Week 1 of 2019 – Looking Back

The first week of 2019, was an interesting one to say the least.

My running went really well this week, even though I did most of my running on the treadmill. It just is more enjoyable than freezing my arse off outside during January in Maine. πŸ™‚ Continue reading “Week 1 of 2019 – Looking Back”

Another Week In the Books – 10-30-18

Some weeks are tougher than others. Well last week was a tough one physically and mentally. While we are getting closer to SD2’s house being done, it just isn’t done enough that she can move in yet. Which means she gets to live with us for a while until it is.

Not really a big deal it is only for a short time, but it did mean moving her out of her apartment and all her stuff into our garage – then it will have to be moved again when she can move into her new home around mid October.

However, it does mean that schedules, routines and all those other things that go along with any major change like this have to be revamped, updated – you know all those words we use to say that what we did last week is not what we will be doing this week.

It will all be fine, the three dogs, four cats and four adults will all get along, with a few hisses and dog spats along the way that really don’t mean anything.

Yes, there is a cat in the cube behind the dog and the dog didn’t realize it until the cat reached out and tapped her on the shoulder. There was a little barking at that point. Damn cat. πŸ™‚

I think that it is more that I like my routine and when things change even if it is for a short time it takes me out of sorts for a while. Boy am I getting to be an old curmudgeon or what. πŸ™‚

Also I noticed last week that my sleep hasn’t been as great as it usually is, I think worrying about what still needs to be done at SD2’s house, starting to get our’s ready for winter and the political partisanship crap that has taken over the guise of leadership of America’s government makes me think too much.


Even so I still got in almost 30 miles on 5 runs for the week and had the longest run I have had since July.

Monday – A comfortable run out to Goodhue and back.

Tuesday – It was rather nasty outside so I went inside to Planet Fitness and played on the treadmill. I didn’t have a lot of time, so I cranked out a pretty hard run, so I could get back to the house on time.

Wednesday – I was just exhausted mentally and physically, so I decided to take a day off.

Thursday – At the last minute I decided to go around the Pond Road and do a course I have done for a few years. While I ended up over 9:00 for the overall pace, most of the splits were under 9:00. Bartlett and Stevens hill skewed the final pace numbers.

Friday – A comfortable run to recover from the long run. Before I ran I did notice that the outside of my right foot was bothering more than it should, but when I ran it felt completely normal.

Saturday – SD2’s moving day – too busy and tired to get a run in.

Sunday – A quicker but fairly consistent on the splits run around the Middle Road. Lots of traffic to deal with, plus I was pretty meechy between the school and the Town Office since that is where I seem to pick up my nasty hamstring issues when I run this course. Once I got down on the Blake Road the guy with the White Chevy let his chocolate lab out to run ahead of me and it decided that it would be more fun to run with the old fart. He helped me maintain a decent pace until the Blake Hill. Then at the bottom of Stevens Hill I came up on Mary and SD2 walking the dogs, so I took Bennie and ran with him.

The plan was to run to the top of the hill and then catch back up with the girls. About halfway up Stevens Hill, my running belt came flying off and Bennie was loose. However, he was great and stood ahead of me waiting for the old fart to catch up. So I had to hold the leash, which makes it a lot tougher to run with Bennie. We finished up the 5.0 miles and called it good.

A very decent run 42:30 for the 5.0 on this hilly route.

Injuries or Soreness

Other than the usual hip and Achilles issues, this issue with the outside of my right forefoot probably has something to do with my Tailor’s Bunionette being irritated on the long run on Thursday. I don’t think it is anything serious, but I will keep an eye on it and see how it is going forward.

Running Shoes

I have three pair of shoes that are right at 99.+ miles. I couldn’t have done this if I had tried.

Nike Pegasus 34 are turning into favorites and go to shoes for my comfortable and longer runs they don’t bother my feet until I get over the 8.0 mile mark and that is more because my feet haven’t toughened up to doing that much work than anything else. I am liking them quite a bit. Though I would get a pair of 8.5s versus the 9.0s that I have, which are too long.

Reebok RunFast – I only ran once in them this week, but they just remain a comfortable shoe to run in. They were starting to look pretty nasty, so I cleaned them up and put them through the washer. While they still have a few stained spots the RunFasts look more like racing shoes than trainers now. I imagine they will go over 100 miles this week.

