders finishing up…I didn’t get too many photos of the race today, so this one is perfect.

This is a small local trail race over at the University where I used to work. So I got to see a few familiar faces. To be honest I prefer the low-key local races much more than bigger running events, things just seem friendlier and while we run hard there are not crowds of people all around.

I know the UMA trails pretty well and even did the loop before the race as a warm-up. After running that warm-up lap, I changed my prediction to being happy if I broke 9:00 pace for the 5K. It seems I had forgotten how the “little” bumps on the UMA trail upper loop take it out of me.

Brendan did a fantastic job on getting the trails ready for the race, they were in great shape, better than I have ever seen them and the course was well marked. This was going to be two laps of the upper section of the trails and as much as I usually like running the UMA trails, one lap up on top, is more than enough.

Your body remembers what you did that first lap and you know know that you gotta do it again.

At the start I thought about going out with the front pack, because they were not going all that fast, but I also knew that if I did that I would suffer more than necessary on the second lap, so I stayed conservative. However, going down the first downhill, I could hear a couple of runners getting ready to pass me, and out of the corner of my eye, I saw a pair of sneakers that looked pretty familiar, so I sped up going back up the that next bump.

I think those two runners stayed right (they pushed me to do better than I would have otherwise) with me right until the big hill coming back out of the woods – I don’t know for sure. I don’t look behind me during a race most of the time, especially when I can hear someone back there. It was something that my old Cross Country coach hammered into our heads – don’t ever look back on trails to see what is going on behind you or you will eat dirt and give blood. Of course I learned the hard way and since then, I don’t look back on trails.

Somewhere between the hill and the before the first downhill on the second lap, I got a bit ahead of them, because I saw the shoes again coming the other way around the corner.

However, I did see another runner up ahead who seemed to be struggling a bit, so I focused on his back and while I got close a couple of times, he always seemed to have just enough to hold me off. When we got to the tar, we both picked up the pace a bit and while I closed the gap, the old legs didn’t have enough to pass him in the home stretch and he beat me by a couple of steps.

I somehow managed to get under a 9:00 minute pace for the race and while my GPS watch claimed it was only 3.0 not 3.1, I tend to trust Brendan’s measurements than the GPS.

It was pretty happy with my effort level and knew beforehand that my time wouldn’t be great, there is just something about running on trails that I don’t run nearly as fast and tend to just run. Sometimes I think it has something to do with the idea that I am more focused on running safely, that running not to fall, than I am on running hard. I do not have that old daring-do that good trail runners have, especially when bombing down hills.

I have become too concerned with the idea that I don’t bounce nearly as well as I used to…yeah I am getting old.

The other thing was that I decided to use my Zealot 3’s versus my Green Silence racing shoes or Boco Sol trail shoes, since the course was either all groomed trail or tar. I didn’t need the extra grip of the trail shoes, but I needed a little more grip than the Green Silence have. The Zealots fell right into that sweet spot lighter than the Boco Sols and better grip than the Green Silence. Saucony’s outsole is a nice multi-purpose outsole and the cushioning was such that in the one sort of rocky downhill area it didn’t slow me down any. They worked well for what I wanted from my running shoes today.

A really good day and Brendan and the volunteers all did a great job today.

Although I did learn that I need to do more trail running to get myself in better shape, maybe getting to the trails on Thursdays should be a regular part of my routine now that most of them are open. The Quarry Road and Bond Brook trail running series will be happening in a month, so I do need to get ready for them too.

Unity College 5K Recap – 4-21-18

Hey, I raced 🙂

The short version. I finished in the window that I expected (22:00 to 24:00), the Brooks Green Silence running shoes did fantastic, nothing broke and I got to talk running with a bunch of other runners. I even wore my Central Maine Striders’ colors and might have squeezed in an age group thingy-ma-jingy.

So yeah, I went, had fun and did alright.

Now for the nitty gritty of the recap.

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