July 2019 – Basically A Bonus Month

Looking back at July 2019, there is no doubt in my mind that any running that I got done during it, was bonus mileage/running. Back on June 5th, I suffered some kind of a stress fracture/reaction to my left Tibia and the Doc told me that I wouldn’t be running for 6-8 weeks and that the probability would be longer before I would be running comfortably.

Okay me being me, I started running again a little before July 1st. No, it was not always pain-free and definitely not comfortable, but by the end of July, I had put over 140 miles on the legs and had a good double workout on July 31st that was a huge confidence builder.

My favorite photo from July was:

Running unfortunately, was not the focus of July.

Nope, we have been doing some serious upgrades/repairs to the house and the daily schedule was dominated by the needs of the contractor, not my need to get out and run around or eat decently. Not having a real kitchen puts a huge kink in eating well. Instead you go more for what is easiest to fix and then clean-up – definitely not always the healthiest.

By far the major piece of the puzzle was the kitchen/dining room repair/remodel. The old cabinets were beginning to fall apart and was cramped. Now we have a completely different look and more open design the kitchen/dining room areas.

On the outside we made more major repairs and in this case a huge addition. For as long as I have lived here Mary and I have talked about getting a deck for out back. Well this year we finally stopped yapping about it and actually took action.

Two windows gone, one moved and a door to our new deck. We have already spent some quality time out there. Oh yeah, those cement steps were sledgehammered into submission and have been replaced by a nice set of fiberglass steps. We don’t use the back door very often now, instead we step out onto our fine, new deck.

We still have a bit of work to go, but that won’t start for a couple of weeks – thank goodness. It gives us enough time to do the little touches that we can do ourselves and save some decent money (more running shoes for me 😉 ), like add a storm/screen door to the deck, paint, change out light fixtures – you know all the fun stuff.


Okay let’s get back to what I did accomplish on the running side of the coin during July.

First and most importantly instead of taking the doctor predicted goose egg for July, I got in over 140 miles for the month. Which surprised me a LOT and during this time I got to think a lot more about what I want from my running. The answer I came up with is to enjoy it more, not sweat the small stuff and yeah, just run.

One thing is that I focused a LOT more on enjoying my running and am starting to take the advice that Sam W keeps telling me, that I need to slow down. I was getting a bit quicker each month and I have a feeling that it was part of the problem back in June. So I am purposely working on running my easy runs…well easy. 🙂

I also updated my RunLog spreadsheet to focus on things that I want to track versus all the extraneous stuff that I was worrying about before. One thing that I did add in is course records for different distances/courses, as a quick reference of where I am in comparison to where I was.

I know that I will slow down a bit each year, but I still want to slow down the slow down hehehehe.

A quick summary of July’s runs, a lot better month than I had any reason to expect, so I am happy with how well I am running at this point.

Did you notice something – no whining about how hot/muggy it has been. I am still able to run in shorts/t-shirt and not worry too much about footing. A good thing, because the cold weather is going to be here way too soon, so I will enjoy the warm weather while I can.

Running Shoes

I have found my daily trainers – finally and have a pretty good idea on how I will use my go faster shoes. About halfway through July I got tired of my right foot being uncomfortable and dug my old Beacon v1s out of the lawn shoe hole they were in and wonders of wonders, they felt great even with all the miles and lawn work they had seen.

At that point, Bennie ordered a pair of the Beacon v2 as my birthday present and I thought that I could nurse the v1s to that point. As much as I wanted to the Beacon v1 were not quite up to the challenge and I got the v2 out of the box a little earlier than I expected.

New Balance Beacon 2 – These have just gone over the 50 mile mark and I do believe that I have found my daily trainers. They are comfortable, quiet and allow me to forget about my shoes while running. So far so good I will be putting together a 50 mile review on them sometime over the next week.

Nike Zoom Fly SP – They fit well and I run well in them. I still need to get more time in them, but that hot track workout that I did last Tuesday, these were by far the fastest feeling shoes that I wore that day. The jury is out on them, but they have made an early favorable impression.

Reebok RunFast – I had forgotten why I loved them so much last year until that hot track workout and they were very, very close to the ZF SP in how they felt. However, I still remember too well how much discomfort I had to endure on the flex point on the inside of my right forefoot. I gotta get a longer workout in them to see if that still bother or not. However, if the weather is nasty, these are the shoes I would choose to go faster in.