Nike Rival 6 – I had them with me and hadn’t run in them for a while, so they were on my feet for the treadmill run. No issues and if it were not for the Reebok RunFasts the Rival 6’s would be on my feet a LOT more. It is good to know that I have two pair of “go faster” for me shoes that I can rely on

Reebok Grasse Road – While I haven’t run in them for a while because they do feel a bit snug in the forefoot, the primary reason is that I have turned them into my walking shoes. Unfortunately, in that role they have developed a stench, not just a stink, that will not go away even after I put them through a rinse cycle. When I can smell a pair of shoes walking by their storage bin, I know that others in the house can really smell them. Not a good thing. So they are now airing out in the back of the garage and if they do not unripen a bit, will go away.

Nike Pegasus 33 Shield – I have been able to put them away for nastier weather running.

Nike Wild Horse OG – Waiting in the back of the truck for some trail running.

Saucony Zealot 3 – Yeah, I might be adding these back into the rotation if my experiment works. I am not a big fan of bootie construction in running shoes because it snugs up my forefoot too much and after 4-5 miles seems to get my metasarglia going. So the other day I cut about a two inch incision on both sides of the forefoot bootie to see if that relieves the snugness. If it works I will be very happy, because I did like the ride and road feel of the Zealot 3s.

The reality is that

Life is getting in the way of my running a little more than I would like right now. However, my running is doing pretty well in spite of the other stuff. Sometimes I have to just go with the flow and keep moving forward.

I did remove the Apple News App for a couple of day, just to get away from all the “stuff” going on. The 24/7 news cycle awareness seems to wear on me more than my physical activity. I just have to ration the news and hope that the politicians don’t totally screw things up so badly that…well we will see. Both parties are not impressing me with their theatrics and money grabbing or is that money grubbing, but from where I sit – one is really becoming the party of the rich and entitled moreso than the other.

It is just a question of which side of the aisle you are looking from – me I sit somewhat closer to the middle than either extreme and maybe that is the problem, we as an electorate have become too concerned with which party wins versus what is best for our Country.

Oh well it is now a new week and things are going to get better.

Last Week – Week In Review 9-23-18

Last week was another of those weeks that was just a blur now. About all I remember is that I think I ran pretty well and Fall is officially here, with winter nipping closely at its heals.

So yeah, there is a lot of getting ready for winter going on around the house right now. Repairing the little things, checking out the roofs to make sure they up to having snow sit on them, cleaning the wood stove’s chimney, mice proofing things as they get ready to move in and other similar “get ready for winter” stuff. Plus putting the garden to bed will happen this or next week, so it is a busy time of year.

Also SD2’s house is not going to be ready for the end of September and her lease at the rental apartment is up so it means moving in with us for a few weeks in October. Which means making room in our house for her and four critters. It will be tight, but it will work out just fine.

Enough of life’s woe, let’s get back to what I usually write about – running.


No major injuries, over 35 miles for the week and another new to me pair of running shoes from eBay made for a busy week on the running front.

35 miles, it doesn’t sound like a lot when you read how many miles other runners put into their weekly account. However, when you are out there doing that average of 5.0 miles a day, it seems like a pretty good number, especially when I am just running, not training for anything in particular. I am just enjoying getting out the door and running without any pressure to meet certain paces or mileage.

Yeah, I am not training for anything right now and probably won’t run a race until Thanksgiving (if I do one then), not because I am injured or anything. It is more that I just really do not feel like racing right now. If the urge hits me, I might jump in one at the last minute, but I have no big plans to go out and run a particular race.

So I will keep running what I feel like running, keeping to my weekly routine and focus on one thing – enjoying my running.

Running Shoes

As far as my running shoes go, I am solidly in the Nike Pegasus world for easy and recovery runs. I got in a pair of 34s to go along with my 33s and they will be my daily trainers, while I attempt to keep the 33 shields for colder/nastier winter running.

My Reebok RunFasts are my go faster shoes that I could actually use as a single pair to do everything, but won’t. Yes, they are getting dirty and looking nasty, because I actually run in them – they have almost 100 miles on them and I am still liking the RunFasts.

I haven’t done a lot of trail running lately and with hunting seasons winding up around the house, don’t see me doing a lot for a while, but the Nike Wild Horse OGs will probably be on my feet if I do.

My running shoe rotation is rapidly shrinking and is leaning decidedly towards Nike. They fit my feet well, don’t bother me on the runs that I do in them and I am liking the Pegasus line more and more.

