A Tough Speedwork Session – RunLog 4-30-19

I am back on the Hansons Method Half Marathon training plan, so Tuesdays are a harder effort speed training session on the treadmill because I can better control the effort levels or at least the speed. Although it was not one of those where you puke and need to lay down after each repeat, one where you can do the work and still remain upright after you get done.

Today I was planning on doing 12 x .25 @ my 5K race, but once I got going on the first quarter, I was feeling fairly good and decided to go for a half-mile to make things easier to keep track of. However, once I got to the half-mile point, I was still feeling a bit too good, so I decided to go for the full mile at race pace.

I made it.

After that, I was good and did 8 x .25 to get the 3.0 miles of harder running in that I want to do for my speedwork sessions. Although I was a bit froggy with the last quarter and did it closer to my dream goal 5K pace than I should be at this point in training.

Oh yeah, once I got done with the harder repeats, I still had a mile left before I got to 7.0 miles. Which meant that I had a choice, either finish up at a nice recovery pace or do some more speed stuff.

Of course, if you know me at all, the speed stuff won out.

I did 5 x .1 for strides at a faster for me pace. On the last one, I may or may not have run it at my all-time 5K PR pace and no, I could not run that pace for all that long, without coughing out a lung or becoming a splat spot on the wall, in back of the treadmill.

You know that test where you throw spaghetti against the wall to see if it is done…if I splat against that concrete wall off the treadmill at that speed, I am pretty damn sure that I would be done forever.


I did get to test out the Nike Zoom Fly on the treadmill at race speeds and they did great. I do have a feeling that I will need to use some different socks with them though. The bottom of the feet didn’t feel quite the way I want so I will be experimenting a little to see which ones work the best. It is amazing to me how different a pair of socks can make my shoes feel to run in.

Overall a really good run and while I didn’t follow the plan exactly, I did what I wanted, which is to work on running a bit longer at speed, my biggest weakness.

Going Backwards to Go Forward – RunLog 4-29-19

The sun was out!!!

However, last night I decided to go back to the Hansons Half-Marathon Method as my basic running plan. Which means that I am picking it back up where the speed work starts – I think that is about Week 6.

No, I am not planning on running in any Half Marathons, I just like the plan and it tends to keep me on track,Β  but most of all it gives me some guide rails to stay inside of. In other words, I don’t attempt to go speed crazy or too stoopid on this plan. I am in this running thing for the long haul and this plan seems to be about where I am now in my running life.Β 

Not super fast, but still able to put one step in front of the other fairly well.

Even though down-back is passable, people are still needing tow trucks to get all the way through if you don’t have a larger 4WD vehicle. As we saw when we took Bennie and Hunter on their walk down there this morning. She had a long wait for the wrecker to come to pull her out – they hate having to play in the mud.


Yep, she was stuck up to the frame. She chose the wrong line and I imagine that the bill was going to be pretty expensive. Mary said she saw her driving down the road about an hour later.

So I planned to go to Planet Fitness and run from there. I needed something at Dick’s and figured that I would get some weights and stretching done after running – outside of course.

While I was changing in the locker room, Mike one of the guys I have gotten to know a bit this winter, asked if I was running outside and said if he had a long sleeve shirt he would go with me. Well, guess what. I had an extra long sleeve shirt in my gym bag and offered it up.

We both chuckled and he did take the shirt.

I don’t get to run with people very often and I wasn’t going to pass up an opportunity to run with someone who is faster than me. Then he said it was too bad we would be leaving before Jon (another faster runner I talk to a lot at PF, who is coming off knee surgery) got there, because he would probably love to run with us. He texted Jon, who said he could be there in 10 minutes.

Of course, we waited.

I did my pre-run routine while we waited.

Mike and I agreed on doing about 4.0 miles and Jon planned on about 2.0 miles. It was actually fun to be running with other people. We talked and introduced ourselves. Mike and Jon have been running at lunchtime for a couple of years, so I told them a bit about myself and they gave me the scoop on who they were.

A lot of experience and varied backgrounds between the three of us.

The run was a nice one where I didn’t really pay attention to the pace and it seemed to ebb and flow naturally over the course of the run. I was paying more attention to what they were talking about than about how I was feeling.

Annotation 2019-04-29 190109

Although that last hill, I think that Mike and I might have picked up the pace a little more than we expected.

Overall, a very enjoyable run and I hope it is the first of many. It did feel good to run with others, especially when I know they are faster than me. It might make me think about a couple things a bit more seriously, but mostly I think it is great for me to get out of my loner mentality and do a bit more with other people.

