Test Course Testing – RunLog 11/10/19

A better day outside than we have had lately, so I was able to get a bit of stuff done outside. It was actually kind of nice to get some fresh air without freezing my you know what off. 🙂

Planned Workout Description:

• Day: Sunday

• Type of Workout: Just run – run. Taking the Propel down onto my test course to see how they did.

• Course: Pepin Test Course

• Distance: 4.01

• Duration: 34:37

• Pace: 8:38

• Clothes: Adidas socks, Skora running pants, Reebok compression shorts, tech s/s, tech l/s, New Balance running jacket, Saucony beanie, NB running ballcap

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 17

• Weather: 40*F, Feels like 35*F, Humidity 44%, Wind 7 mph from SS@

Variables that impacted the run: A bit tired, right hip, wore my toe separator on my right foot

Comments: I was surprised at the intensity of the wind when I first started out! It was a wind tunnel coming down Philbrick and while the official wind speed was 7 mph, this felt closer to 15-20 mph until I crested the hill.

Going down the big hill, the Propels protected me while picking up the pace a little. Then when I got to the 1.0 mile mark, I decided to go a little faster than comfortable, but not anything all that hard. Everything felt smooth and controlled through 2.0 miles.

Coming back up the hill the Propels felt good, but are nothing special as climbers. I did pick the pace back up a little after the hill. The run was nothing all that special, other than it solidified my initial impressions of the Propel on a course that I check out how my newer shoes are going to react to a variety of scenarios while running.

Shoes: Mileage: (11.0) New Balance Fuel Cell Propel. They did everything that I asked of them on my test course. The Propels were smooth, comfortable and didn’t get in my way when I decided to pick up the pace a little.

While they do not encourage me to run faster, I can run faster in them, but they would not be my choice for a fast 5 or 10K. However, I might seriously think about them for something longer, once I get a couple of long runs in them.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? I am continuing to see how I run in the Propels and running comfortably.

Non Running Comments: In the afternoon, I put up a single section of rail fencing at the end of SD2’s turn around in her driveway. It is there to help her and others who use her driveway judge where the end of the turn-around is, so they don’t drive off the 4 foot bank into the water hazard.

After thatI got rake and then mow leaves – one of my least favorite things is raking (my back doesn’t like it) – so the lawn mower is a good choice. Just more getting ready for winter – it is coming sooner than later.

First Run New Balance Fuel Cell Propel – RunLog 11/9/19

Another first run in a pair of new shoe – the New Balance Fuel Cell Propel.

Short review that says it all – me likey.

I have been searching all year for a pair of daily trainers that I can run longer distances in comfortably on and off for most of the year. The closest shoes have been the New Balance Beacons versions 1 and 2, but they have been just a bit too firm when I get into the double digit range.

Since September I have tried several bands/models, but they all had fatal flaws that made them not work for me.

As usual the other night I was wandering around the internet and had a price alert on a pair of New Balance Propels at almost 50% off on Amazon. I didn’t immediately get them, I did a lot of reading different reviews (all pretty much positive) about the Propel, searched to see if there were better deals and then went back and forth between getting an 8.0 and 8.5.

Finally, after thinking about it arguing with myself about the pros and cons, how much trouble I would get in with the wife and did I really need yet another pair of running shoes. I decided to go ahead and just do it. They came in yesterday afternoon.

This morning I went through my new shoe ritual which means I inspected them closely for flaws, weighed them and wore them around the house for a while to see if they fit and felt like something that I wanted to keep.

They felt great, my size 8.0 fit like most other New Balance size 8.0’s tend to so they are pretty much true to size.

Saturday’s are my longer run day, but it was also pretty chilly out there first thing this morning for Bennie’s wake-up me up walk at 14*F with a light breeze. Luckily for me by the time I got out the door it was almost upta freezing and the the sun was shining.

A photo from Bennie’s 2.0 mile walk before my run

Planned Workout Description: I figured that I would head towards Goodhue and if the Propels began to bother, I could just turn around. Also today’s run was not about running faster, it was about putting longer miles on the legs.