Salomon RA Max v1 – I love the feel, but the right forefoot just doesn’t work for me and my bunionette. Otherwise it was a pair of running shoes that I felt helped me get beyond the stress fracture/reaction quicker with their Vibe technology and how it reduces the tibial vibration.

Salomon Sense Ride – My trail/hiking shoes and they do great whenever I use them. Unfortunately, I just haven’t done a lot of trail running or hiking this summer. I am planning to do more, but it seems that something always gets in the way lately. Hopefully that changes as I move into August and beyond.

If this rotation doesn’t work, I still have a pair of the Zoom Fly v1, Adidas Tempo 9, Brooks Green Silence, Nike Wildhorse 5 (NIB), plus a few others that I have squirreled away.


I am still none for 2019 and I really am fine with it. Even if I don’t race, I still enjoy running fast in training, it is a part of my personality. Although, I am planning on doing a few races in August and September and might be looking at running, not racing the Maine Marathon Half Marathon. We will see.

The reality is that

July 2019 was a LOT better month of running than I expected on the 1st. The old body healed up enough that I was able to run a pretty good number of miles and not do further damage while doing it.

My running shoe rotation is getting smaller and hopefully more consistent, but New Balance shoes have always fit my feet the best, until the Beacon line came out, it was more that I didn’t like the feel underfoot that kept me away. The Beacons are a light-weight daily trainer that I could probably race in without too many issues at this point in my running.

However, with the Zoom Fly, I know that I run differently in them and I do not work as hard to run faster, so I will use the SP version as my “go faster” for me shoes. Although in crappy weather, the Reebok RunFasts will run circles around those other two, as long as they don’t bother my right foot anymore. If they do, they will go away and I will find a pair of NB 1400s for that purpose. After all living in Maine, I know that I will get to run fast at many points in crappy weather.

I do have to get my eating back under control and with the kitchen remodel complete, it should be a bit easier than it was during July.

July was a pretty good month, but it was stressful with all the remodeling and everything that goes along with it. The worst of it is over and now there are just a couple of things left that will need to get it done.

The Second Half of 2019 Has Begun

Yep, we are in the second half of 2019 – which is hard to believe, but here we are. Also summah has arrived in Maine and while the humidity levels and temps don’t compare to other parts of the Country, it was purty warmish up heah this last week for me. Not enough that I hit the treadmill, but I did think about it pretty hard on Friday.

I am thankful for a couple of things this week:

First – Running over 25 miles this week was cause for a mini celebration on my part. Especially considering I really wasn’t supposed to actually start running at all until at least July 15th.

So the leg is feeling pretty damn good and I was even able to up the effort level this morning a little to check out how it felt – just fine. The other part is that I did get out on the Bond Brook single-track trails and while I was very slow – I could tell that I was working pretty hard.

Second – The kitchen/dining room remodel is making progress and should be done in a couple of weeks. All the changes and prep work take time to do them correctly and when you add in the 4th of July four day weekend, well you just have to be patient. Although I do have to admit living out of boxes and working my running schedule around the remodeling is getting rather old. 😉


As I get back to running the more I find myself moving back to the Running by Feel method of training. I have a pretty good handle on what works for me and as long as I don’t get too stoopid or do the Harold being Harold crap too often I do pretty good with this style of training.

Instead of having a training plan in place for my next race and the pressure that it sometimes brings to complete the workouts as written, I find that having a weekly routine where I have flexibility to do workouts based around how I am feeling that day works better for me at this stage of my running and also yes, my age. I have to do things just a bit differently.

Between re-reading 80/20 Running and Run – The Mind-Body Method of Running by Feel again, they are giving me ideas and confidence to be comfortable with moving back to this kind of training.

We will see how it goes.

Also I really thought about ditching most of my technology this week, but the more I thought about it, I really do like my Garmin GPS 230 watch and the freedom it gives me to explore new routes, go for a bike ride and have the run automatically posted to Strava.

The one thing I did was get rid of a bunch of fields I was logging in my spreadsheet that don’t really have a lot of bearing on my running.

Also I did retire my Milestone foot pod, because the data it was providing was not quite what I needed to track in my mind. Although it did show that I ran differently in the Zoom Fly compared to other running shoes. The other data points to be honest were not something that I used to improve my running. So it was time to put it in the gym bag for a while.