I am actually pretty social and enjoy being around people…well at least in small amounts. πŸ˜‰

Oh, the reason I went to Dick’s I wanted to get a pair of Nathan Lock Laces for the Karhu Ikoni, since all the ones I had at home were too short. The stock laces are ones that I tend to have an issue with and can never get them a consistent snugness, so I usually do change the shoes that have those lace out for Lock Laces of some sort.


Once I put in the new laces, they felt fine and on the run, I didn’t think about them, other than how comfortable they were. Which is what I want from my shoes. Now I just need to trim those lace so I don’t have them looped around several times.

It was a pretty good day, I did a few of the outside projects that I could do with the 15-20 mph breeze and looking back, I did enjoy my run today more than I usually do, a very good thing.

Running After The Rains – RunLog 4-27-19

The rains have continued…

Yeah, it was pretty nasty overnight and this morning I saw standing water in places I have never seen before. Not really a good thing, but the way it is.

Initially, I was going to go to the gym and put in more time on the treadmill. However, after we got done walking Bennie the rains eased up and I was able to get a run in between the raindrops. The breeze was still blowing a bit, but nothing totally stoopid, so I was happy to be outside.

The roads were still a bit wet, but I am finding that the outsole on the Epic React v1s works just fine on wet tar and even has a decent grip on the sandy crap that is on most roads in the area – after this long winter.

About the run itself, I purposely wanted to go slower and didn’t push the pace. I did focus on lifting my knees coming back up Philbrick Hill and tied my fastest time coming up that thing, without actually attempting to push the pace. Who knows maybe I am getting in a little better shape than I have for a while.

It was just another good 4 plus mile run. Something that I want to keep doing for a long time.

Running Down South – RunLog 4-24-19

Road Trip Day!!!

I head South (below Portland) a couple of times a year, to shop, have a nice lunch, but it is to mainly to run and talk with Sam W about running shoes and whatever else is going on.

It seems that many of the times that I make this trip that the weather makes me scratch my head and wonder what the run is going to be like. Then usually by the time I get to New Hampshire the weather clears enough to enjoy the run. Today was no different.

By the time I got there, the rain had stopped,the breeze had calmed down to nice levels and was just about perfect for a really great run.

It was great to talk with Sam and the 6.0 mile run went by way too fast. The conversations were wide-ranging and remembering them makes me smile when I think back to the run.


Photo by Sam Winebaum – Road, Trail, Run of an old Coastie, with a couple of U.S. Coast Guard Cutters in the background, which brings back a few memories of days long past for me.


We were geeking out a bit on some photography on this little bridge with a great view in the background.

While I really enjoy the run and scenic area that we run – The New Castle, NH loop, the conversation and Sam’s company is what I enjoy the most. I always learn a lot and come home with ideas that I can use to help improve my running after talking with Sam.

Although when we finished the sun came out and the temps were starting to climb to where I was very comfortable in a short sleeve t-shirt. Just wait a bit up here and the weather will change.

On the way back home, I did stop at the Nike Outlet Store in Kittery and looked really closely at a pair of Zoom Fly v1, but they were just a little too big in a 9.5 and the price seemed too much for what they are.


especially when the same shoe in a different colorway was $30.00 less, although in a larger size. When I pointed it out to a store employee, he just blew me off and asked “if I had any other questions”.

At that point, I decided that I probably didn’t need the shoes – all that much.

It was a really good day and after supper I might have ordered a pair of Zoom Fly Flyknits for a price better than the Outlet store’s price for v1, so it was a good thing that I didn’t get the ones down there. Sometimes stuff happens for a reason.

The reality is that

I do enjoy these South trips and look forward to them quite a bit. Next time I hope that the weather is better for the trip down, but it hasn’t stopped me yet. πŸ˜‰

A fun day and yes, I am still smiling.

Rainy Easter Run -RunLog 4/21/19

Happy Easter and I hope the Bunny was kind to you this morning. The photos of the grandkids were great and made me wish that I could have been there to watch and listen to them.


Well, the rain showers are still with us today.


However, this is the kind of light rain that I actually enjoy running in. You know the 50*F, just past a mist, but not quite a steady rain, with a hint of a breeze. The 100% humidity was a bit tougher, but everything worked itself out.

The roads were wet, but the Epic Reacts did just fine on the wet pavement and leftover sand from last winter. Although I did get a bit of road gunk on the toes for some reason or other. I wonder how my running form in these shoes causes this, because I have noticed this on some other rainy day runs in the Epic Reacts as well.