• Day: Saturday

• Type of Workout: Longer Run

• Course: Goodhue Road 7.0 miler

• Distance: 7.0

• Duration: 1:04:18

• Pace: 9:11

• Clothes: Adidas running pants, Reebok compression shorts, Reebok black tech s/s tee, Adidas orange tech l/s tee, Brooks running jacket, Nike running vest, Saucony Beanie, Nike ball cap and running mittens.

Yeah, it was a little overkill, but I was not cold.

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 16

• Weather: Clear/Sunny, 33*F feels like 27*F, humidity 47%, Wind 6 mph SW

Variables that impacted the run: First run new shoes, chilly, left hip and glute tight at first, left instep a bit of a nuisance, but went away

Comments: I ran most of the run comfortably at an easy pace, where if I had been running with someone else I could have maintained a nice conversation. Even though I wanted to push the pace a few times, but pulled back on the reins pretty quickly. I am attempting to be more disciplined on my runs and not overdo the workout.

Today, I was able to do that, whereas in the past I would have tested my new shoes a little differently than a comfortable longer run.

This getting older thing does have some advantages, i.e. I am not quite as impulsive most of the time.

Shoes: Mileage: New Balance Fuel Cell Propel (7.0) – They did quite nicely for a first run and a longer one at that. No hot spots, blisters, soreness caused by the shoes during or after the run. Which is gratifying. The Propels felt nicely cushioned but firm enough that if I wanted to I could pick up the pace pretty easily.

However, the Propels do not feel like a fast shoe, but they are definitely a comfortable shoe. Which is exactly what I am looking for. I have other shoes that I can run faster in or have more snap, but I need/want and maybe found a pair that will not bother my hard to please feet for daily trainer and long run duties.

I am not going to get my hopes too high, but it would be nice to finally have found something that freaking actually works the way I want, especially for longer runs. That running in discomfort or pain stuff, just takes all the joy out of the runs.

The other part is that the outsole is perfect for where I will be doing most of my runs. A nice multipurpose one that will grip in bad weather, light snow, a little slime (mud) or non technical trails.

Very good first impressions.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? I have been searching for that elusive daily trainer that is light, cushioned, comfortable, able to run on multiple surfaces and not break the bank, for it seems like forever.

About the only thing I would change is to make the toe box more rounded like the Beacons. It wasn’t an issue, but I could feel my big toe pushing slightly against the toe box at times.

I don’t know if I have found the beast in the New Balance Fuel Cell Propel, but this was the kind of first run that I have been imagining for quite a while.

Cardio Total: 4.22

Weight: 156 A/R

A Tad Bit Chilly – RunLog 11/8/19

We got the first bit of snow last night, nothing serious and it was more rain, freezing rain and black ice than snow, but it is a harbinger of things to come.

This morning I decided to wimp out and head for the treadmill. While walking Bennie and Hunter, the feels like temperature was in the lower teens and like I did last year when the temps go under 20*F or the winds are whipping, I head inside.

It isn’t that I don’t know how to dress to run outside in winter weather, it is just a part of being a runner who has lived most of his life in areas that actually have winter. Nope it is more the older I get the less I feel as though I have to impress myself with how tough I am to brave the elements.

Running on the treadmill ain’t that bad IMHO and is often safer than running longish distances outside. To be quite honest, I don’t bounce or handle the cold as well as I used to, so running in shorts and t-shirt on the treadmill is a great alternative.

Planned Workout Description: Something comfortable with strides after

• Day: Friday

• Time of Day: 10:39a

• Course: PF Treadmill

• Distance: 5.0

• Time of Run: 41:19

• Pace: 8:16

• Type of Workout: Comfortable progression run with 6 x .10 strides at the end

• Rating (1-4): 3

• Running Streak Day #: 15

• Weather: Indoor

Variables that impacted the run: Guy running beside me is someone I have raced against and if I remember is in my age group, so I might have peeked at his treadmill once or twice.

Comments: I warmed up the first mile at 6.8 mph felt really strong, so I started bumping it up a bit each mile until I got to 7.2 mph through 4.0 miles.

