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Category: Racing

Turning 55 and a Race Registration

As part of my effort to race more, I went to the Doc and Mardie Brown 5K online race registration page this morning to pre-register for the August 11th race […]

Lee Sementelli Joseph’s 5K Photos Link

Here are some more photographs from this morning’s Joseph’s 24th Annual 5K taken by Lee Sementelli Photography, if you would like to see more of today’s photos click Lee’s link […]

Joseph’s 24th Annual 5K Road Race

BRRRRRRRR!!!!!!! That is the word of the day, for the end of April Mid 30’s and 20 mph winds made for a cold race this morning. Otherwise I loved the […]

Why Run a Marathon?

Something that has bothered me a bit since I have returned to running is the emphasis that seems to be placed on running certain distances. The one that comes to […]