While these might seem like minor things, when I add them altogether these changes made it so that I really was able to relax and just enjoy my running this week.

Running Shoes

The Salomon Sonic RA Max v1 are doing just fine. They are a nicely cushioned daily trainer that works well on the dirt road down-back and are very comfortable to run in. I will be getting over 50 miles at some point next week and will be thinking about a review of them at that point. More for me to think about the pros and cons of the RA Max than anything.

Unfortunately, my Tailor’s Bunionette is bothering a bit more than it has over the last year, no matter what shoes I have been wearing during the past few weeks. So I have been experimenting a little with different socks or insoles and will probably go find a pair of extra thin ones to see if that makes any difference.

Also I had my first trail run in the Salomon Sense Ride v1 and they did great on the single track over at Bond Brook. Very comfortable shoe and while I am not a huge fan of the lacing, it seems to work good enough that I am not going to mess with it.

Once I get over 50 miles on the RA Max, I am planning to add the Adidas Tempo 9 #2 back into the regular rotation. I do like having a shoe rotation and having only one pair going isn’t – at least in my opinion, what works best for staying more injury free.


What I am putting down the pie-hole is slowly changing, as I cut-back on the sugar and more processed foods. I want to work on eating more foods closer to their original form than I have been. No I am not going Vegan, Keto or Carnivore, but I am focusing more on real foods and moving away from highly processed stuff.

Although I have a feeling that I will be having a weekly Friday pizza, chips and an occasional bowl of ice cream. At this point in my life I am not going to deprive myself, but at the same time, I do know that I have to eat better to run better and be healthy.

The Reality is That

I did more than I expected this week and still feel really good. The leg is not bothering, other than a bit of soreness earlier in the week. Soreness I expect after an injury and as long as the leg is not painful, I can deal with it.

The changes I have made to how I train, getting a grip on how I will be using technology going forward and thinking more about how something actually impacts my running versus just doing it because that is either neat or how I have been doing things right along.

A good example is focusing more on real foods and moving away from the high processed or sugar filled stuff that seemed to find its way into my diet way too much or getting back to having a shoe rotation versus always running in the same shoes.

Although I am a bit concerned about the way my Tailor’s Bunionette is feeling no matter what shoes I am wearing. It is something that I will keep an eye on and try a couple of different things to see if they help.

Yeah, the remodeling is impacting my running with the stresses of living out of boxes, having to deal with strangers in the house all the time and how it affects us all or is that how it inconveniences us all. Even so, I am sure that it will be worth it in the long run, just getting to the finish is taking longer than I want.

The best thing though is that I am running again and it doesn’t hurt me to do it. 🙂

A Surprising Week – Week In Review 5/19/19

Let’s see…I haven’t done a week in review for a while, but with so much going on this week that I want to remember going forward, I figure that I probably should write some of this stuff down here.


I swear every other day it rains and doesn’t give anything around here a chance to dry out. We haven’t even attempted to get into the gardens yet and usually we have at least planted our spring garden and rototilled the big garden by now. I stepped in them and sank almost up to my ankles, so it might be a late planting. The only good thing is that I have only had to mow once so far, instead of the usual 3-4 times that I usually have in past years.

We finally decided to do some work around the house and made a commitment to re-do the dining room, kitchen, master bathroom and some other things that just need to be done on a home that is over 30 years old.

It is a bit daunting and intimidating, especially once the work begins, but after it all gets done we hope that it will make our home better for us as we get older and have different needs going forward. I am sure that I will be writing more than a little about this over the next few months.

My Lenovo Thinkpad X230T has been acting a bit wonky and when I ran a diagnostics on the harddrive, it showed a few bad sectors. At this point I decided to go ahead and get a replacement SSD. Once I got the harddrive cloned, it took about 5:00 minutes to change out the drives. All I did was turn the X230T back on and everything was there. Oh, there was one difference…performance. WOW!!! I didn’t realize how much faster the SSD would make my old Lenovo perform – there  is a noticeable difference.


Oh yeah, my iPhone 7 is still working just fine, you can read about my misadventure with it here. I got lucky, very lucky after submerging it for that long.


Annotation 2019-05-19 170936

I kept pretty close to the Hansons Half Marathon plan, despite the wonderful weather we are having up heah in Maine. While I am doing most of the plan, I am attempting to keep the mileage on the lower side of the scale and when I get to 40 miles for the week, that is about where I want to end up – well most of the time.

