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Category: Training Tips

Focus On What YOU Still CAN Do

Bennie asking whatcha talking about? I was visiting my old work today and had a conversation with a former co-worker. It was a great conversation and we got caught up […]

In Training vs Just Running

Sometimes we get things confused and in training versus just running is one that usually bites me square in the arse. What do you mean Harold? Aren’t they the same […]

Re-Thinking How I Train

After making the difficult decision, not to run in the Marine Corps Marathon, I have a choice: either wallow in despair or make it an opportunity to become a better […]

Does a Faster Cadence Help?

Over the past couple of months I have read a few “how to run better” books and some of them talk about using a metronome to help you run at a higher cadence (about […]

Running Log Spreadsheet Template

Over the course of the past couple of months I have been asked by others on Twitter and Google+ what I was using for my log that you see in […]