At 3.9 I started my .10 strides at 9.2+ mph and felt strong enough to keep increasing the speed until the last one was done at 10.1. I think I could probably do one or two quarters at that speed, but I would be courting injury if I did it too much I have a feeling. Hard to believe that once upon a time…well it was once upon a time and it ain’t where I am now. 🙂

Shoes Worn: New Balance Beacon 2 (223.4) – This is what these shoes are great at, running on the treadmill. They are just firm enough, but cushioned enough to let me do just about any treadmill workout that I want to do and do it comfortably.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? A faster workout that felt comfortable during the 4.0 miles. While the strides were faster, I didn’t feel all that stressed out while doing them, so that is a good sign.

Cardio Total: 2.3

Weight: 158

Non Running Comments: They finished up SD2’s driveway and it is a lot better than it was – quite a bit more room and you can park side by side in it now.

One of Those No-Zone Runs – RunLog 11/7/19

It was one of the cloudy, overcast days where it was a damp cold that just chilled you to the bone once you got outside. It was supposed to and did rain this afternoon and at the house the temps never got above 38*F.

Also I am probably in the initial stages of getting a cold, always such a joyful thing. The sniffling, snuffling, sneezing and runny eyes are just enough to make you a bit miserable, but not really bad enough to shut things down. So it might be a long weekend if I don’t knock this thing down pretty quickly.

Planned Workout Description: Something a little faster, either in town or Middle Road.

• Day: Thursday

• Time of Day: 10:07a

• Course: Middle Road Loop

• Distance: 5.03

• Time of Run: 43:46

• Pace: 8:41

• Type of Workout: A little faster run

• Rating (1-4): 2

• Running Streak Day #: 14

• Weather: Overcast, 38*F, feels like 38*F, Humidity 72%, Wind 2 mph SSW

Variables that impacted the run: A bit chillier, full cold weather gear including running mittens, which I took off the last mile

Comments: Once I got going it wasn’t that bad weather-wise, it was more getting out the door again after walking the dogs. They poke along and stop to sniff just about everything, so by the time we got home, I was thoroughly chilled even though I did wear my parka this morning.

I just kind of putzed along until I got down to Shepard Road, where I picked up the pace a little. I briefly thought about going for a segment time, but decided not to do it.

I ran the hills on the Middle Road a little harder and then ran more comfortably the last 2.0 miles. There is something about the dirt road as soon as I get on it, I just seem to slow down.

Shoes Worn: Nike Zoom Fly v1 (Blue) They just run well for me, no issues or problems. Even running on the dirt road, I felt confident in the way they gripped. However, if I had gone later in the rain, I would have definitely chosen a different pair of shoes to run in.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)?

Cardio Total: 2.76

Non Running Comments: The contractor got started on widening SD2’s driveway around noon time. So hopefully she will be able to park vehicles side-by-side now, which will make visiting or working over there a lot easier

Did the Thursday afternoon errands in Waterville and on the way back stopped at the Town Office to register Clifford and Bennie. Yeah, Clifford was a lot more expensive, but Bennie is more in our hearts.

Recovery 4.0 Miler – RunLog 11/6/19

After yesterday’s harder treadmill workout, today was all about just getting a few miles on the legs and not freezing my butt off – too much.

Planned Workout Description: Definitely a 4-5 mile recovery run

  • Day: Wednesday
  • Time of Day: 10:41a
  • Course: Wildwood O/B
  • Distance: 4.1
  • Time of Run: 38:56
  • Pace: 9:29
  • Type of Workout: Recovery run
  • Rating: 2
  • Running Streak Day #: 13
  • Weather: Overcast, 45*F feels like 40*F Humidity 45%, Wind 11 mph WSW

Variables that impacted the run: Dressed for hunting season and cooler weather

Comments: Just a recovery run. I completely went by effort level and slowed down when I came back against the headwind.