I ran in the Pegasus OG back in 1983 and while they have changed a lot, the 33 and 34 models seem to harken back to the original premise of the shoe. Light enough to go faster if you want to, comfortable enough to run longer if you want and decent looking enough to go out on the town in jeans.

The Pegasus line reminds me a lot of the girl next door syndrome. They have always been there and you sort of look at them from time-to-time, but others are newer, with all kinds of bling and promises of greatness that you really don’t stop and take a close enough look. You kind of Pooh Pooh them as old-fashioned and not for you. Then one day without realizing why, you look closely at that girl next door and find out there is something there that has been missing in your life and the rest is as they say – history.

I think that is the story of the Pegasus line for me. I would usually take a quick look at them before I bought a pair of new running shoes, but they were always – not quite what I thought I wanted – Not light enough, too stiff, old news tech and all the other reasons I found to keep looking at so many other running shoes.

Now it seems that they are exactly what I want and are versatile enough to do just about any run that I am planning over the next few months.

Sometimes it seems that after trying so many different brands, models, styles of running shoes, that what I am really looking for in a pair of running shoes is right in front of me. The Nike Pegasus line, which has aged more gracefully than I have as a runner.

Running Injuries

That right hip flared up again and I have a feeling that it will always be an issue for me until it doesn’t matter anymore and the left Achilles is pretty much in the same boat. They both do better when I lift weights and work on the rehab stuff that I should be doing, but skipped last week too much, with life getting in the way or I was feeling like crap.

Although not running related when I chipped the wood out back, I am pretty sure that I breathed in some nasty crap that made me feel about like crap for a couple of days. Thankfully it seems to have passed so that is a good thing.

Last week I was complaining about my left Plantar Faciitis bothering due to my adidas Response Boost shoes. Well guess what I stopped running in them and the pain in the bottom of my feet has gone away, so you know what is happening to those shoes. Gone.

The reality is that

It was another pretty good week in the life of Harold. It seems that even though we are now retired, our lives haven’t seemed to slow down all that much. If anything it will probably be speeding up for a while.

However, it seems that life comes full circle at times and SD2 will be moving in with us temporarily this coming weekend, which should prove to be interesting and like all moves of this sort will come with its own challenges and compromises from everyone.

While I have gotten back to my earlier days of running in the Nike Pegasus line. I have a feeling that my running shoe rotation will get simpler, especially since I left the Running Shoe Geeks group on Facebook. I don’t see all those comments on the newest and greatest running shoes and think gee I should try them too. I think that the Nike shoes I have will be versatile enough along with my RunFasts to get me through the rest of the year. We will see.

Running will probably be hit or miss most of the week. Today we have someone coming to look at the master bathroom. Expensive probably, then get another vehicle inspected tomorrow, doggy daycare, getting new front steps built, first walk-through on SD2’s house Friday, moving her in during the weekend and whatever else pops up as the week goes on. Then keeping getting ready for the winter.

I have a feeling the mantra for this week will be – be flexible.

Running and A Few Random Thoughts the Week Ending 9-16-18

Another week in the books and back to running fairly well again. The hamstring is doing much better and I got yet another pair of running shoes. So it was pretty much just a routine week in the running of life of Harold.

Which is a pretty nice feeling, though this week has felt more like July than September at times.


In the world of Running Eliud Kipchoge set a new World Record time for the Marathon (26.2 miles), in 2:01:39. He is simply amazing, 4:38 average mile pace WOW!!! I don’t think that 95% or more of the population could run a single mile that fast. Hell, I am not a great runner, but and I have a hard time doing 6:38 for one mile nowadays and have never broken 5:00 minutes for a single mile in my life. So I can’t imagine running that far, that fast.

I have been following his career for a while and the best thing that I can say is that from all the articles, his videos and what others say about him is that he is a good person. Something that I believe is important, more important than being the world record holder.

Congratulations Mr. Kipchoge.

Hurricane Florence

However, the biggest news of the week was Hurricane Florence (my Grandmother’s name) and the damage/devastation that was left in its wake. I think that what someone said on Facebook was pretty appropriate…it went something like this.

Watching this hurricane come in is like being stalked by a turtle.

I wanted to add in when I saw it – a big f#$^%ing turtle that is going to tear the shit out of stuff when it finally stops stalking. It did and still is. I wish nothing but a speedy recovery for those affected by Florence’s swath of destruction. Now to rebuild what Mother Nature has destroyed this time.

