National Running Day – So What

Tomorrow is National Running Day – so what!

Who really cares?

Not me.

It seems like a big deal to many in the online running community and a few organizations with ties to running and really that’s about it.

However, even though I have been a runner for a long time, have been involved with the online running community for a few years and use social media to share my running exploits or lack thereof, I am not one of them.

From my perspective National Running Day is just another one of those “days on the calendar” that there are simply too many of.

What is National Running Day?

Well – on its “official” website, this is the description and then the page goes on to list the “partners”. Continue reading “National Running Day – So What”

Why do I Blog So Much

After 13.13 Run 3-6-14
After 13.13 Run 3-6-14

Over the past few weeks I have been asked several times by many people…

Why do I blog so much?

  • Is it because I love to see my obnoxious whining about how a pair of running shoes don’t work for me or that I need to tell the world that I ran 8.0 miles at an 8:17 pace yesterday?
  • Is it because I am so very vain and want everyone to know how great I am?
  • Is it because I enjoy taking selfies to show everyone who wants to look photos of how “great” looking I am?
  • Is it because I want to become rich or famous?
  • Is it to represent a brand, get free shit and help them sell stuff?

The answer to all of those “answers” is:


We All Become Memories

What in the hell are you talking about Harold?

Stop and think for a minute. Continue reading “Why do I Blog So Much”

A Social Media Vacation

This area has changed a lot since September 1st, so have I
This area has changed a lot since September 1st, so have I

Since September 1st, many changes have taken place for me, but one of the bigger ones was that I decided to take a social media vacation during September.

I did this to see where I wanted to go with my online identity and to take a close look at how I used social media.

No, this didn’t mean that I went completely cold turkey from all forms of social media, but it did mean that participating in all the various forms of social media, went from being what I considered was my job and a major part of my life, to something less important, much less important.

During this time I have purposely deleted social media accounts, pages, groups, communities, logged out of and stopped participating in many forms of social media.

Also I turned off all social media notifications on my devices, which had caused me to act like Pavlov’s dog – automatically clicking on a pop-up to see what was going on or stop what I was doing and pull-out my phone.

Looking back, I know that I needed to do this – badly. It seemed that I was participating in some form of social media, just about all the time. Over the past 18 months it got to be too much. Continue reading “A Social Media Vacation”

Things Happen For A Reason

Isn’t life funny how things work sometimes.

Yesterday, I got an email from a Brand, one that I really like a lot and now use daily. The email let me know that I had been accepted as a wear-tester and the obligations I would have.

This opportunity would have meant that I would have gotten some free gear, represented the brand at various events/races, been able to write product reviews, event recaps on my blog and meet some really great people as a result of participating in the program.

As recently as a couple of months ago, this would have been a great – no a fantastic opportunity and something that I had actively been working towards doing.

Unfortunately, I had to decline.

My decision to turn this down was not made lightly or easily.  Continue reading “Things Happen For A Reason”

There are Many Kinds of Bloggers

While going through my old posts, every so often I come across one that just seems to fit where I am now. When I do, I plan to update it and republish it.  I originally wrote this back on June 15, 2011, right before I left teaching and it really seems to fit a lot of things that I have thought about over the past month.

Who are the “real” bloggers?

While reading the blogs in my RSS feed lately and my Twitter feeds I have noticed the following topics continuing to dominate what is being written about blogs and bloggers: Continue reading “There are Many Kinds of Bloggers”

Why Do I Blog About my Daily Training Runs

I have been asked more than a couple of times, why do I bother to put my daily training results up on A Veteran Runnah, in addition to my other posts on running, tips/tricks or product reviews.

Also over the past few months I have read several times where others online see writing about how you are doing running, as someone who is bragging about what they are doing and how great they are!

Hmmmmm is that really what I am doing or appearing to do to others?

If that is the case, maybe I better explain my thinking a little more.

So why do I put my daily training log up here?

If you know me in real life, I think you know it is not me bragging about how “great” I am.

I know my limitations and lack of “greatness”.  As runners go, I not not and never have been nationally ranked, regionally ranked or even locally ranked, I just go out, run as much as I can, compete mostly against myself if I am racing (although I am a little competitive still and don’t like to be passed too much), do the best that I can that day and attempt to keep smiling, no matter the results.

Do I have an ego, sure – we all do that is nothing earth-shattering. I admit that enjoy sharing my trials, tribulations and occasional triumphs with others in the online world. The words of support or congratulations are part of the online running community’s way to help us each get through tough times or celebrate the good with one another (just the same as you would with friends in real life).

In the past this type of thing/communication was limited to just a few people, now we have a much larger group of people to share both with. I am active in my support of others, so it is not me just constantly taking and taking from the community – I give back as well.

I have found it is good to have a place where you have your training logs and being able to go back and read about your good days and bad days, can be motivating or humbling. These daily RunLog posts that I write are for the future me, to come back to read and see if there are trends developing to help me improve my running, figure out why I got injured and reflect back on a different time in my life.

However, the real reason that I write about my daily training runs is that as a 55+ year old, I hope to inspire others (both younger and even older), that they can run, train hard and still have fun also. I never believed or thought that I would be running or training, with this kind of intensity, level or enjoyment 2 years ago or even a year ago.

I want others to see that it can be done, after all I am just a pretty average guy and if I can do it…others can as well.