I did have to laugh at the multiple brands that I had on during this run:

  • Shoes – Altra
  • Socks – Adidas
  • Running Pants – NewBalance
  • Compression Shorts – Reebok
  • Tech Long Sleeve Shirt – Adidas
  • Tech Short Sleeve Shirt – Under Armour
  • Running Jacket – NewBalance
  • Running Vest – Nike
  • Gloves – North Face
  • Skull cap – Saucony

I guess Brand loyalty is not big deal to me, with all the different brands that seem to find their way into my running wardrobe. Sale prices go a long way in my world.

Now 45*F/40*F really is not all that cold, but that wind just felt a lot colder than the listed 40*F and I really didn’t sweat all that much for as much clothing as I had on. I probably could have done without the vest, but it is bright orange and since it is the first week of hunting season, I thought it was prudent to wear it.

Shoes Worn: Altra Duo v1(w) – (15.3) I just do not feel smooth in the Duo line, the women’s model is more comfy than the men’s, but I don’t feel fluid in them. The heel-to-toe transition doesn’t work with how I run. I like the Duo, but I conversely I do not like how I run in them.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? I cleared the gunk out of my legs and raised more questions than answers about my Altra Duo v1 (w).

I decided that as a result of this run that I am going to order a pair of New Balance Fuel Cell Propels and see how they do for me. Everything I have read about them make me think that they are just what I am looking for, plus finding a great deal on a pair. The Altra’s, Adidas and Hoka’s that I have in my current rotation just are not working for me.

Cardio Total: 4.22

Non Running Comments: I did clear some more brush and downed trees with my new cordless Kobalt chainsaw this afternoon. Surprisingly, I was even more impressed after today than I was the first day.

The ease of use is amazing and it cut everything that I put it against, quickly and easily. No pulling on a starter cord multiple times is huge, just touching a button then holding in another while pressing the trigger is huge for me.

A Tough Treadmill Workout – RunLog 11/5/19

I had thought about heading over to Colby to do my last outside track workout of the year, but the ominous weather made me decide to go for the treadmill.

Besides for the workout I had planned, I tend or do it at a higher level and faster on the treadmill.

Planned Workout Description: 12 x .25 at 5K race pace and if able 5 x .10 at 1.0 at a faster pace.

  • Day: Monday
  • Time of Day: 10:29a
  • Course: Treadmill
  • Distance: 6.2
  • Time of Run: 48:30
  • Pace: 7:49
  • Type of Workout: Repeats/Intervals
  • Rating: 4
  • Running Streak Day #: 12
  • Weather: Indoor

Variables that impacted the run: Treadmill running, sweating like a stuck pig

Comments: I decided to change the workout slightly while I was warming up and reduce the number of .25 repeat to 8, but at a slightly faster pace.

1.0 @ 6.8 mph — Warm-up

4 x .25 @ 8.7 mph

4 x .25 @ 8.8 mph

7 x .10 @ at least 9.1 mph with last one @ 10.1 mph

Rest repeat @ 6.8 mph

I felt really good on all of the repeats and could have done the full 12 x .25, but at the same time, I am glad that I didn’t, I still felt as though I had plenty left after finishing. Which I think at this point is more important than hammering the old body to get four more repeats in.

Finishing strong and feeling good about the workout when I am finished is more important for an end of year workout.

Shoes Worn: Nike Zoom Fly SP (139.6) – No issues, no problems just the way a run should be.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? I needed a successful faster run to get my confidence back about being able to run the way that I wanted and not have my feet hurt.

Cardio Total: 3.22

October 2019 – A Month of Loss

This post is one that I have procrastinated about writing since October ended. It was one of those long months where too damn much happened.

How I remember Dad

October kind of sucked actually, loss of family makes things difficult to say the least, it also changes the perspectives you have about life, living and dying. No, I am not going to get all morbid about things, but at the same time when people in your life die, it does make you stop and think about how you will live your life going forward.

You know that “What is important?” Kind of stuff.

It started off with my step-daughter’s – step-mother passing away, which has meant some changes in the household. Lots of work on my step-daughter’s part as they help their Dad with his grieving and the other things that go along with the death of a significant other.

