Not An Expert

Bennie and I
Bennie and I

Over on Reddit, I published one of my blog posts last week and got the following comment:

So what makes this guy an expert on being an expert?

The person later added a comment that they were not being critical and that it was just sarcasm. Which was cool.

However, it did get me to thinking and it was a good thing!

Who to hell am I and what am I an expert on or at least fairly knowledgeable of that i should be writing about it here?

  • I am an expert on Harold Shaw and the things that I have done and would like to do.
  • I am still a certified Special Education Teacher in Maine and have over 10 years experience working in Special Education.
  • I have used personal computers since the old Commodore Vic 20’s came out.
  • I have been a blogger for almost 6 years and published over 3,000 blog posts in that time.
  • I have been a runnah since 1971 and involved with post school distance running since 1976.
  • I have dealt with race anxiety since 1974 and it affected me to the point where I did not race very much (1-2 times) from 1986 to 2012.
  • I have been a shoe whore and snob for many years, who loves to try the newest and greatest running shoes – even though that might be changing if the brand I am using continues to impress me like they have so far.
  • I can share my experience with my injuries and how medical professionals treat an old cranky coot, who doesn’t like what they have to say very often (good and bad).
  • I am resilient and have a positive attitude about most things.

What I am not: Continue reading “Not An Expert”

Quick 3.0 Miler – RunLog 8/24/13

This is from yesterday morning, but today looked almost exactly the same - gorgeous day.
This is from yesterday morning, but today looked almost exactly the same – gorgeous day.

After yesterday’s run, I was more than a little worried last night and when I woke up this morning about how my left leg was going to be doing.

Getting out of bed was the usual struggle with my accumulated aches and pains that are just part of the deal and thankfully my Achilles felt about the same that it has for the past couple of weeks – stiff and a little uncomfortable to start out with. However, once I got moving around on it, it started to loosen up to the point that I didn’t notice it unless I was focusing on how it felt.

That was good news!!! Continue reading “Quick 3.0 Miler – RunLog 8/24/13”

Listening to What the Body Says – 8/23/13

Looking back towards Annie's Variety
Looking back towards Annie’s Variety. As you can see there is not much room on the shoulder when a vehicle flies by.

What a gorgeous day!!!

Mid 70’s, low humidity and lots of sun – The sun might not be all that great for running, but it still was nice.

I had planned to run into downtown Augusta, where the Rail Trail starts and then walk back up to where TheWife works, but those plans got changed about half-way there.

Let’s start at the beginning.

I started out slow and worked again on my downhill running technique and felt very good through the first couple of miles. However, when I got out the Middle Road, I knew it was going to be a long 5.0 miles until I got to Outer Civic Center Drive.

People were driving absolutely crazy today. I don’t know if everyone has summer fever, it’s the last weekend before most of the schools in the area start or because it is almost Labor Day or simply that it was a NICE Friday afternoon. Continue reading “Listening to What the Body Says – 8/23/13”

Another Back Cove Run – 8/22/13

Back Cove, Portland, ME
Back Cove, Portland, ME

Today I was in Portland (Maine) and had time to run around Back Cove, so I did :-).

I originally planned to do 2 laps around the Cove, but with it being 89 degrees (according to the big clock downtown) when I stepped out of the truck, I decided then and there that one lap would be enough and that I would go over to the Maine Running Company afterwards to look for a couple of things

The other thing I did differently today is that I forgot my Garmin and only had my regular Timex Ironman watch, so no mile splits to know when and where I slowed down and all that other data, I like to look at after a run to see how I did.

To be honest, I felt strange running without it, know that the only data that I would be able to review would be my time. Today reminded me of those days back in the Dark Ages, where I all I would have for data would the time and a guesstimate on the distance, I would have to figure the pace out manually or use a pace chart in the back of my log, which usually was a pain. Continue reading “Another Back Cove Run – 8/22/13”

How to Turn a Bad 8.0 Miler into a Decent 6.0 Miler 8-21-13

Partial Colby Loop 8-21-13
Partial Colby Loop 8-21-13

Okay today was one of those slog-it out runs where I just keep repeating Just Put One Foot In Front of the Other.