Which means that I am being more careful about how many miles that I am doing on my easy days and not attempting to do the cumulative fatigue part of the Hansons plan.

This week’s quality workouts were just that – quality and my slower runs were done at comfortable for me paces – you know the way I am supposed to train. However, if you read my post from this afternoon, you know that tonight I have a bad case of should’a, could’a, would’as and as a result might be looking for a race to actually do at some point in the near future.

Running Shoes

I have basically gone to a two shoe rotation.

Annotation 2019-05-19 212822Nike Epic React v1 – They now have over 100 miles on them and this is the point where I said that I would do a review, so that is coming at some point this coming week. So far I have liked running in them, they are comfortable don’t bother my feet to run in them at any speed or distance. The Epic Reacts do everything that I want from a daily trainer.

Nike Zoom Fly v1 – Ah the Zoom Fly v1s, I haven’t decided if they are a maximal light-weight trainer or a race day/go fast for me running shoe. What I do know is that according to my Milestone Pod/App is that I run differently in the Zoom Fly than I have in any other running shoe I have run in during the past year. My paces are faster with less effort and it is being done with less fatigue or soreness after the runs. I can foresee that the next time I run in a race that the Zoom Flys will be on my feet.

Yeah, can you believe it I am back to running primarily in Nikes again? Even though my adidas Tempo 9s, adidas Adios 3 and Karhu Ikoni Ortix all are good shoes, but when I get right down to what I want to run in on a daily basis I reach for either the Zoom Fly or Epic Reacts.

Which surprised me, due to the polarizing reviews that both of these shoes had when they first came out, but they were shoes that I really wanted to run in and make up my own mind about them. I guess it comes down to runners either loving or hating them and I am one of the runners who love both shoes.

Aches and Pains

Nothing that I haven’t dealt with as ongoing fun stuff.

The right ankle is bothering more than it has in the past, I am thinking that there is a bit of arthritis going on in there. Too many torn ligaments and sprained ankles from my past are finally starting to catch up with me.

The tailor’s bunionette is sort of under control…well as long as I remember to wear my soft gel bunionette pad at night. Since I have started wearing them almost every night, the number of different running shoes I have been able to wear comfortably has tripled and I have been able to actually enjoy running without discomfort on most of my runs.

My left Achilles tendon is feeling the best it has been in several years, so I am hoping to keep it that way.

The reality is

That I was very happy with how things have gone this week.

While the work on the house has been delayed for a couple of years for circumstance beyond our control, it is both more than a little daunting and at the same time very necessary. I really believe that once it is done we are going to be very happy, but it will be some big changes in our house.

Yes, there will be before and after photos.

Running is going well and I am starting to get the itch to race again to challenge myself and get out of my comfort zone, both physically and mentally, especially after so many runners that I know participated in the Sugarloaf 15K or marathon and did so well.

When it comes to running shoes, it seems that I usually come back to Nike shoes most every year, just because they work for me and then I wander off on some tangent for a while, then come back to them again. One of those they work and I get bored with them working things that I am attempting to change. That if it works well, don’t F%$# with it idea.

I wonder what I would do if I ran in Nike shoes for the rest of the year and didn’t take off on the tangent? Who knows maybe I will find out this year.

Yeah, a good week.

Especially, since I didn’t have to replace my iPhone 7 and repairing my laptop was very simple.


Glad That Week is Over – RunLog 4-21-19

Last week was one of those weeks that you are glad to see the end of. No, it was not an exceptionally bad week, but it was one of those that you are glad to be able to look at in the rear view mirror.

Monday was the Boston Marathon, which in the past has been a source many of my running woes and usually the place where I descend into “I need to do a marathon madness”, that ends up with me screwing up the old body in some manner or other.

This year was different – I knew that I wasn’t going to get caught up in the madness and was able to enjoy the race and follow many of the runners that I know who did run and finish.

Congratulations to of you who finished Boston, you done good.

Nope, I wasn’t even tempted to start training for a marathon this year and you know something not having that weight be a part of my running feels pretty damn good.

It was also one of those weeks where I was fighting a low-grade something or other that wanted to get worse, but luckily for me didn’t. I wasn’t quite myself, but I wasn’t feeling bad enough to stop doing stuff for most of the week.