Then my father died on October 18th. While I have known for a while that he would probably die this year, that knowledge did not make his actual death any easier. I have written about my thoughts on it here and here.

Okay, enough of the death and dying stuff, there were some things that were pretty good.

Mary had a nice birthday, I got to reconnect a bit with family, see some people over at UMA that I haven’t seen in a while, got to go down to New Hampshire and run with Sam W. Those relationship things that we take for granted, but still need to work on more to keep how we feel and interact with others at the levels we want.

Although after that visit with Sam, I ended up having to replace the front hubs on the truck. Actually, I was very lucky according to my repair shop to have made it back home that day. However, the Ranger has not left me stranded on the side of the road and has been a reliable vehicle for me. The repair bill was not an easy one to swallow though.


While there was a lot of “other” stuff going on, I managed/forced myself to get out as often as possible to run. I got almost 160 miles for the month and while I didn’t have any significant injuries, my feet took a beating.

Only three days off during a month is pretty good for me. Although with the weather getting colder, I have noticed that I am putting a little more time in on the treadmill. Especially, for workouts that I want to hit certain paces.

Running Shoes

Altra Impulse – I actually like the Impulse a lot, but they became part of the problem with my feet.

The water drain hole caused discomfort/pain under my Tailor’s Bunionette, when I would run too much or more than 3-4 miles in them. So they have been retired.

Altra Duo v1 – Another shoe that I liked initially, but the more I ran in them , the less I liked them.

I managed to get them to 50 miles, but at that point I stopped running in them. They were just too firm and on a 9.0 mile long run, they bothered the bottoms of my feet so much that I didn’t want to run in them again. I did one last run in them a couple of days later and they didn’t work at all for me. They are gone.

I really like the way that I run in Altra shoes, but it seems that when I am running a lot in them that I have a bunch of niggles in the bottom of my feet, hamstrings and hips, that I don’t seem to have when I run in shoes that have some drop to them. Which means that the Altra’s that I have left will be more specialty shoes to work on form issues and not be a regular part of the rotation.

It seems that I had this conversation with myself the last time I wore Altra’s as a regular part of my rotation. It is a me issue, not an issue with Altra shoes, they are great shoes, but just not for me.

Hoka Mach v1 – I loved the Carbon X so much that I wanted to go back and try Hoka’s again. I have a love/hate relationship with this brand – I love how I run in them, but the forefoot fit has not worked for me and yes, I have run in 7-8 pair. Well except for the Carbon X, I have not found a pair that I could run comfortably in.

When I ordered the Mach 1’s, it was by mistake, I thought they were a different model and wasn’t paying enough attention to what I was doing. My bad.

As a size 9.0 they were too big and while I loved the feel on the road, they gave me blisters in the lower heel area and bothered my feet. They are a decent walking shoe and I can wear wool socks in them so they might be around for that function. Otherwise they will disappear at some point.

It seems that I do better with a softer feeling shoe, than I do with the firmer ones.

I did run successfully in the Nike Zoom Fly SP and New Balance 1400 v6, both of which are going to be in my rotation for a while.

I am still looking for a longer run shoe that I can run in without the bottom of my feet bothering. I have pulled out some of my older models to get me through until Christmas when I can foresee a pair of Carbon X or similar shoe finds its way into my rotation.


I didn’t race again this month. Not for lack of races, there were several that I seriously thought about doing, but didn’t do for various reasons. Mostly that I wanted to spend more time with Mary on the weekends – that right now is more important to me than going off to a race. It comes down to priorities and what I consider to be important.

The Reality is that

I am glad that October is over. Now to move forward with the changes that come with deaths in the family.

Now to get back on track with my running and figure out the long run shoe that I haven’t really found the correct answer to. However, I do have a feeling that my “go faster” needs are pretty well taken care of.

A final look back at the last time we were together as the Harold and Muriel Shaw family.

A lot has happened to us all since this photo was taken all those years ago.

A Bit Longer Today – RunLog 11/4/19

Sometimes you just got to relax and enjoy the day.

