Treadmill Long Run – RunLog 2-13-18

After staying up too late watching the Olympics last night, I was a bit groggy and really didn’t feel like getting moving first thing this morning. Unfortunately, Mary is very much a morning, get up and get too it type of person, which means that I don’t get to laze around in bed – it has to be made first thing ;-).

That 2*F that the thermometer said was going on outside was a LOT colder than the weather forecast had claimed and when Bennie and I did his first walk. Well, it definitely felt like 2*F, luckily there was not a lot of wind.

It almost seems that at times Mother Nature is out to slow me up and make me run on the treadmill yet again. Now I know that is not reality, the weather is the weather and it is not attempting to thwart some lowly human’s attempts to run outside, but…it sure does seem that way sometimes.

Oh well this morning it was back in the single-digits and even after waiting until Bennie’s walk was done it hadn’t warmed up enough to get into my long run safe zone. Which meant yep – more treadmill time.

Tuesday’s are now my long run days. Which really seems to work a lot better with my schedule and it gives me Monday and Wednesday as days that I can use if for some reason Tuesday will not (that weather stuff or life getting in the way kind of thing).

So I got on the treadmill, set it too 6.8 mph and ran. Yes, I had my music play list going and also was watching the history channel – kind of a history of the world type of show, which I find rather interesting – being a former history teacher.

About 5.0 miles in the old body decided that it was going to need one of those bathroom breaks and although I made it to 6.0 miles, it was a bit of a dash to the men’s locker room. Then I came back out and resumed running.

Although it was a lot harder to begin again at this point and mentally I had to fight the rest of the way to get to 9.0 miles and then just gave up on attempting to get that last one. 9.0 miles on the treadmill is hard enough for me and hopefully the long runs outside will not be nearly as difficult to keep focused and moving forward.

Overall, a pretty good run where I kept up a nice and steady 6.8 mph speed up and even did a pretty good kick to finish up the 9.0 miles.

Still I would rather have done it outside, but soon I will be out there. The day’s are getting longer and the temps are getting a bit better.

Ice Means Treadmill Time – RunLog 2-12-18

Unnnggghhh yeah, a very nice film of ice on the roads this morning – no thank you. Walking first thing this morning was interesting, but not fun, so running would have been disastrous. I like our longer walk with Bennie, it gives me a chance to see how the roads are and decide whether I get to run outside or if I head for another bout on the treadmill.

This morning was definitely a treadmill morning based on the roads around the house.

However, once I got to Augusta, I had some second thoughts about having fun on the treadmill. The roads were all clear, even the sides were in decent, very runnable with temps in the mid thirties. Unfortunately, I didn’t have enough outside gear with me, though it was tempting to go with what I had. Mid 30’s are warmer, but still not that far from freezing temps.

However, it was just a bit too chilly and as much as I wanted to run outside, I decided that running on the treadmill with the gear I had with me was probably smarter.

Once I got changed I thought that I would run 5.0 miles or so.

So I got on the treadmill, set it to 7.0 mph and focused on my arm swing and running quietly. No music or TV, just running. I felt pretty good through out the entire run and had a really good last quarter mile. The bottom of my feet bothered a little and I have noticed that it seems to depend on which treadmill I am on, whether my feet bother or not, so I will keep track of the treadmills I am running on, just to see if it is the differences in the belt tightness that making a difference.

Overall a nice 5.0 mile run where I felt good the entire way.

Then I did 8.0 miles on the elliptical this evening and felt pretty good on that as well.

Tired, Day Off and Good Run – RunLog 2-8 & 2-9

Yesterday, I felt my age and needed to take a day off from running and the elliptical. Yeah, snowblowing the driveway of 8-10 inches of snow on Wednesday night, getting up way to early for chauffeur duty, snow scooping the end of the driveway so I could drive out, then getting home, snowblowing the driveway and finally roof raking the garage roof.

After all that, I was exhausted.

So I didn’t bother to do a lot of anything else the rest of the day, other than going to my acupuncture appointment – something that was badly needed.

Thursday turned into a “rest” day. Although I think I burned more than enough calories over the course of the morning and had earned that easy afternoon.