Today the plan called for a long run, but with everything going on, getting time in for 5.0 was going to have to be good enough.

I started out easy and ran comfortably until the bright blue box at the end of Pepin called my name very loudly and I had to stop and visit for a couple of minutes. After that quick break, I continued at a very comfortable pace until I got to Philbrick Hill.

I did push the effort a bit harder going up the hill and got a 2nd fastest segment, which really surprised me. It was not so much that I worked harder, it was more me working on my stride. That lifting up my knees going uphill, versus my usual old-man shuffle.

After that, I just ran and did what the body felt like doing ending up with 5.4 miles at a faster than I expected pace.

Overall, a nice run and a good way to end a challenging week.

Interesting New Dance – RunLog 4-20-19

That nobody else got to enjoy.

Whew that could have been really, really interesting or bad for my fragile ego, if anyone had gotten that one on video. Luckily no cameras were there and the only one who got to enjoy my wonderful dance moves was the squirrel that headed for the hills when all hell broke loose or a better description would be when I got a little foot loose.

Anyway more on that later, over 7.0 miles in the books this morning. However, when I first looked at my weather I wasn’t all that sure about how/when I was going to get them in.


The temps were great low 60’s in the forecast, but it was the heavy rains that were my main concern along with those red and yellow areas on the weather radar. You know those red and yellow warning things that have the bad juju, bright lights and loud noises when running outside – I don’t my gray hair any curlier than it already gets in 100% humidity. Luckily none of that stuff has happened so far – Bennie is the happier because of it.


I was able to avoid most of the rain on Bennie’s 2.0 mile walk down-back. Yeah, we walked down-back, once we got by where the locals have been mud running with their 4WD vehicles, the road was in a LOT better shape than I thought it would be. Which meant that I didn’t have to drive into town to get my longer run in today.

Hip Hip Hoorah

Yeah, I was able to pick my way through the mud run area and then weave around the puddles and soft spots to get over to Tiffany Road. I gotta admit I was fairly slow going through down-back in both directions, but at least it is now passable.


Today was all about a comfortable effort and not about the pace. I didn’t bother looking at the Garmin during the run because I didn’t really care what it said. Going out I felt really strong and having the wind at my back made things fairly warmish, but nice.

The bad thing about a 10mph tailwind is that when you are doing an out and back course that that nice feeling breeze at your back, suddenly becomes a F*&%ing 10-15 mph headwind and beats the shit out of your effort levels. hehehee oh well, I knew what direction the wind was blowing when I started, so I have no one to blame but me.

Yeah, coming back from Goodhue was a bit of struggle in places with that “wonderful” breeze in my face, but once I accepted my fate and stopped struggling as hard to maintain that wonderfully easy pace I had been doing on the way out, the run wasn’t all that bad.

Annotation 2019-04-20 150218

No negative splits today that is for sure.

The Nike Epic React FK’s did just fine on the wet tar and dirt.

They are NOT mud runners!!!

Getting back to some serious dance moves, when I did get into a bit of mud in one soft area. Yeah, I almost ended up face-first, then arse first, when my foot slid through on the landing. Nothing serious, but I could have done some serious mud flogging around if I hadn’t been amazingly graceful on my feet – I did some simply brilliant dance maneuvers that would have been great for an audition on So You Think You Dance. Okay it was a LOT closer to one of those America’s Funniest Video moments – that luckily no one was around to document and I know there are no security cameras there to capture the moment either.

Oh well, after I got myself back on more solid footing, I waved the sweat off my brow, smiled that smile you get when you just avoided being covered in mud, muck and I really don’t want to know what else – then got to continue running.

Althought the left hammie did seem a bit more talkative after that encounter of the almost muddy kind. Nothing serious and a bit of foam rolling will be in order this afternoon.

Longest run yet in the Epic Reacts and they are doing better than I expected them to.

When I was finishing up the rains came for a minute and as I write this post, the rains are coming down like a cow pissing on a flat rock, so the rains are hanging around pretty good this afternoon. Which means not much outside work is being done and the rest of the day is going to be pretty relaxing.

A pretty good run and I can say that I am glad that I somehow avoided my mud bath this morning.

The other thing is that I suck at dancing. πŸ™‚

Nope I will not take the Epic Reacts on too many trails either.

Did Exactly What I Planned – RunLog 4/17/19

Can you believe that title – me doing a workout exactly as planned!!!

Yeah, I did an easy 5K and didn’t attempt to push the pace.