It was a chilly start – that down in the mid 20’s *F kind of stuff for Bennie’s first walk, but the sun was out and it warmed up pretty quickly.

Planned Workout Description: Mondays are my easy run day, usually 5-7 miles.

  • Day: Monday
  • Time of Day: 10:47a
  • Course: Goodhue 7.0 Miler
  • Distance: 7.03
  • Time of Run: 1:02:31
  • Pace: 8:54
  • Type of Workout: Easy
  • Rating: 2
  • Running Streak Day #: 11
  • Weather: Clear, 45*F, Feels like 44*F, Humidity 53%, Wind 3 mph W – Felt a bit stronger coming back

Variables that impacted the run: Light breeze coming back, overdressed a little, GI break in the woods at 3.0 miles

Comments: I started out pretty slowly and then picked up a bit as I went along. However, what I focused on the most was just having an efficient arm swing. I can feel the difference when I get my forearms up a little higher and swing them backwards purposely.

When I drop my hands it is almost like it creates a drag and is slow down a little, until I realize what is happening.

Other than that it was a pretty nice run, even if I was running against the wind.

Shoes Worn: Nike Zoom Fly v1 Blue (139.6) I wanted to get a longer run in them to see how they felt. It is almost like my feet are rebelling and at various times they were uncomfortable, while at others they felt great. The ZF felt as good as any shoes that I have run in this year.

The best thing is that my lower left leg did not bother, which was a concern, because these are the shoes I was running in, when the stress fracture happened back in June. After that I was a lot hesitant to wear the Zoom Fly v1s again. Now I am not.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? More miles in the books.

Cardio Total: 3.36

Non Running Comments: After getting back from our Weekly Sam’s Club expedition, I had to do something that I have been procrastinating since July.

Installs new lights. I hate working with electricity and delay it until I cannot any longer. Once I got going, it was not that bad, but my bad shoulder let me know why I don’t want to do a lot of overhead work.

I got all four overhead lights installed and only had to go back and fix one set of wires, because SD1’s bedroom didn’t have electricity. Somehow one wire slipped just enough to not be making contact. It took a couple of minutes to figure out the problem, but everything works fine now.

I just would not make a good electrician and I don’t claim to be one. I know enough to be dangerous, but not enough to overly helpful beyond the basic tasks.

A Surprise Run – RunLog 11/3/19

This morning I had pretty much decided to take a day off. When I woke up, my left hip was bothering so much that I cut Bennie’s long walk short and struggled to get back to the house.

However, after getting a new chainsaw over at Lowe’s, I had to cut up a couple of trees that were downed and cut some small trees down that were overhanging the power line to the house.

By the time I got all of that stuff done, my hip was actually feeling pretty good and while my upper body had gotten a pretty good workout, the lower body was feeling pretty good. Although it was starting to get a bit dusky, so I figured that if I was going to run today, I had to get my butt in gear.

So I ran.

Planned Workout Description: Day off/easy run.

  • Day: Sunday
  • Time of Day: 3:55p
  • Course: Bartlett O/B & Howard Circle
  • Time of Run: 28:29
  • Distance: 3.33
  • Pace: 8:34
  • Type of Workout: Tweener Workout, not fast enough, not slow enough, but still felt good.
  • Rating: 3
  • Running Streak Day #: 3
  • Weather: Overcast, 47*F, Feels like 47*F, Humidity 54%, Wind 2 mph from WSW

Variables that impacted the run: Left hip bothered in the morning, tired from cutting and moving brush wood around

Comments: I really wasn’t attempting to go all that fast, but I was able to get the 2nd fastest time around Howard Circle without pushing.

Overall, the run was one of those where I pushed the pace a little more because my feet didn’t hurt for a change. Sometimes you just have to go back to what actually works, even when you would prefer a different brand.

Shoes Worn: Nike Zoom Fly v1 (132.5) – No issues with the shoes, felt comfortable and I was able to pick the pace up at will.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? Gave me confidence that when I run in the shoes that work for me that I run well.

Cardio Total: 4.26

Non Running Comments: I will say this, I was amazed by my new chainsaw!