Let’s back up a little bit

I had planned to run an easy 8.0 miler, just going for the distance, not any particular time, but a few things got in my way

  • Leaving the house an hour and a half later start than I had planned, which meant according to Fred’s Coffee when I ran by it as already 82 degree and stupid humidity (I don’t care what the Garmin Stats temp reading says. On the way home when I drove by it was reading 88 degrees, so when I started walking it was probably around 86.
  • Trying something different for breakfast before the run, 2 fried eggs, a bunch of grapes and water. NO COFFEE needless to say that experiment sucked raw eggs, I won’t be fueling on that combination before a run again any time soon.
  • A real runner’s problem, I couldn’t get my Garmin to connect to the satellites, so I spent 15 minutes waiting to get the damn signal, sometimes I really wonder why I put up with the GPS crap. Oh that’s right I like the data after the run, but I could live without it, I have in the past and could really just go to the time instead of mileage based measurement.
  • Finally, right before I took off, I decided it would be a GREAT idea to stop in the gym, so I wouldn’t have to find the poison ivy bushes that abound along this route in place where I could have a little bit of privacy.  Continue reading “How to Turn a Bad 8.0 Miler into a Decent 6.0 Miler 8-21-13”

Head Clearing 7.0 Miler – 8/17/13

IMG_20130816_095608_317If you read my earlier post on What is Important, the title will mean something to you, otherwise…well let’s just say I needed some running therapy this afternoon and did a 7.0 mile therapy session.

It worked, I got the tumbled-up thoughts fairly well straightened out and feel a lot better than i did before the run.

I still think my Garmin is a bit looney, because i know that I wasn’t going that fast during the first mile, I purposely kept it slow, because of Thursday night’s track workout. My left Posterior Tibulous (sp) is still bothering me a little too much to push very hard, it will heal, but is taking it damn sweet time.

However, it was a gorgeous day and I actually felt good running through the first 5.0 miles of the run, but coming up that little bump after i get back on the dirt road, my left foot, started to bother more and by the time I got to the Steven’s Lower Gate, I knew that it wasn’t going to be good if i pushed to make it up Steven’s Hill, Continue reading “Head Clearing 7.0 Miler – 8/17/13”

Tech Frustrations on Today’s Run – 8-15-13

Gorgeous Day, but there are some color in the leaves already and it is only Mid-Augus
Gorgeous Day, but there are some color in the leaves already and it is only Mid-August

I am not going to whine and complain, well too much any way!

I don’t know about you, but when your GPS whatever screws up, it sure makes for a frustrating run. Today when I looked down at the distance for my first lap around my course, it read .72, well this wouldn’t be a problem, but for the last 2 years this same spot has been .91 to .94 on a variety of GPS devices. It wasn’t that big of a deal, because I changed it from a long run to an easy recovery run – after yesterday’s TOUGH for me track workout. However, if it had been a different run, that would have bugged me to no end.

We pay good money to have our GPS be fairly accurate and when it is 0.2 miles off in the first mile, it kinda takes the wind out of my sails. Just something else to throw you off. Oh I know that we all say that we don’t really look at the time/distance, etc. on those devices, mmmmmmm bullshit, we do and it bothers us because when we get done running, our mileage and stats are screwed up. Which does frustrate the hell out of me, I work hard to run and this is about the only place in my life, where I give a rats ass about statistics. Continue reading “Tech Frustrations on Today’s Run – 8-15-13”

First Track Workout Since the Injury 8-15-13

Colby Track 8-15-13
Colby Track 8-15-13

I was looking forward to this track workout today for a lot of reasons, but mostly because I do like the track.

It would also be a good check of where I am with both my fitness level and how my Achilles tendon will hold up to a more demanding/faster workout.