Other than that I got my weight lifting in by moving…well dragging the downed trees from where they were cut down yesterday to their final resting place.

Other than that, I got nothing, but have a great night and keep smiling. πŸ™‚


Watching Boston & A Good Run – RunLog 4/15/19

Congratulations to all those who ran Boston – you done good. Your time or place doesn’t really matter, the magic is that you got to run Boston. You trained hard, showed up this morning and ran – that is what was and is important.

Showing up.

Several people I know ran it today (Sam, Ron, Julie, Susan, and so many others. However, I did watch the race live and enjoyed it, but the stories of the non-elite runners are to me the important part of Boston.

No I didn’t run Boston. In my mind, there is around a 90% probability that I will never run it and that is okay, my priorities have changed and I am at peace with my choices.Β 

Instead, I ran outside on my test course this morning while the elites were running their race. I wanted to see how the Epic Reacts did on this course. Now I ran a pretty quick for me 10K in them yesterday, so I wasn’t going for any world records or anything.


Things started out pretty easy. It was wet and raining lightly when I ran, so I got to check out the grip on wet roads – good. Then once I got going down the hill, mmmm I might have accidentally picked up the pace a bit. Then when I got to the end of the first mile, I wanted to see whether the ER1s were going to put me in the ER. πŸ˜‰

I know bad pun.

Anyway, I picked up the pace a little and other than a slow turn-around at the bottom of Pepin, I ran mile 2 at what I would consider my race pace. I was pretty surprised at how much I didn’t think about my shoes and just ran.

Isn’t that what you are supposed to do?

Strava Graph 4-15-19

Yeah, I have been lucky with the last 3-4 pair of runnings that I have had that kind of experience, but today, I didn’t feel like I was working as hard to hit that pace. It could not have been the new shoes and must have been that I was psyched about watching the start of the marathon that got me a little more motivated.

Yeah, that’s it!

Although I gotta admit that when I looked at the Milestone App results that having 5% of my run being on “my toes” has not happened before in all the months I have had had the Milestone Pod.


When I got to the 2.0-mile point, I purposely shut it down. I don’t need a fast for me run two days in a row. A quick mile is one thing, but running hard uphill to finish the run wasn’t something I wanted to do today.

So instead I slowed way down and then slogged up the hill. I did pick it up a little again after that, but I caught up to Mary and finished up with her.


A really good run and the Epic Reacts are doing exactly what I want.


Although my left shoe does have a small crease in the tongue area. It doesn’t affect me during the run, but to get the fit I want, it might be that the 8.5s are just a slight bit too big.

I gotta admit I am liking them just a little.

Not the Run I Expected – RunLog 4/14/19

WoW!!! I got to run outside in SHORT & a T-SHIRT for the first time in 2019.

Yippeee Kayaaa and all that other balderdash. No, I didn’t watch anyone drive into the ditch because they were blinded by the legs and arms shining so brightly in the sunshine this morning. πŸ˜‰

Yeah, it was in the mid-50s, with some pretty nice sunshine outside this morning.

However, after taking the last three days off, I didn’t feel like battling the hill around the house, so I headed into Augusta to run over by the DMV. I figured I would get in 5-6 miles and check out some new running shoes.

Yeah, I took three days off from running! On Thursday morning I woke up and my left calf felt as though it had a golf ball sitting in it. Not a great feeling to say the least and even when I foam rolled, stretched, walked and all those other things that I do when I get this. I decided to not run and see how things went. Unfortunately, around noon time I started to feel like crap.

So the no run decision was a good one, Friday was more of the same, but around Bennie’s last walk my calf finally released and I fought off whatever low-level crap thing was attempting to ruin my day.

Saturday was our Wedding Anniversary – 17 years with Mary and I can’t imagine those years being any better with anyone else. Mary quite simply is the love of my life and I am a better person with her in my life. She keeps me grounded and doesn’t let me get off on too many tangents – not that I would ever do that.

Walking around Back cove 4-13-19

We did go to Portland, walked around Back Cove, did some shopping, ate out and just spent the day together.

Trader Joe 4-13-19

Although we did wander over to Fleet Feet and I got to look at some running shoes. Yeah, I look at running shoes on my Anniversary – well it is part of who I am. πŸ˜‰

While I didn’t get any there, I came really close to getting a pair of Karhu Ikoni, but the green colorway was fugly and while colorways usually don’t bother me, to buy a pair of shoes at full-price they have to be shoes I love. I didn’t love them that much.

