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Category: RunLog

A Great Eight – RunLog 3-10-17

I took today off work and it was simply mahvelous. The day started off early, but it was relaxing and I did get a few things done around the house […]

Hey, I Did It!

I did something that I am not all that great at…I voluntarily took a day off from running!!! On Wednesday, I did a tough (for me) double workout, that included […]

Treadmill – RunLog 3-7-17

After yesterday’s double, today’s run was a planned easy one. That planning thing is usually is a recipe for me going out and doing some sort of Harold being Harold […]

RunLog 3-6-17 A Really Good Day

Two runs today! The winds have subsided…well mostly, but even so it was still a northerly breeze and the temps this morning still a bit chilly. Run #1 Mary graciously […]

Week In Review – 3/5/17

I changed back to WordPress last year because I didn’t want to simply focus on running all the time and guess what…it still seems like that all I publish lately […]