Exploring Bond Brook Trails – RunLog 8-24-18

After yesterday’s harder run, I wanted to go easy this morning. At the same time, I know that I am in one of my – I am feeling good phases and knowing myself as well as I do, running slow when I am feeling this good is difficult.

So I needed to find a way to slow myself down.

Actually there is a surefire way to ensure that I run slow – go find a woods trail.

In this area Bond Brook Recreation Area in Augusta meets that definition quite nicely. No, it is not the mountain trails you read about running in magazines or blogs, but for the local area – it will get my attention and slow me down.

Besides if I don’t slow down I will come out leaking red stuff and probably have ingested a bit of the local dirt. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Continue reading “Exploring Bond Brook Trails – RunLog 8-24-18”

Trail Running Shoes – How I Really Use Them

There are a lot of sub classes of running shoes, daily trainers, racing flats, light-weight daily trainers, motion control, minimal, maximal, cross country spikes, etc.

Then there are trail running shoes.

Over the years I have owned many different brands, models and makes of trail running shoes, but there is one big thing about that…

I really don’t run that many trails.

Once in a while I might get over to Bond Brook, some the local hiking trails in Waterville, Oakland or out in Belgrade, but I don’t really get on trails that are technical or run far enough on them to actually warrant going out and buying a pair of trail running shoes. Most of the time at least one pair of my current road shoe rotation are more than enough to tackle the trails I run on.

Why then do I think that I need a pair of trail running shoes? Continue reading “Trail Running Shoes – How I Really Use Them”

First Runs in Skechers GoBionic Trails-RunLog 6-19-14

Okay, what is the deal with getting all the last year’s shoes, that are now discontinued and then actually writing like it means something?

Skechers GoBionic Trails
Skechers GoBionic Trails

These shoes are old frigging news and the rest of the world has moved on to newer, brighter and shinier shoes that are hip and now.

For the Long Explanation and what I thought about the GoBionic Trails read through, otherwise – it came down to where and how much I actually run in trail shoes, yes – price was a factor and yep, I like them.

After my other trail shoes decided to take a divit out of my right middle toe, which is an automatic no more of this crap for me. I decided that I needed a different pair of trail running shoes, since my GoRun Ride 2’s definitely are not trail shoes and nothing else in my collection works well on the trails I run on.

So much to TheWife’s displeasure I went out and got another pair of running shoes.

Yep I went back in the dog house – hmmm when did I get out from last time…I guess I must have escaped or something. ๐Ÿ™‚ Continue reading “First Runs in Skechers GoBionic Trails-RunLog 6-19-14”

Quarry Road Trail 5K Race Recap – 6-10-14

Quarry Road 5K 6-10-14 Photo3 - by TJ Wheeler
Quarry Road 5K 6-10-14 Photo3 – by TJ Wheeler

Race #2 in the Quarry Road Summer Trail Series. So far 2/2 and still having fun with volunteering for setup/cleanup and running the races in between.

Here is the link to the Central Maine Striders Facebook Group page with pre and post race photos. No during the race photos this year from me.

  • Distance: 3.1
  • Time: 27:08
  • Pace: 8:44
  • Shoes: Skechers GoRun Ride 2. A slight change here, I added in the removable rock plate from some old Altra Superiors to reduce pointy rock syndrome. Once I trimmed them a little, it worked like a charm.
  • Place: 28/69

I started out comfortably and didn’t push the pace at the beginning, my plan was to get past the first hill and then pick up the pace, which is what I did until between 2.0 and 2.5 miles, when I took a digger and ate dirt. I got back up and started running again, but had to stop to check out the damage – nothing serious, a few scraps and embedded dirt and a little blood, but hey the trail gods demand that once in a while. ๐Ÿ˜‰

However, I just couldn’t get the pace back and just plodded in. Continue reading “Quarry Road Trail 5K Race Recap – 6-10-14”

Yeah Probably Too Much – RunLog 6-6-14

Bennie with a Doggie Smile
Bennie with a Doggie Smile

What are you talking about Harold?

I admit it, I probably did a little too much today, not enough to hurt anything, but enough to have my hammie feel a little more sore than it has.

What to hell did you do that for?

Well that is the story, I guess.

This morning I did my usual Mobilization, some stretching, the Kenetic Revolution 30 Day Challenge exercises and then it was time to do Bennie’s long walk. Well yesterday, I got this GREAT or GRAND idea to start running a mile a day with him (cheap extra mileage and good for him).

So we did a little over a mile this morning, we both felt pretty good, my arm wasn’t completely ripped out its socket as I attempted to be his anchor and I wasn’t whipped into the ditch suddenly, as he decided to dart off on the trail of some critter. We stopped for a car that was flying by on the dirt road and walked up to the tar section on Blake.

