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Category: RunLog

About Half an Inch of Sloppy Outside

After yesterday’s longer run, I was looking for about 45:00 minutes of comfortable running. However, while I was waiting to run, we got about a half an inch of snow. […]

Why Yes I Am A Wimpy Old Guy

Okay, the wife just called me a wimp…she was checking the weather forecast for tomorrow and let me know it wasn’t going to get out of the low 20*Fs. I […]

Veterans Day & a Nice Run Outside

I hope all the veterans out there had a good day and that the memories were the good ones. This photo is in remembrance of my Grandfather who served in […]

First Time On the KRRT in a While

This was the tale of a run that nearly wasn’t. All morning my right calf has been a bit tight, not really bothersome, but uncomfortable to walk on, but not […]

Treadmill Speedwork – Nicely Done

Today I was undecided about what I should do for a workout, but I did know one thing it was gorgeous as hell outside. Bright sunshine, temps in the 60s […]

Red Sox Win and I Got a Good Run In

The Boston Red Sox won the World Series! Yeah, yippeee and all those other cheery type things. Having been a fan since before the Impossible Dream, I have suffered through […]