After eating supper in Falmouth, we headed north to Freeport and I stopped at the Nike Outlet store. They had a pair of Nike Pegasus Turbos and a bunch of fugly colorway Epic React FlyKnits in my size. A very quick no on the fit of the Turbos – they just didn’t feel good on my feet.

Annotation 2019-04-14 205307

However, the Epic Reacts felt good. The one thing that had always stopped me is the conflicting reviews of the toe box and polar opposites so many of the reviews have been about the V1 of this shoe model. When I put on the size 8.5s they just felt really comfortable, the only thing that I didn’t like was how finicky they were on the lacing and tieing.

After thinking about it and at the price point, I decided why not and they came home with me.

Nike Epic React Weigh-in 4-14-19

This morning when I weighed them I was pleasantly surprised at the 7.3/7.4 ounce weight of the shoes. Light with a lot of cushioning is right where I like things. They also seemed to change color overnight, moving from a dark gray to a purplish sort of yech color. Not really a fan, but I will learn to live with it. It must have been the lights in the store that fooled us both.

How did the first run go?

Epic React 4-14-19

Initially, I figured that it would be an easy 5-6 mile run since I hadn’t run since Wednesday and really over-ate way too much yesterday. At least that was my intention when I started out.

Once I got going, they were just so damn easy to pick up the pace, without pushing the effort levels really hard. I didn’t push the effort into race pace kind of work, but I was moving right along for the whole 10K run.

Stava graph 4-14-19

I did have to stop once to adjust the lacing/snugness on the left foot and probably should have done the right foot at the same time but didn’t. I still have to get the right snugness for me with the Epic Reacts, but otherwise, I am impressed with how well I ran in them for the distance and didn’t end up with any hotspots or other glaring things that I didn’t like.

A very good first run in the Epic React v1s and even though I wasn’t crazy about the colorway, the price was right and it is a running shoe that checks off the boxes I look for in a running shoe pretty much box for box.

All I can say is that I probably needed the days off more than I thought and between the calf and feeling like crap. Then having a great anniversary day out with Mary, just made for a great weekend.

For everyone running Boston tomorrow, trust your training, go out conservatively and finish hard. I will be watching after I do my much shorter run.

Repeat Tuesday – Back to Normal – RunLog 4/9/19

Okay, so my attempt at changing up when I do my workouts is now officially over.

I realized this morning while out snow scooping the yard from yesterday’s 5-6″ inches of white shite, that there was no way I was going to do a set of longer tempo paced runs after I got done moving snow, that I had planned on today.

scooped driveway 4-9-19

Then I got to thinking about how well my training went with the Hansons Half Method and how I really am into training, but not into racing.

So in the interests of accepting reality, I went back to my old schedule.

There is just something right about doing hard repeats on Tuesdays and long runs on Sunday, with another hard workout day if the body is up to it on Thursdays. The Thursday session has to be optional and dependent on my fatigue level. While I understand the principle of accumulated fatigue and its importance in a training cycle.

At this point in my life, even at the young age of 61, getting too deep into the fatigue cycle just doesn’t work as well for me as it does for a younger runner. To be honest I do not recover from a hard workout the same and it does affect how long I can do a hard training cycle before it becomes too much and I have to back off to let the body recover a little before getting back after it.

So after playing with the snowscoop, I ate lunch, took a nap and thought about what I really needed to do versus what I wanted to do. Yeah, there is a difference.

Then I headed for the gym to do faster repeats on the treadmill.

How did it go?

Better than I thought it would. I knew even though I was tired that I could do this workout, that confidence thing, which is a big deal for me.

Annotation 2019-04-09 192846

  • 6 x .50 @ 8.6 mph
  • 3 x .10 @ 9.1 mph or faster
  • 1 x .20 @ 9.6 mph
  • all recoveries were at 6.2 mph

All-in-all it was a really good workout! I was able to do all six of the repeats without any real difficulty, other than getting the last tenth done on the last two repeats. By that time I just want to get things over with more than anything. However, it did surprise me that I was able to maintain the pace this well after playing with the snow earlier this morning.

When I finished the planned repeats, I wanted to do a little more, but at the same time, I wanted to limit my miles to 6.2, which meant that I did strides and didn’t do the cool-down mile that I want to do after most of my runs. I still did my usual .3 mile walk after the run which I really believe helps me feel better after a run versus just stopping.

Overall, it was a really good run and happy with how I felt running faster.

At some point, I will get outside this Spring in shorts and t-shirt, but just not this week it seems.