Although I have am beginning to wonder, how many more 100 year storms we are going to get in the next few years. Whether it is Mother Nature just flexing her muscles or something that humankind has accelerated or caused, it sure does seem to be getting to where the storms are more than a bit angrier than they used to be. However, the questions about what is causing climate change is something for people a lot smahter than I am to argue about.

Me, I just have to live with the weather that seems to come with whatever is going on, just like everyone else, but Mother Nature’s mood swings lately are bigger and nastier than I can ever remember seeing.


Other news that I have been following is political and I ain’t gonna get into it too far into that rabbit hole, this blog isn’t about that stuff. Lately, the political news is like a bad rollercoaster ride and it looks like a few rails are gonna be straining pretty hard to stay together over the next few months.

I think this ride is getting pretty dangerous and it might be time for those who actually control the park, to stop, take a close look at what needs to be done to fix things, before there is a tragic ending that could have been prevented. Maybe they need to…well they do not need my advice and wouldn’t listen to it in any case so I will keep my opinions to myself.

I have a feeling that the next few months might get pretty nasty and I ain’t looking forward to the consequences of that nastiness. It might be a while, before we heal some of the wounds that might be opened. I hope I am wrong, but…


Well let’s get back to running, after all that is what this blog is primarily about and all that other stuff is and will be covered much more in-depth by others who are smahter and in the “know” much more than I ever will or want to be. I just want to enjoy my little corner of the world and keep running until I can’t anymore.

Hey, I got back up over 30 miles again and even took a rest day Sunday. Actually I had planned on racing down in Augusta, but other plans trumped my thoughts on racing and I headed down to Oxford for time with family and a nice lunch. I have a feeling that in the long run, it was a better use of my time than running in the race this morning.

I added a column back into my running spreadsheet:

I have used this in the past, so that I can see how much time I am spending in the No Zone, where it isn’t fast enough to help with my faster pacing, but not slow enough to really be an easy or recovery run. Although I have a feeling that I might increase the size of the No Zone to 9:20 and attempt to make my pace slower going forward. I just have a feeling that 9:00 is not slow enough to be a recovery pace for my current conditioning.

We will see.

Also having the average zone score gives me a better idea of what my training zone actually is versus what I want to believe it is.

One thing I do have to start looking at a bit closer is that my weight is creeping up a little too much. I am hitting the 162, 163 points too often, which means that I am eating too much crap and need to take control of things again. So I will.

Running Shoes

I am really liking the Reebok FloatRide RunFasts. I can use them for any run that I do, but want to save them for the faster-paced stuff. So I need a pair of shoes that I can put longer miles on my feet and still have them feel comfortable. The Grasse Roads are doing okay, but they are not really what I am looking for and they are better for walking than running.

The Adidas Response Boost OG showed up this week and while they fit great, I am having a bit of issue with my left heel feeling sore during and after running in them. While I am not sure what that is all about, I am pretty sure it is the shoes because it hadn’t bothered like this in my other shoes and stops when I don’t wear them running. So I have changed out the insole to one with a little thicker in the heel to see if that helps. I will find out this week.

However, the left hamstring is feeling pretty good compared to where it was last week, so I am happy with that. The right hip is still tighter than I like and I have been doing some prehab before running and every other day have added in some weight training/rehab work to my morning routine.

The reality is that

Running is getting back to my normal, which is a good thing. I even had a night out on Wednesday and did a club Pub Run. It was fun, actually running with others in a non-competitive situation.

However, at the pub after the run, I felt out of place and sorts. Those days of going to a pub are long over for me and the idea of having a beer or more, then the probable uninhibited running of my mouth too much would just get me in trouble. Also it has been so long since I have been out in a social situation, that I have forgotten all those social survival skills that are so taken for granted by others.

I am not the master of small talk and prefer to be home with Mary.

I guess that is why the blog is my escape and safe place to spout what I think, since I do re-read things more than a couple of times before I hit publish hehehehe.

Which is really important when I talk, however briefly and generally about a couple third-rail subjects for a lot of people. πŸ™‚

Now to get the Response Boost to working the way that I think they should for me and just enjoy the running that will be coming because at some point Mother Nature is going to let Fall get heah and the weather is going to be perfect for running for a while.

A Pretty Great Week – 8-26-18

It really has been quite a week!

Running-wise and on the personal front.

