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Category: Social Media

iSmoothRun Running App Review

I don’t know about you, but since I returned to having a Smartphone in October (an iPhone 4S), it is with me about 90% of the time. Besides being my phone, […]

Social Media and Running

Or in my case Running and Social Media. Oh – is it that those Twitter or Facebook things, that Google+ is trying to horn in on or is it more? […]

Just A Reminder AVR is now Self-Hosted

Hi Everyone This is just a reminder that I have moved A Veteran Runnah to a self-hosted blog. If you have subscribed to my blog via the subscription […]

A Veteran Runnah is Now Self-Hosted

I did it! This weekend I decided to switch over A Veteran Runnah to a self-hosted blog. Why? I was very happy at, it did most everything that […]

I Can’t Wait!!!

Over the past month, I have been pushing myself to get back into the swing of working. That’s right me – that guy who sort-of retired last year. Believe it […]

Updating the Theme

What’s going on? I have been trying different themes as I approach my 6 month anniversary of blogging on as my blog host. To attempt to give A Veteran […]

Change Means – No Change

Over the past couple of weeks I have thought about what comes next, as far as my online footprint and social media presence. In today’s competitive world of job searching, I […]

Veterans’ Networking Session 4-23-12

I was invited to attend the Veterans’ Networking session today at the Augusta Career Center and got to listen to Patrick Therrien’s – Technology & Education Training Specialist presentation on […]

Old Guy Job Search Begins

Over the past month I have been going back and forth between staying in retirement (and finding a part-time job) or rejoining the workforce somewhere I can use my experience […]

Back to Windows

PC vs. Mac, the age old dispute continues in the Shaw household. So what does this have to do with a running blog? My computer is how I stay connected […]

Runners – Who Do You Listen To?

Many, if not most runners have a problem with listening. It isn’t that we don’t listen enough to what others tell us about running, sometimes I think we listen too […]

Brand Loyalty in Running

Probably it is better said, the lack of brand loyalty in running – at least from my experience. Brand loyalty is something that companies have tried cultivate with their customers, ever […]

Welcome to A Veteran Runnah

Running has been one of my passions for many years. It has helped me through some very tough times, is part of some fantastic memories and allowed me to meet […]