This was about a half mile and gave him time to re-load from the puddles and do his duties. Continue reading “Yeah Probably Too Much – RunLog 6-6-14”

Quarry Road 3K Trail Race and BBQ

Quarry Road 3k Start
Quarry Road 3k Start

I ran in my first race since I hurt my hamstring, no I didn’t race, I just ran slowly and enjoyed the run – not something that I can honestly say I have done very often, when I am supposed to be racing.

If you want to see the race photos I took here is the link to the Central Maine Striders Facebook Group.

Hell, I was even relaxed to start the race and didn’t need to line-up 10 minutes early, just so I wouldn’t leave.

It felt good .

Yes, like a big dummy, I was so excited about finishing with the little guy, I forgot to turn off my watch – oh well, not too worried about it.

I was a good boy and didn’t push the hammie too hard and when it started to bark a little after the first mile, I slowed down a little more. It only reminded me not to go hard down the hills or up them, and didn’t bother when I was on the short flat sections. Continue reading “Quarry Road 3K Trail Race and BBQ”

Finally A Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 1-30-14

Sorry, I got reading a book last night and wanted to finish it, so my recap of yesterday’s run got delayed until this morning.

Yesterday was a great winter day, the temps were in the mid-20’s with a 5-10 mph breeze out of the south, with bright sunshine.

Running on the snowmobile trail
Running on the snowmobile trail

Yes, I finally got to run on the snowmobile trails up back!!!! Yeah, yippee and all that other stuff.

There was enough snow on them that it was safe to run.ย ย ย  Continue reading “Finally A Snowmobile Trail Run – RunLog 1-30-14”

Augusta Rail Trail Mistake and PI N1 Trails-Great Performance

Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails
Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails

This morning I had to take TheWife’s Jeep in for some repairs, which were going to take at least a couple of hours. Now I am not keen on sitting in an auto repair shop’s waiting room for 2 hours. So instead I went for a run. Well sort of, kind of, err well yes I did.

What are you talking about?

Yes, I went for a run from ACAR in Augusta. The temp was 29F, which meant with all the melting that happened yesterday, that there was plenty of black ice around, just waiting for me to not be concentrating on what I was running on.

Then I did something dumb, now let’s be honest – stoopid! I decided to go on the Rail Trail. Which is usually one of my favorite places to run in Augusta. However, today it was not the smartest move I have ever made, but it gave me a chance to give the Pearl Izumi EM/N1 Trails a great torture test on how they would do in nasty stuff. Continue reading “Augusta Rail Trail Mistake and PI N1 Trails-Great Performance”

Winter Trail Run at UMA – RunLog 12-17-13

IMG_20131217_143716_893I. JUST. COULD. NOT. DO. IT.

I couldn’t get on the treadmill again today, I needed more variety than the people watching I was doing at the gym.

As much as I do not like below zero weather/wind chills, I had to get outside and run. I couldn’t run around the house, the roads were still a little too icy, narrow, with too many vehicles (going too fast for the conditions) and I got to see how down back was while walking with Bennie earlier.

Neither was an option that I wanted to do.

That left me a choice, go run around Colby, the Rail Trail in Augusta or something that I really got excited about when I thought about it. Running the trails over at UMA in Augusta.

The trails are not really that technical and it usually is fairly well-traveled, so I expected paths to run on and a fairly easy trail run.

I was mistaken. Continue reading “Winter Trail Run at UMA – RunLog 12-17-13”

Tough Start and CMS Nooner Group Run – RunLog 11-20-13

Today started out pretty tough, as I was getting ready to walk Bennie, I looked over and Joey (our black cat) was nudging his brother Domino, who looked like he was sleeping on the couch. Unfortunately, he wasn’t. He had died sometime during the night. Domi looked as though he just went to sleep and didn’t wake up.

The boys Domino "Domi", Joey and Bennie. Domi was the one who passed away today.
The boys Domino “Domi”, Joey and Bennie

This was totally unexpected, so it was a tough morning. We consider our cats and dog a part of our family and they are our friends as well, so it wasn’t a good morning – to say the least. I might be an old tough guy on the surface, but when it comes down to it – let’s just say I am not.

Central Maine Striders Group Run

The good thing was that today was also the Central Maine Striders “Nooner” Group run, which starts over at the Alfond Youth Center. It was only the second time, so we are still getting the word out and establishing that we are going to do it year round. So for a while the running group will be smallish, but hey we are trying. It was also a good way to take my mind off what happened to Domi. Continue reading “Tough Start and CMS Nooner Group Run – RunLog 11-20-13”