My running log posts focus on how and what I am feeling that day, with how I really did, not some artificial story, that leads you to believe that I am all that and everything is great all the time. Some days are really great, others really suck, that is life and I really believe it is how you get through the days that suck, that really make the difference.

Those are the reasons that I put up my daily training and no they are nothing earth shattering – I know that. However, I plan to keep posting my daily running logs and sharing them with you on various social media outlets. If I come across as bragging about what I am doing, that isn’t my intent.

It is because I am genuinely excited about something I have accomplished that I didn’t think that I could, has been a goal of mine for a long time or something as simple as getting through a tough workout, when I didn’t want to do it. Like yesterday’s post on achieving a sub 20:00 minute 5K on the treadmill. I shared it because I was excited about what I had achieved, not to say see how great I am.

If I just posted the above screenshot, daily from my training log spreadsheet, while it gives the numbers, it does not the story behind the numbers or a glimpse into the person who created those numbers.

What do you think and why do you share your “story” on social media?

How has the move Back to Blogger Gone?

That is the big question that I had when I first made the decision to move A Veteran Runnah back to Blogger, just over 10 days ago – How will moving back to Blogger work out?

I knew when I made the decision on March 6th, that I would have some issues, more than likely I would take a couple of months to build readership back up and at best it would be a pain in the butt.

Looking back, there is no doubt that this some of move was definitely a pain in the butt!

So what were the biggest

URL Change

Changing all of the website links to my new URL – — RSS Feeds, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google/Bing Webmaster and other websites, forums etc.

Eventually I will have to update my business cards to my new URL, but everything takes time.

Old Blog Posts

Moving my old posts from WordPress to Blogger, can’t be done quickly or easily, since you can’t simply import WordPress posts directly to Blogger. Luckily I had my old original blogger AVR blog and was able to transfer almost 200 posts that way, but the rest of the posts were done manually – in other words, I had to: cut, past, double-check things and publish over 250 post by hand.

Due to the number of posts that I had on WordPress I had almost 900 post there, I decided to just bring forward the non-running log posts and leave my running log entries there on my other blog. As of today I have 493 posts on my Blogger blog.  I still want to go through all the posts one more time to spell check, ensure that the photos look right, just double-check everything.


The other thing that was a real pain, is the same thing that originally drove me away from Blogger, getting the theme to work correctly. Having to use free themes and modify them meet my needs is really hard for me, especially since I don’t have any training in HTML or CSS coding. I finally found a theme that is fairly easy to modify, looks pretty good and does what I want. It took a big investment of time to get it to where it is now and there are still some things that I need to improve – so it is a work in progress, but very close to what I want.

Big surprise

The biggest surprise that I have had is that my daily stats have increased significantly, since I moved back to Blogger, which is complete the opposite of what I would have expected. Do I expect this to continue – to be honest no I don’t, but it would be great if it did.

Overall, I have had a good experience moving back to Blogger, but it took a lot more work than I thought it would to get where I am now. I still feel as though I have another couple of days of work to get it completely the way I want it – especially the theme, which needs a little more TLC.

If I had to go back to March 6th with what I know now and all the extra work that I have had to do as a result of my choice, would I still move back to Blogger?

I would give my choice a resounding “YES!”

Being on Blogger, just feels more comfortable for me and the way that I want to do things. I know that in another week or so, I will be able to just work on blogging and all the back-end stuff is being taken care of by Google, not me.

Are there drawbacks to being on Blogger, sure – but for me the positives far outweigh the negatives.

For someone else who has different needs and wants your choice might be different, for me moving back to Blogger was the right choice,


Making Progress on the Move Back to Blogger

I have to admit that this move to Blogger is going to be a lot of work that will probably take most of the month to get done.

This morning it took about 3 hours of trial and error coding to get the theme to look close to what I want. I have never received training on how to code HTML or CSS, so it takes me 2-3 times longer to make changes and even then they don’t always work the way I want.

I didn’t like the stock background for my theme and found one that I could modify and really fits into my blog’s description:

Do NOT go quietly into the Night!

The way that it goes from light to dark really adds a little subliminal visual to that description. This is probably the happiest that I have ever been with any of the Blogger themes that I have used. It still isn’t quite the way I want it yet, but I need to give it a couple of days, to see what I have to do next.

Then this afternoon, I found out that I could undelete my original A Veteran Runnah blog and was able to export the old posts there, up until 1/24/12 and then import/publish them quickly here. However, the bad part of that was that I added in around 200 labels that I didn’t want, so I had to take a couple of hours of going through and deleting all the labels that I don’t want in my Table of Contents page.

Although it has only been a day, I think that I have made a lot of progress.

Overall, I am still very comfortable with my decision to move back to Blogger and the sooner that I go ahead get everything back the way I want it, the happier I will be.

I am Moving Back to Blogger

Over the past couple of days and one pretty much sleepless night, I have had a lot of thinking to do about my blog A Veteran Runnah. Now my blog means a lot to me. I love writing and sharing my running life, along with occasional glimpses into other parts of my life you hope that you are enjoying it as well.

However due to the reasons that I listed in my post Moving Back to Blogger and some others, I am going to move A Veteran Runnah from this self-hosted blog back to Blogger.

Unfortunately, moving from a WordPress blog to a Blogger blog is not easy and it will take a while for everything to be moved. So I plan to keep the lights on heah for quite a while longer, but I do not anticipate adding new posts to this web address.

I hope that you decide to continue reading A Veteran Runnah at its new home and update you Feeds or email preferences.

A Veteran Runnah