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Why Review Old Running Shoe Models

Why in the hell are you still doing reviews on older than dirt running shoes? You know what I am talking about those running shoes that I write about, which […]

A Ying Yang Run — 9/2/13

Have you ever had one of those runs, where everything seemed to go wrong to go right! That was my running today. Got up to a¬†downpour, first dog walk got […]

This Sucks Royal Donkey Balls

This morning, I am more than a little frustrated, down, pissed and all those other useless words we use to describe how we feel when we planned and wanted to […]

Treadmill Speed Work – 8/27/13

Yes, I know what the PT told me and all that other stuff. Sometimes, well let’s be honest, most of the time I am not a good patient and I […]

No Graduation Today – RunLog 8-26-13

Today was the day I was supposed to graduate to no adult supervision in regards to physical therapy for my Achilles tendon. Didn’t happen! I took most of the month […]

Not An Expert

Over on Reddit, I published one of my blog posts last week and got the following comment: So what makes this guy an expert on being an expert? The person […]

Quick 3.0 Miler – RunLog 8/24/13

After yesterday’s run, I was more than a little worried last night and when I woke up this morning about how my left leg was going to be doing. Getting […]

Another Back Cove Run – 8/22/13

Today I was in Portland (Maine) and had time to run around Back Cove, so I did :-). I originally planned to do 2 laps around the Cove, but with […]

Head Clearing 7.0 Miler – 8/17/13

If you read my earlier post on What is Important, the title will mean something to you, otherwise…well let’s just say I needed some running therapy this afternoon and did […]