This morning was cold again, but the roads were clear and I came pretty close to running into Planet Fitness, but when the temps were still in the teens after Bennie’s long walk, I decided that it was still a bit too chilly for running that far. TheWife agreed with my decision and seemed a little relieved that I had decided to not do my longish run outside today.

So the truck and I trundled into Augusta for Planet Fitness treadmill time. Continue reading “Tired, Day Off and Good Run – RunLog 2-8 & 2-9”

Ice, Dropping Temps So I Ran Outside – RunLog 2-5-18

Yesterday morning the temps were in the mid 30’s to start and the roads were all wet and a bit icy from the rain storm (no, not a snow storm) we had the night before. Driveways were more like skating rinks and not fit to drive on, much less walk on without massive quantities of sand or salt (maybe both).

So of course after taking Bennie for his long walk, during mid-morning, we both decided to go for a run – outside. The big decision for me was whether to wear my Gravity 5’s or the Boco Sols. Based on the road conditions I went with the Boco’s and was very glad that I did.

Mary did laps on top and I went down to Pepin for a 4.0 miler.

While the road conditions had improved a bit from the photo above, they were not a whole lot better, when I started towards Pepin Road, the temp was around 32*F. However, the Northwest wind came up pretty steady at 10-15 mph with gusts higher, which dropped the temps down to 24*F by the time I got home. So everywhere it was wet, was probably/potentially ice and more black ice than there was already.

The Boco’s did great in the slush sections, but like any non-metallic studded shoe, you knew it when you hit an ice patch. The Gravities would not have done nearly as well, so my confidence in the Boco’s is increasing each time I wear them out in nasty conditions.

Actually the run itself was one of those get it done runs. You just run slowly, make pretty sure of your footing, the feet get pretty well soaked and I got to run back against the wind, which slowed me down even more. Going up the Bitch was just running up the middle of the road hoping no traffic would be coming up or down, because the edges were wet, re-freezing ice patches. Luckily no traffic was to be seen while going back up it, but after getting out of the S curve, the wind sure did blow in my face.

Not much worse than hitting the hard part of hill and having the wind blowing against you. At that point, I just wanted to get to the top and get the run finished.

I did and then relaxed for a bit, before we had to go get our taxes started. Nope I don’t do them anymore, I let someone else worry about that stuff nowadays.

Back to The Treadmill – RunLog 2-3-18

You know when you wake up and look at the thermometer and it says -11*F (then subtract whatever wind chill is going on), that it is going to be a long morning. Luckily the pipes didn’t freeze overnight (we didn’t plug the house in) due to some issues going on with the garage electrical system, so I didn’t have crawl under the house with the heat gun and play unthaw the pipes in subzero temps. Always a good thing.

When Bennie and I walked out the door for his first walk, the wind was minimal. Even so, he didn’t dwaddle at all, eleven below is still purty chilly and he did his business, then we quickly headed directly back to the house. I didn’t even get in 600 steps hehehee, short walk – for sure.

It didn’t get a whole lot warmer for Bennie’s long walk and it was cut short, just because the little bugger was shivering so bad…he ain’t too bright sometimes and wanted to keep going despite the sub zero wind chills. Looking at how much he was shivering, we turned around t the top of the hill and he didn’t really complain. By the time we got home, he didn’t waste anytime getting into the house.

This meant that I got to go to the gym a bit earlier.

No, I wasn’t going to run outside this morning in subzero wind chills (the breeze came up a little), I did that yesterday and didn’t feel like a repeat performance. The idea of running on the treadmill in shorts and a t-shirt after those two walks outside with Bennie became a much more appealing option, versus the bundling up that I would have had to do.

Planet Fitness was busy, but I got lucky and got a treadmill as soon as I walked over to that area after doing my pre-run exercises. Shortly after I got on the treadmill there were people waiting for one, which I know that I hate.

However, the run itself was uneventful, a comfortable 7.0 mph for 2.0 miles, 7.1 for a bit and then progression for the last 1.50, with a strong last quarter.

