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Category: RunLog

You Gotta Show Up – RunLog 5-19-19

Congratulations to all those runners who competed and/or completed their race at Sugarloaf this morning. No, I didn’t go, I am still in my non-racing funk, but I knew more […]

Track Tuesday – RunLog 5/7/19

Okay, bear with me whilst you listen to the old fart whine, piss and moan about my track workout this morning. The good news is that I did it, the […]

Good Long Run – RunLog 5/5/19

Ahh, the weekly long run…I finally got one in after a few too many weeks away from it. This morning’s run was kind of up in the air until the […]

Rainy Easter Run -RunLog 4/21/19

Happy Easter and I hope the Bunny was kind to you this morning. The photos of the grandkids were great and made me wish that I could have been there […]