We have been working on getting Mary to ditch her old flip phone for a smartphone and seem to almost have her convinced that it “might” be a good thing, but we don’t really have a spare one around the house. She doesn’t want to spend a lot of money on something she “might” not like.


So I asked SD2 for my old Kyocera DuraForce 2 back (she got a new Samsung a while back) and played around with it a bit, set it up more like a Windows phone and had it activated.

Now we have a perfectly good Apple iPhone 7 sitting on the counter waiting for Mary to actually use it. The saga continues.

I managed to keep going until Friday when I just vegged out after sitting in the Ford dealership waiting room for an hour or so. Then the rains came and the lack of sunshine didn’t help how I was feeling either.

Vehicle repairs were a big part of the week. The old Cherokee’s brake lines needed to be replaced again, the chemicals used to keep the roads clear during winter play havoc with metal parts and brakes are rather necessary. Yeah, it needed to be done.


Then on the way home, Mary was driving the Transit and ran over some road debris (which turned out to be a jackknife) and I had to change a tire in the WalMart parking lot on the coldest day of the week and another unplanned trip to the dealership for a tire repair. While taking the lug nuts off, the old right shoulder decided that much torque was not its idea of fun and has been talking to me pretty regularly since.

Something about changing that tire, whatever I was fighting off and the weather, made it so that by Friday afternoon I was pretty much-done fighting and relegated myself to chair duty.

Loads of fun.

Enough whining, how did the running go?


Despite or is that in spite of feeling off most of the week, I was able to get my mileage into the mid 30’s, which is where I want to be. I even managed to squeeze in a nice set of .25 repeats, but no tempo or long run, unless I want to count a nice 7.0 miler as my long run for the week. Errrr No – long runs are supposed to be double-digit.

week ending 4-21-19

A very good week of pounding the pavement.

Running Shoes

It is all about my Nike Epic React FlyKnits. I thought about running in other shoes but never got around to actually doing it. Needless to say, I am very happy with how they are working for me. Although if I could change one thing, it would be to have a real tongue versus having the bootie style of upper. However, I am still happy enough with them that I keep reaching for them as my first choice.

My New Balance Beacons are now my primary walking shoes, they have over 300 miles on them running and close to 400 with the walking too. I was noticing both of my ankles starting to bother a bit more when I would run in them and how it stopped when I didn’t wear them. So I put 2 + 2 together and figured out that it was time to retire them as running shoes.


Other than fighting that low-grade whatever I have been feeling pretty good. No major aches or pains that are slowing up my running. Although I do have to really look at what I am eating again…I have noticed that I have been backsliding a bit and going back to my old eating habits which ain’t going to work for me.

The reality is that

While the week doesn’t sound as bad after I actually sat down and wrote about it, I am still glad that it is over and I can move on from it. I think that the low-grade crap that I was fighting was the worst part. It wasn’t enough to knock me down for a day or two, but it lasted all week and made things feel worse than they were.

I am not really doing any kind of a training plan, other than having a weekly running routine for a while and being flexible for the next couple of weeks. I am still debating with myself about what I want to really want to train for over the next few months.

While it will probably be going after a fast for me 5K, I am not happy with the training plans I am seeing and have been debating actually paying for the Hansons version of a 5K training plan or just doing the speed portion of the half marathon plan with a few tweaks.

Which I hope would probably get me ready for most everything from a 5K to a half marathon?

Just gotta think about things a bit more, but the biggest thing is that I do want some guardrails to bounce against, versus just running willy-nilly.

Yeah, I am feeling better and hopefully, the next week will be a lot better.

Week, Month, Quarter in Review–March 2019

It kind of sucks when the quarter, month and the week end on the same day. Oh sure I could do separate posts, but that would be re-hashing stuff too much and make it boring for me to write and you to read, so I get to a write one longer post and bore you that way.

Lots of stuff happening in this post – more than enough.

Let’s start with the week in review first.

What has been going on?

Well I did make my 30 miles, but as a result of reading the Passion Paradox this week, I decided to stop attempting to do something that I really do not enjoy – training for long races. It isn’t who I am or what I enjoy, although I do enjoy just getting out and running longer runs (I know that is an oxymoronic statement, but it is what it is).

I have always preferred shorter distances and have decided to go in a different direction. So this is my last week of doing the Hansons Half Marathon Method for a while. You can read more about that decision here.