It is a Cobalt cordless chainsaw and it did everything that my 14 year old Husqvarna did (back when it was working correctly) and I didn’t have to fight with the damn thing to get it started, get the oil/gas mix right or the multitude of other things that I always seemed be screwing with, before I could get it to start.

Then lately, keeping it running to get the work done, well it didn’t.

I was able to cut up to 14” fir trees that were blown down in storms, then cut down some 4-6” oaks that were over by the power line and cut the limbs up so that I had them ready to chip.

The best part was I felt safer with the Cobalt than I did with my old gas power chainsaws. I didn’t have to pull the starter cord, I just touched a button, then held in another one and it ran nicely.

It is also quite a lot quieter than a gas powered one. Mary didn’t realize that I had cut up a tree outside the house, even though it was only about 20 yards away. I like that.

Cordless chainsaws have come a long way, compared to where they were just 5 years ago. For me and the way that I now use a chainsaw, this is all I need.

Now maybe I can get all those little yard cleaning projects taken care of, seeing that I have a chainsaw that actually works.

I also got a new pair of chaps to protect my legs, that chainsaw is still a dangerous piece of equipment and my old ones had a few nicks from me being me, but had saved my legs from damage. So they needed to be replaced and getting a new chainsaw, seemed like the perfect time to get a pair.

Yes, Hunting Season Has Started – RunLog 11/2/19

Today marks the first day of hunting season up heah in Maine. So there was an over-abundance of traffic down-back. It is one of the last areas that is fairly wooded and is not completely posted.

Bob Campbell was kind enough to take the photo in front of his herd, while we were solving the issues of the Universe.

This also means that for safety’s sake, I take my normal bright plumage to even higher levels. I prefer not to be mistaken for a deer and if I dress like this that ain’t gonna be an issue.

Planned Workout Description: Long Run

  • Day: Saturday
  • Time of Day: 11:53a

• Type of Workout: Turned into easy running

• Running Streak Day #: 9

• Weather: Clear, 43*F, Feels like 43*, Humidity 53%, Wind 1 mph from SSE (bullshit), it felt a lot closer 5-10 mph and the feels like temp was more like in the 30s

Variables that impacted the run: Shoes not working, lots of drivers wearing orange being around, stopping to talk with Bob and running with Mary

Comments: Run #1 – I started out comfortably and quickly went slower. By the time I got to the dirt road my left heel was explaining how unhappy it was. I slowed down more and attempted to change my gait just enough to ease the discomfort.

Yeah, right – I turned around at the 1.0 mile mark and foresee a quick trip to Goodwill for the Mach 1’s pretty soon. I have never had heel issues like I have had with this model. It just doesn’t work for me.

Run #2 – I decided to wear the Altra Duo (W) and they felt a lot better, but they definitely need to be broke in before I can say that they are pretty comfortable. I can run in decently in them, but it might be a little longer before I can say that I enjoy running in them.

When I was coming up the hill by the Town Office, Bob stopped and we chatted for about 10 minutes. Needless to say standing there in that chilly weather, I stiffened up pretty quickly and when I started out, I felt like some old geezer who can’t even walk good, much less run good.

Oh, wait, I am an old geezer – oh well the truth hurts.

It took almost a half mile to get the body/legs back into running order.

After heading down Blake Hill, I met up with Mary. With the amount of traffic, strangers and weirdos out and about, I turned around and ran with her. We never run together, our paces are too incompatible and neither one of us gets the run in we want.

However, the idea of safety first meant that I slowed down and we gabbed a lot.

Shoes Worn: Hoka Mach 1 – (27.1) They are going away.

Altra Duo v1 (Women’s) – Like I said before they have some breaking in to do and they will not be my primary trainers, but a once a week tweak the form shoes. They do force me to run with a little less heel first landing.

How did this run move me towards my goal(s)? I ran.

Non Running Comments: Before running this morning Mary, SD2 and I went for a walk with the dogs over at Colby. It was nice and not overly difficult, more of a walk on groomed trails to give the dogs some new smells than a hike.