WOW!!! Without a doubt I learned so much about myself tonight.

It was definitely humbling and one that I needed to know how much more work I need to do to get to where I want to be. Now that I know where I am, it is going to motivate me to work harder to improve. Continue reading “First Track Workout Since the Injury 8-15-13”

Champions 10K Course 8/14/13

Champions 10k CourseWith all the excitement of starting this new blog and TheWife being on vacation this week, I haven’t been very good about posting my daily runs.

Yes, I have still been running this week, just not writing about it, hell I even missed my weekly summary from last week, while we were in New Hampshire.

I have to figure out the new format that I am going to use to log my training runs, but I imagine that will evolve over time. I will get into what else I did this week in my weekly summary – so how did my run go yesterday?

It was a gorgeous morning, fairly high humidity and the sun came out about half an hour into the run, which made it a lot hotter than I wanted, but I did get a later start than I had planned, so I can’t blame anyone but myself. Continue reading “Champions 10K Course 8/14/13”

Ron Paquette 5K Recap 8-4-13

Happy birthday to the U.S. Coast Guard! Yes today is also Coast Guard Day and since I served for over 20 years as a Coastie, I am and always will be one and tip my hat to those who still serve.

DSCN0097Today was the day to also honor Ron Paquette, Maine Running Hall of Famer and fellow member of the Central Maine Striders at the Ron Paquette Riverfest 5K.

I have gotten to know Ron and Donnajean a lot better this summer while we have been volunteering during the Quarry Road Trail Series.



Ron Paquette Bio

They are both fantastic people and a lot of fun to be around.

I wouldn’t have missed this opportunity to run in the inaugural event to honor Ron.


So how did the race go for me?

I did what I wanted, made it through another race, without hurting myself and had my best 5K pace post injury, so it was a successful run.

I am still out of shape and under restrictions when I run, so I try to behave myself for the most part or at least until at least August 26th, when I should be discharged from PT, but it is giving me some time to build up my base mileage again.

The course was very nice and had enough bumps to add in some challenge, that a straight flat course doesn’t do. The race directors Kassie and Kate did a fantastic job and it is a race that I plan to do again next year.

I started out a little faster than I planned because I didn’t want to get bunched up on the footbridge that crosses the Kennebec, and then I slowed to a more realistic for me now pace.

Once I settled into a nice pace, only a couple of runners many passed me and I passed a couple, otherwise from about the 1/2 mile point on I stayed pretty much in place.

My Achilles did act up a little while crossing back across the footbridge, so I forced myself to slow down on the road and even more when I got to the bump in Coburn Park,


until I got back to the last straight-away and did  push a little harder than I have in a while.

Garmin Stats 8-4-13

What I notice the most is how even the pace was. Overall I ran a very controlled race and stayed close to the parameters that the PT has set for me (I am supposed to stay around 8:00 minute pace, so a 7:34 pace overall is close enough in my book) Winking smile

I am still being very conservative and when the heel started to tighten up, I slowed down just enough to stop it from bothering (if I go too fast it lets me know that I am being stupid in no uncertain terms). I don’t want to have to go through another recovery process, because I pushed too hard during a race and didn’t listen to my body. I promised my PT that I would only run the races, not race them, so I am trying hard to follow my promise.

I finished 14th overall and was very happy with the run..

Additional Runs

I did a 1.0 mile warm-up and then after we got done doing the green beans (that is the only problem with having a garden the product doesn’t just pick, chop and can itself).

Yes, I wanted to take out my new running shoes I got for my birthday (a few days early) last night to see how they felt. I was really liking them a lot, but about a quarter  mile from the house the heavens opened up (it was pouring rain) and a about 1/2 mile down the road from where I was lightning struck with the corresponding boom that scared the shit out of me.

Needless to say, I turned around and hoofed it home pretty quickly. I have a feeling that the shoes will get their first real run in them tomorrow, but in the short distance I ran in them, I was very impressed!

RunLog 8-4-13