3-31-19 Week review

Unfortunately, the week didn’t start out so well, Monday’s run was cut short, due to the RunFasts killing my right foot and it bothered enough that I had to take a red-letter day off. Not what I wanted and it was the first day in a long time that I have had to take a day off because something hurt on my body too much to get a run in. This was also about the same time I was finishing up the Passion Paradox, so my fragility also was weighing on my mind when I made some of the choices in the above paragraphs.

Also my right ankle has been bothering a bit over the past couple of weeks, but I have figured out part of the reason. I have been wearing the Beacons a little too much and need to vary the shoe rotation a little more. While I can run in neutral shoes, I have learned over the years that I seem to do best in shoes with a light stability element. I just have to remember that.

Luckily neither ouchie was anything serious and I was able to have some really great runs the rest of the week. Yesterday was supposed to be a 13.0 mile long run, but I decided that it was better served being a day off, since I had my 30 miles for the week and my miles in for the month, along with the idea that I will be changing my training focus going forward.

So while it was a good, week, it wasn’t a great week.

Oh yeah, I did sort of, kind of, well I did move pretty much back to the Microsoft realm, which you can read more about here. It wasn’t what I had planned on doing, but I do prefer typing on the new-to-me Lenovo Thinkpad X230T that I got last week and when we had to reset Mary’s computer, well we no longer had the licenced disk for what she was using (yeah, her computer is that old), so we opted to go the Office 365 subscription route, which pushed me further into the Microsoft silo.

Since I had to subscribe to Office, I will be getting rid of Apple Music and going back to iTunes – not my favorite bit of software, but it will setup playlists and stuff on music that I already own and I don’t have to worry about yet another subscription.

March – looking back

Annotation 2019-04-01 193912

As part of changing over my tech silo, I am also in the process of changing over from Numbers to Excel and have to update my running log. It takes a little bit to readjust my thinking from how Numbers does things to Excel’s way – yeah they are both spreadsheets, but with shall we say different ways of getting to where you want to go.

Each month I learn more about myself and through my readings more about running in general. So March has been about tweaking and changing things to let me enjoy my running more and in the case of technology write more easily without the frustration factor getting too high.

Before this week, I was bumbling along nicely with the Hansons Half Marathon method, but noticed that I was starting to get very, very fatigued, while accumulated fatigue is part of the method, how I was feeling was beyond what I was able to keep up with and I decided to pause the plan and take a cut-back week. It helped, but made me realize that my time goals for the half might have been rather ambitious for a distance that I don’t really enjoy racing. Since I have only raced a half marathon once in my life.

As a result of the tweaking, I decided to stop the Hansons Half Marathon method training and move back in distance to the 5K. Mary is a lot happier with that decision, since it means that I will have more time for other things and not be nearly as tired all the time. She gets a bit worried when I try to do too much, well at least in her eyes too much.

March was still mostly on the treadmill and while it is a great tool that allows me to keep running when the conditions outside suck, I am starting to get antsy about getting outside more.

It has been a long winter and while it is not officially Spring, it is still pretty damn chilly outside and there is still a lot of snow left lying around, so I have yet to run in short/t-shirt attire for running. Soon I hope!!!


I am going to show my quarterly report for the past 5 years to see how things measure up compared to how I have been running in previous years. It is kind of nice to see where you have been and compare it to where I am now.

Updated 5 Year

This is the best I have run in the first quarter (Jan-Mar) in the last 5 years. I really do believe that using the Hansons Method was a good thing and helped me stay more consistent than I have been recently. Now to keep it going, but to stay consistently in the 35-40 mpw range which seems to be my sweet spot right now.

Running Shoes

I have pretty much had a rotation of New Balance Beacon and adidas Tempo 9 #1 for a couple of months now. However, when I look back since I got the Beacons they have been my primary running shoe – more because I have been running mostly on the treadmill and they do better than any shoes I have used in a long time on the ‘mill. I have used both shoes for running outside and while both work great, if the roads are clear and dry I prefer the Beacons, but if the conditions are a bit nasty the Tempo 9s are the best choice.

One thing is that I have to start running more in the Tempo 9s, I have a feeling too much of a good thing i.e. running in the neutral Beacons is giving my right ankle a bit of a twinge. Nothing serious, so I will probably run mostly in the Tempos for a bit to let things calm down.

