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Category: Reflection

Mid-Year Review – June 2019

Since this is the half-way point of 2019, I get look at how my running has gone so far this year. During January through the end of May, my running […]

A Bittersweet Kind of Day

This post has nothing to do with running. It is more about the reminiscing and meandering thoughts of a Dad, who doesn’t know when the next time he will see […]

AOM Writing Prompt #2a – Conformity

Art of Manliness Self-Sufficiency Writing Prompt challenge #2. I am going to adapt the writing prompts by changing the self-sufficiency idea that these prompts were based, to address my own questions or […]

Goals for 2018 – How Did I Do?

2018 has been quite a good year for me. One thing I believe that every runner should do between Christmas and New Year’s is go back and read their running […]

Making the Choice to Be Healthier

At times you have to stop and think about where you are, where you have been and probably most importantly what direction you think is the best direction moving forward. […]

A Bad Day and a Good Run

Some days are better than others and today was one of those days where the running was great, but some other thing were…well to be honest kinda shitty. A couple […]

The Year in Running Shoes – 2018

This has been a really strange year for me with regard to running shoes. After saying at the start of it that I would reduce the number of shoes that […]

Adidas Tempo 9 – 50 Mile Review

Every once in a while there is a shoe style that you have been looking at for several model versions. You have picked them up and looked at the style […]

A Run Down-Back in Tempo 9s

Well there, it warmed up just a bit today and the winds died down to reasonable levels and after a couple of days of record breaking cold temperatures it almost […]