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Category: Running

Middle Road Loop & New Deck/Steps

Thursday is Hills or trails day in my newish weekly schedule, since the house is still under remodel mode, which limits the amount of time away, I decided on hills. […]

The Second Half of 2019 Has Begun

Yep, we are in the second half of 2019 – which is hard to believe, but here we are. Also summah has arrived in Maine and while the humidity levels […]

One of Those Top 10 Summer Days

Definitely, one of those mythical, magical top 10 days of summer today. What a glorious morning, after yesterday’s thunder storms rolled through and a good night’s sleep, I woke up […]

Bond Brook Trail Run in the Sun

Yes, it is warm outside and yes, it is also July, so it is not something that is all that unexpected even up heah in Maine. It does get warm […]

Summer is Heah – RunLog 7-3-19

81*F and bright sunshine is great beach weather, for running it might just be a tad warm. The flowers are in full bloom though. However, in my mind, Summer running […]

Mid-Year Review – June 2019

Since this is the half-way point of 2019, I get look at how my running has gone so far this year. During January through the end of May, my running […]

A Bittersweet Kind of Day

This post has nothing to do with running. It is more about the reminiscing and meandering thoughts of a Dad, who doesn’t know when the next time he will see […]