Mid-Year Look Back 2014

Gratuitous photo of me, after picking up my 2nd place age group award. Thanks Brian for taking the photo
Thanks Brian for taking the photo

Yes, yet another runnah looking back at what happened since January 1st.

I didn’t win the lottery, land the job of my dreams (I already have that), win the Boston Marathon (but Meb did) or accomplish anything that set off the seismograph.

Nope, I basically had a pretty hum-drum first part of the year, even though I am sure that I will find plenty to write about.

So what has happened? Continue reading “Mid-Year Look Back 2014”

Where Do I Go From Here – Goals for the Rest of 2014

Bennie Looking at my rehab tools
Bennie Looking at my rehab tools

I am still in the rehab process for my hamstring injury, I have a feeling that if I am realistic, not pessimistic or optimistic, I am still 2-3 weeks away from actually running mostly pain-free from my current injury. 

Something I read recently said it can take 21 to 72 days to properly heal a hamstring injury, I guess I got the 72 day variety.

I am not going to start training for anything until July, even though I will be running before then. Why not? 

I know that I am loosing conditioning with the sporadic amount of running I have done all of May and I need to re-build my base during June, to get my confidence back, so that I can do the things I expect from my body while in a training plan.

While this is frustrating as all hell for me, actually it F*&%$*g sucks, because the weather has been just about perfect for running around here. However, I gotta stay positive and this injury time has given me yet another chance to re-invent myself as a runner or at least to look at the things I need to do.

Especially, if I want to run with less pain and a more efficient gait, which I hope will result in drum roll please — less pain.

Yeah, I am kind of centered around pain, for now. No, not the severe, oh I can’t stand it kind of pain that gets all the headlines, instead it is that persistent pain in the ass stuff that never really goes away and is there, especially when I run or if I step wrong.

The kind of low-level pain you can run through and do most other things, but sticks around and says “hello” like a meddlesome, nosy neighbor, comes around when you least expect or want the interruption.

Like that kind of neighbor, I just want it to go away. Continue reading “Where Do I Go From Here – Goals for the Rest of 2014”

Cleaning-Up This Ramshackle Runnah

Photo by David Colby-Young
Photo by David Colby-Young

It is time to clean-up this ramshackle runnah and get myself back to running consistently.

How in the hell are you going to do that Harold?

I keep writing and talking about how I am going to improve my running, change things that need to be corrected and yet I never do. It seems when I get near to being successful or close to my goals, then I suddenly change directions again, so I can’t meet them.

It is almost like I am scared of succeeding or doing well.

So I have a LOT of work to do, to get to where I want to be both physically and mentally with my running.

That Ramshackle House

When things get bad enough at that neighborhood ramshackle house, the town or county forces the owners to clean and and fix it up the property.

They might bitch and moan and say “hey I have the right to do whatever I want with my property”, but at the same time the powers that be, (in most locales) have the authority to make the owners clean-up their frigging yard.

Even though it might be a battle and take several interventions or what seems to the owners to be “official” meddling before the yard get to where it is acceptable or looking good. Continue reading “Cleaning-Up This Ramshackle Runnah”

Racing – Training – Running and Struggling With it All

Photo by David Colby-Young
Photo by David Colby-Young

When I started to write this post last week, it was going to be all about how much I hate to train (I don’t), then it morphed into whether I am a serious runner (I am) and moved on to what you are reading now…

  • am I moving in a different direction with the focus of my training?

What in the hell are you talking about Harold?

I know that I am not a great runner by any stretch of  the imagination – no big news there.

However, I am good enough to have some minor successes in races from time-to-time, which results in misplaced delusions of grandeur. In other words I start to pay too much attention to thinking that my minor successes can lead to bigger ones, if only I follow such and such plan or if I do this or that.

Unfortunately, there are  just a couple of small problems with this or that:

  1. I am getting to be an old fart
  2. A lack of talent to run fast over long distances

I think most of us want to believe with a lot of hard work and doing the “right” things according to the experts, that some of those delusions of grandeur can become more than wishful thinking. Continue reading “Racing – Training – Running and Struggling With it All”

Do I Really Want to Run a Marathon

The "joys" of running in winter sometimes
The “joys” of running in winter sometimes

I was feeling a little off the other day and just generally, tired and beat. It was just nasty out that morning as far as the footing goes.

So instead of running my planned 80 to 100 minutes, I sat most of the day in my easy chair either sleeping (with a dog and cat in my lap most of the time) or sort of watching the baseball winter meeting coverage on the MLB channel.

That day gave me a chance to do something that I really needed to do – think.

I thought about many things that have been on my mind a lot lately, about my running and what I really want versus what it seems that I “should” want to do.