  • Run Information: • Course: PF-Treadmill • Distance: 5.0 • Time: 41:30 • Pace: 8:18 • Shoes: Newton Gravity 3 • Temperature: Indoor • Weather: Indoor
  • Cross training: 6:00 minutes @4.0 mph at 15% incline and 7.5 miles on the elliptical

Overall, a really nice run on the treadmill and a heck of lot better than running outside this morning. I gotta admit that I prefer shorts and t-shirts to being all bundled up most of the time.Thank you for reading and being patient with a cantankerous old fart’s blathering and babbling on about the changes that I am going through as I get older and the fun that I am having as a part of this process.Originally written by Harold Shaw and published as part of

First Run in Newton Boco Sol AT – RunLog 2-2-18

Ummmm kind of a screwed day, but a great day to figure out whether I like the Newton Boco Sols or not.

We woke up to it snowing quite heavily, which made walking outside an adventure since the plow hadn’t gone by yet (it came while we were out there), then the snow stopped around 9:30 and left just enough in its wake that I needed to snow blow the driveway.

Not really a big deal, but still something else added to the gotta do it list. By the time I got done with the driveway, we had to take Bennie on his 2.0 mile walk to the end of the road and back. Which also gave me a good chance to check out the road conditions.

A lot of white ice from where they plowed and snow was covering the ice still left-over from the last ice storm. So walking was fairly tricky – again. During all this I was wearing the Boco Sols and they were impressing me, especially now that I have figured out that I can not wear socks with a top seam with them – it just doesn’t end well for my toes it seems.

I fixed the foot with a bit of athletic tape so that the rub wouldn’t bother while walking and got out my Darn Tough merino wool socks and didn’t hear a peep out of the foot and that owie at all the rest of the day.

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Problem Solving 101 – RunLog 2-1-18

Today we had some snow that covered the ice patches on the road and elsewhere, so even just walking Bennie became an adventure.

I like the grip on snow that the Boco Sols gave, but like anything without a bit of metal in it, on ice, they were not all that great. No biggie, but Bennie’s 2 mile walk did give me some pretty good insights into how the Boco Sols would work for me.

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Cold Running – RunLog 1-31-18

I just couldn’t run on the treadmill again today and even though it was still pretty chilly, I decided to run outside.

However, since the wind chills were below my cut-offs for running too far from the house, it meant doing laps on the road out front. Not the most exciting or grand views, but at the same time it is a helluva lot better and have a LOT more variety than the views you get running on the treadmill.

That breeze was very noticeable and yes, it definitely felt like single-digits. Even though I have not run outside very often this year in this kind of cold, I haven’t forgotten how to properly dress for it. Wool socks, running pants (not tights), base layer, long sleeve tech, heavier jacket, running mittens, ear warmer/headband and tech ball cap. I wasn’t cold, but I definitely didn’t sweat either. In other words, I had dressed correctly, although when coming back against the wind, it would have been nicer to have had a fleece vest, but then I would have sweated when it was at my back.

The roads were clear with just a few ice patches that always seem to be where you meet vehicles, but hey, that is simply Murphy’s Law of running – That you will meet a vehicle in the worst possible place. Luckily for me today all the stars aligned and I didn’t meet any vehicles on those areas that were icy. A very good thing.

After yesterday’s GREAT speed workout, I just ran comfortably, not picking up the speed or pushing the pace. However, I purposely ran down the hill a bit, so that I would have to run back up a hill a few times.

I didn’t feel bad after that workout, the left calf was a little tight, but nothing serious or different than it was before the workout and the right lower back is a bit sore, but that for me is pretty normal after a harder speed session. So I came through that workout pretty unscathed, which is a very good thing.

FEDEX did arrive today and delivered a new pair of trail running shoes. My U/A’s somehow got a hole in them and it wasn’t repairable. So I did a lot of research on shoes and finally figured that since I wear them for most everything in the winter and don’t really run trails all that much the rest of the year. Based on knowing how I would probably use them, I didn’t really need a heavy duty trail shoe and that a combo style shoe would probably work the best for me.

Since Newton’s road shoes have been doing well for me.

I decided to get the Boco Sol’s.

I will get to run in them tomorrow. I was surprised and impressed when I first actually saw the outsole, it is a LOT more aggressive than I thought they would be – the online photos hadn’t done it justice.