When I tried to run in my Reebok RunFasts earlier this week – I had been saving them for Spring and Summer 5K’s. They just about killed my right foot and I had to stop a run earlier than I planned and was forced to take the next day off as the foot was still a bit too sore. They will now go away, when my feet feel like that on and after a run, the offending shoes do not stay around very long.

Also my old Adios 3s went the way of the give-away pile, the area where the mice did their dirty work let go and I had worn away the outsole to the midsole in the forefoot, so I didn’t want to run in them too much after I figured out those things.

Which means that I am back to either using my Beacons as my go-fast-for-me shoe or digging way deep under the bureau and getting out my Green Silence. Right now I don’t really want to go out and buy a pair of race day or go faster shoes. There are too many great shoes out there and I am not sure which ones are going to meet my needs going forward, so I will wait a bit to see what I really want.

Update: After doing some more thinking, I remembered that I have a pair of Skechers Razor 2s out in Clifford, that I got from Sam W last May. There were a couple of things that I didn’t like about them and I put them in our van as emergency run shoes and promptly forgot about them. The few runs I did in them, I ran well, but there was a bit of rubbing against the bottom of my ankle bones, but I figured if I put in a bit thicker insole and give them a chance to break in they should be fine. So maybe I have my answer, without having to get another pair of running shoes right away.

I am planning to switch to the adidas Tempo 9 #2 that I have waiting to be used once #1 get over 400 miles. I have a feeling that they could go further than that, but with 2 more pair waiting in the wings, I will go with new and not worry about the niggles that might come with an older shoe. I figure 400 miles is excellent mileage for me to get on a pair, especially since there have only been 2-3 that have made that many miles for me over the last 10 years.

What I am really attempting to do is cut-back on the number of running shoes that I buy this year. This is self-imposed because I know that I bought way too many pair of running shoes last year, when I got carried away with the prices on Ebay and Amazon. This year I just want to find the shoes that work well enough for me and keep them until they are used up versus the constant hopping around that I have done over the years.

The Reality is that

Sometimes I have to go backwards to go forward.

My running is in a really good place, I have a nice base built up due to using the Hansons Method, but at the same time racing longer races, if I am honest have never really appealed to me. I like the 5K and an occasional 10K race, but after that running longer distances is for pleasure, not racing.

Weird I know, but hey I admit it I am rather odd at times.

My running shoe rotation is pretty solid and while I am whittling away at the shoes in the house, the ones I am keeping are the ones that actually are working for me. Something that I need to focus on when I do go out to get new running shoes.

I had been a Windows guy for several years with an occasional foray into the other tech silos, but when I got to reading too many articles on the web about things they were doing in Windows 10, I overreacted. No, I am not all that crazy about some of the directions Microsoft seems to be taking their Company (becoming a bit more like Google in some respects) and that when I use their products is seems I am becoming more of the product than the customer. However, I also am not naive and know that all the major companies use our data for their own ends.

It also just happens that Microsoft is what most everyone else in the house uses and I am the tech guy so, I might as well get my brain wrapped back around using their stuff, versus being all over the place. I plan to keep my iPhone and iPad, but I gotta admit it is kind of nice to be back to using a Windows-based laptop. Especially this old Thinkpad X230T – I do really like it better than my iPad Pro and I liked that a whole lot.

April is here, the winds of change are roaring through the trees and the snow is going away. We now have to work on the small pond in front of SD2’s house and get the yards in shape after a pretty tough winter. So the extra time I will have by changing my training to focus on the 5K, has already been spoken for.

Not that I get to sit all that much.

The Start of a Few Changes – Week In Review 3/3/19

Well “they” say that March is when you are supposed to take a close look at things, actually think about what you are doing and then make the changes necessary to make things better… after getting through January and February and seeing how the New Year is actually stacking up.

Well at least that is the idea.

Let’s start with my favorite photo from the week:

What needs changing? Continue reading “The Start of a Few Changes – Week In Review 3/3/19”

February 2019 – A Month to Endure

February is always a month that is tough to get through, it typically is not a month to be enjoyed, as much as it is one that you have to endure. February 2019 was no different. However, here it is the 28th and despite some tough times and difficult weather, we have made it to the end of February.