What in the hell are you talking about this time Harold?

I have been really trying to figure out if I want or need to run a marathon in 2014. Continue reading “Do I Really Want to Run a Marathon”

AVR Week In Review – 2/5/12

This was a very quiet week, without a lot going on. I finally got the post updated/edited after the move to WordPress.com and can focus more on the writing, than back-end management now.

I do know that I am starting to get tired of winter and having to run bundled up, by the end of February, it will definitely be time to start really moving towards spring. Yes we still have to get through this month, but December and January are now behind us and there is a small light at the end of the tunnel :-).

Running This Week

Three things Running this week

  • Ran over 30.0 miles this week!
  • Ran on the snowmobile trail
  • Found that I am not as fast as I thought

This is the first week I have been over 30 miles since September 2006. I decided to go ahead and run 30 miles this week yesterday morning, I would have ended up with around 28 miles if I had kept to my original schedule. Overall I feel very good and have tried to be careful about hard/easy and long/shorter on alternating days. I ran two 5+ milers in a row (Friday & Saturday) and still felt good. Making progress, but I do have to keep reining myself in 🙂

On Wednesday I ran the local snowmobile trail for one of the toughest runs, if not the toughest run since I returned to running. No it was not the fastest, but just damned hard and worth every step that I did to do it.

Unfortunately, as a result of using the GPS programs on my old iPhone, I found out that most of my courses were short and that I wasn’t running nearly as fast as I thought. GPS may not always be accurate, but at least if the course is short it isn’t inflating how I am doing. I would prefer to think that I am a little slower and have to work harder, than think I am getting there and really am not. Back to the drawing board and time to work a little harder.

Racing Schedule

I started a Google Calendar – Running In Maine 2012 with a lot of the dates of races in Maine during 2012, I am not done yet, but I have made it public and if I have missed one, please let me know, so I can add it. 🙂

Long Term Goal

My long-term goal will be to run the 2013 Marine Corps Marathon and get through 2012 without any significant down time or injuries (running related or others).

I finished the 1983 Marathon and to run/finish Marine Corps again 30 years later would be very cool. So this is one of the major goals that I have in mind for my running and it would be even more fantastic if I could qualify for Boston that same day. Therefore, I am doing a 2 year work-up to the Marathon distance, just to see if my knee will hold up.

This week in a word: Stability


I have bounced between 164-167 all week – 164 is the lowest I have been since 2001 – so I am continuing to make slow, but steady progress on losing weight.


Everything is feeling pretty good. The knee is not bothering too much and my lower back is better. As I have increased my mileage, my usual Right Hip Flexor discomfort still bothers a little.  I have to start doing more self-massage, exercises and preventative maintenance.
I have noticed a definite difference since I started wearing the knee and calf sleeves from Tommie Copper, see my initial review. I strained my left calf pretty good on the Snowmobile trail run (slipping on a small hillock) and usually would have had to take a couple of days off to let it get better.
I wore the calf sleeves all day and then to bed and woke up and could have run if I had needed to on Thursday (scheduled day off) and when I ran Friday it didn’t bother me. So I was pretty impressed by that. I also notice that my calves are not nearly as sore as they usually are when I increase my mileage and my knees are feeling pretty good. The Tommie Coppers might be part of the solution that I have looked for?
Tommie Copper provided me with free knee and calf sleeves to try in exchange for a review on my blog, but this will not influence the review of the product, the opinions expressed are my own.


I am almost up to 280 miles on my Saucony Peregrines and the hole in the left heel is getting larger. This means I have been in active research and am now going into search mode for a new pair of running shoes. I am really hoping that the Peregrines can make it to March, but the bigger the hole in the heel gets in my left shoe, the more concerned I am about getting blisters there.
My Brooks Ravenna are not an everyday winter running shoe and none of the other shoes that I have are in good enough shape to run daily in. So I might have to risk some repair work on the Peregrine’s heel to see if I can get them to last a little longer.

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My Favorite post from last week

Stay Connected to Running – Even When Injured where I discuss that even when injured runners, still have a lot to offer to their running community and how they need to stay connected, even though they may not be actively running due to their injury.

The reality is that

It was a lot nicer being able to work on some reviews, research for what my next pair of shoes might be and just relax a bit after last week’s hectic efforts to get “A Veteran Runnah” moved over to WordPress.com.

Reviewing products is something that I enjoy doing and put a lot of thought and effort into my wear tests. If you do have a product you want reviewed, please contact me using the Contact via Email Widget in the Sidebar or on Twitter @VetRunnah and we can discuss whether I am a fit to review your product or not.

Thank You again for your support and reading posts from “A Veteran Runnah”.