And So It Begins Speedwork – RunLog 1-30-18

Today was the first day that I have actually done Speedwork in a long time. I wasn’t really sure that I would do it or not this morning, but with the wind chills below zero, I was not going to run outside. Which meant a trip to run on the treadmill again.

The winds were the biggest problem today, if it hadn’t been for that, I think I would have run outside. Unfortunately, the 15-20 mph steady breeze was just too much to play around in – even Bennie thought it was cold out there.

He found a spot on the couch where I had my heating pad on earlier and relaxed a bit. It looks like he is saying “quit bugging and let me get back to that dream I was having.”

That is how I left him when I took off to my clandestine meeting with the Planet Fitness treadmill.

One thing that is very strange, yeah it is rather odd that I love short intervals – that old sprinter in me dies harder than I thought. I am very weird in that I love to run fast for short distances and the more I thought about doing Speedwork today, the more I thought that I should do something that I do like to do. So I decided to do tenth of a mile fast intervals with a tenth of a mile recovery.

I figured that I would do 10 or so repeats and call it quits. Well needless to say that is not what happened.

When I finished the tenth one, I was feeling really good and kept going and kept going and kept going. There is something about me and short/fast runs – I love them and they don’t fatigue me like quarters, halves, klics or miles. I really could have kept going, but decided to stop while I was feeling great.

One helluva confidence builder!

Yeah I “warmed-up” at for .90 mile @ 7.6 mph and then proceeded to do 20 x .1 intervals at 9.0 mph with .1 recovery at 7.0 mph, with one more (the last one .1 @ 9.5 mph). Needless to say, I set my 2018 5.0 mile treadmill personal best pretty easily. Maybe someday, I should do a 5K race using this kind of a plan – although it would probably piss off some of the other runners though as we would pass one another all too often. It certainly wouldn’t be a consistent pace.

Now I know that I am not really in that kind of shape and that the treadmill does help me a quite bit on the speed side of things, but daaaammmn, that exceeded anything that I thought that I could/would/should do for my first repeat session of the season. At no point did I feel overly fatigued or unable to finish a repeat easily. Actually some of the recovery repeats were harder for me than the running faster.

Now in reality this workout does not relate to how I will run outside, it is simply a speed workout where I got to stretch my legs a bit more than usual.

Who knows maybe there is still some pop left in the old legs, but now to get them in shape for that non-motorized running outside 🙂

Staying Smart – RunLog 1-29-18

Today was supposed to be a long run outside, since I said supposed, you can figure out that it didn’t happen.

Why not?

It was really quite simple, the temps with the wind chills were below my safety zone. When it is 17*F and the wind chills are in the single digits, I don’t do long or longer runs outside. I have had a couple of pretty bad experiences over the past five years, in those conditions and hypothermia can get you in trouble, before you realize you are in trouble.

So I have established safety zones for me and my running – your’s might be different, but after the last episode (which scared the shit out of me), I don’t mess around with them and have made them into pretty hard safety features in my running. I prefer to be safe than sorry.

When we walked Bennie a couple of miles before I was going to run, I knew with certainty that the conditions were exactly the kind that I had gotten in trouble in before. Especially, since part of the reason for the walk was that I wanted to wear the running shoes and merino wool socks that I would have run in and by the time we got back to the house my feet were pretty much frozen.

Not a good thing or something I want to contend with on a long run outside.

I just wasn’t going to take any chances and that meant no longer run outside today.

Which meant back to the treadmill at Planet Fitness this morning.

I wanted to get in 5-6 miles at 7.0 mph – nothing too thrilling or anything, but close enough to what I wanted to get done for a long run.

Right after I got to 3.4 miles or so, when I was attempting to straighten out my arm swing, I accidentally hit the kill button and reset the treadmill. Grrrrr one of the pain in the arse things that I hate about the treadmill, especially when my footpod/watch calibration was all screwed up. Oh well, I had a pretty decent idea of my mileage and guesstimated the remainder. After all, I maintained a steady 7.0 mph the entire run, so it should have been pretty close.

Other than that blip, I felt good and got ‘r done.