The tough times included loosing SD2’s Karma. She was an older rescue dog who lived until she was 18 and took with her a piece of all our hearts. However, she also gave us a piece of hers to keep with us through the years, which is a fair trade in my eyes.


Weather, yeah it is still doing crazy stuff…there doesn’t seem to be any moderate weather anymore. The snow storms have been having freezing rain, sleet or rain, instead of simply being the snow based storms that you would expect in Maine in February.

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Week 6 – 2019

Not quite the week I wanted/expected, but the one that I got through.

My favorite photo from the week:

I am still using the Hansons Half Marathon Method as the basis for my training and was able to hit all of the SOS workouts during the week, although I did’t quite meet the weekly mileage goals with two days off. The good thing is that I felt good about my running all week and that is the important thing.

After a bit of a sabbatical due to my Zagg Keyboard for my iPad Pro dying, I finally got in my new Brydge keyboard this week. I like the way it matches up to my rose gold version and makes it…well basically into a small laptop. I still have to get used to the way the keys feel compared to other keyboards.

It is not a bad feel, but I am a touch typist and the key travel is different than I am used to compared to other ones that I have used recently. I will get used to it, but there is going to be a bit of a get-used to it curve.


Like I said a pretty good week, but when I didn’t run yesterday – a trip to Oxford (New Balance Factory store and book shopping), along with a nasty wind storm (wind chills in the stoopid range) made my wanting to run when I got home a moot point.

I didn’t.

I am still running more on the treadmill than outside, but the good thing is that I am hitting the paces called for in the plan on the SOS workouts and doing a little extra on my recovery days, which is okay.

Running Shoes

The New Balance Beacons did are over 90 miles and are still my goto shoes. They do everything that I ask of my running shoes. They are comfortable, quiet and best of all do not bother my feet. This week’s quality workouts were all done in the Beacons. The half mile repeats at my “real” 5K pace (not the pace I want to be) while tough the shoes did not get in the way. Then the 4.0 miles of tempo pace (my hopeful half marathon pace) were done without any issues and today’s long run was done comfortably at a 9:00 minute pace on the treadmill. If I Go For A Run, I typically choose the Beacons.

Although I did run in the Tempo 9s Outside for an easy 7.0 on Friday and they did everything that I could ask of them. They are still a part of the rotation and I do need to bring them out of the cubby and start using them again – if for no other reason than to save some of the mileage on the Beacons.

It comes down to me liking the Beacons a bit more than the Tempo 9s they just feel “right” for me.

New Gear

I did pick up a New Balance running jacket, shirt and tank top at the factory outlets this week and have used all but the tank top. I liked the way that the jacket performed as an outer layer on a 33*F, rainy and breezy day and used the short sleeve shirt on the long run today without any issues.

The reality is that

I actually am still following the Hansons Half Plan and doing well with the mileages/paces. My hip does give a few barks now an then, but doesn’t seem to bother too much otherwise.

Although I have back slid on changing my eating habits a bit, I am going to get back to it this week.

Another good week.

Week 3 – 2018

Well…it certainly has been an interesting week, that is to say the least. Cold, sub-zero temperatures, snow, sleet and just some nasty winds made being outside less joyful and more of a chore.

In other words lots of treadmill running – not a bad thing considering the alternative, but I would still rather be outside putting in the miles, just for me the temps have to be a bit warmer for this wimpy old fart. 😉

Although I did make some decisions on what I am going to do for a training plan versus being confused all the time regarding what paces I need to be running to accomplish my goals. Running faster is not always the answer and sometimes I gotta focus on just doing the plan versus doing more when I am feeling good. Continue reading “Week 3 – 2018”

Week 2 of 2019 – Recap

Another week of treadmill training done…at least it is safe and not a problem remaining upright or not freezing my arse off. Other than some bloody nipples from sweating way too much on the treadmill, my week has been pretty routine.

Which is in my mind at least – a very good thing.

Although last Wednesday’s snow, sleet, freezing rain and rain storm, did test the old body’s stamina pretty good when it came time to clean-up on Thursday. Snowblowing the frozen mess was loads of fun and then using the snow scoop to get through 12-15 inches of white shite, with three distinct layers of storm, made for a very tired and sore Harold that evening.

I really felt my age that night.

Let’s get something straight right now.

No. I. Am. Not. Training. For. A. Marathon. Continue reading “Week 2 of 2019 – Recap”