First up let’s go with the personal stuff that I want to share. We went over to New Hampshire and put a few things to rest. Going over there was something that we needed to do and one thing going over there did was give us closure on many thing related to my brother-in-law’s death last summer.

We hiked a little trail that we both love, then went by his old house, stopped at the transfer station and said thank you to them for everything they had helped us with last year and then went by camp. Some things had changed a lot and others not so much. However, the changes were not the big thing it was the idea that we needed to physically see where we had spent so much time last year and let go of some of the things we were holding on to.

Continue reading “A Pretty Great Week – 8-26-18”

An Interesting Week to Say the Least – 8-19-18

Yeah, the week that was.

I made a few changes to the blog – the name is now One Foot In Reality, the tagline has been updated and theme changed. Otherwise the content will stay pretty much the same, with a few added quirks as move forward. I also bailed from a couple of Facebook Groups that were going in different directions than I want to go and leave it at that. We will see how those changes turn out.

My favorite photo from last week:

Running was better than I thought it would be, though my right hip barked a little more than usual, it wasn’t as bad as it has been in the past. The weather is getting better, well not quite as hot or humid and the running shoe rotation is getting smaller. When you add in doggy daycare for SD2 and the contractors are working on her house lot next door, we have been busy.

So yeah, a lot has been happening.

Yard work

We are in the second week of getting SD2’s house lot ready for delivery of her house next Friday, so that has added to the stress and a bit to the workload around our house. It has also meant that I have had the “fun” of getting out the old chainsaw and chipper to do some of the stuff around our property as well. Which means getting 60 year-old muscles that haven’t been used to that kind of stuff, into the groove again.

Yeah, the muscles bitched and complained a bit. However, we have gotten rid of a few hazard trees by the power line to the house, an apple tree that we didn’t like and just general clean-up on the other side of the rock wall, from where SD2’s home will be.

Now I remember why I became a pencil pusher, this physical labor stuff is hard work.

Shoe Rotation

Reebok FloatRide RunFast — I have pretty much moved to Reebok shoes for road running, they just seem to fit my feet quite well.

I have found the Reebok FloatRide RunFast to be a shoe that does just about everything that I want from a pair of running shoes. It is light-weight, just enough cushion, is comfortable and works for me at most any speed I want to use it for – although it excels at going fast. If I had to choose just one shoe to run in going forward – the RunFast would be it.

The outsole is great on everything I have thrown at it so far, dirt, rain and tar. Now to get it on the track to see how it performs there – I have heard that the RunFast is exceptional on the track – now to find out.

The only things I would change is the next time I get a pair it would be a size 8.0 and while I like the classy looks of the white/yellow combination, I would prefer a brassy colorway that doesn’t quite show the dirt as much.

The white shows every spec of mud, dirt, etc., so in order to keep them pristine I have be careful about where and when I run. Yeah right – me…not gonna happen.

The RunFast will be used wherever and whenever I run in them and if they get dirty – that is the life of a pair of running shoes on my feet. They will either wash out or become stained. πŸ˜‰

Reebok OSR Grasse Road — Now that I have the heel counters surgically fixed, they have become my second favorite shoe. I use them for easy/recovery and long runs without any issues.

Again, I would probably get the next pair in size 8.0, but the 8.5’s are doing a pretty darn great job of keeping my feet comfortable on my runs. The colorway is boring, but I will deal with it.

Reebok FloatRide Run ULTK — Yes, I picked up a pair of these on eBay and have not run in them yet. While the damage to my left ankle has almost healed, unfortunately, I feel the side wall just a little too much when I walk in them to go for a run in them – yet.

The one thing that I am not crazy about, well two things, but they are inter-related are how difficult it is for me to get a good heel-lock in these shoes.

It comes down to the lack of padding where the tongue should be and the plastic caging for lace-up. Although I have looped my laces through the last point in the plastic cage to get better lock it is still not quite secure enough for my skinny heels and if I crank down too hard on the laces, it bothers the top of my feet, so damned if I do and damned if I don’t so far in them.

I will take them out for a run later next week, but as of right now I don’t have a warm and fuzzy feeling about them as running shoes due to the heel lock/lacing pressing down on the top of my feet issues for me. However, as walking shoes and to wear around town – they are fantastic and I can walk all day in them, so at least they will get some use if I can’t use them for running.


I ran five days last week, between the yard work on Wednesday/Thursday and some other stuff going on, I didn’t run those days. I won’t say that I rested all that much, but I did give the legs a break and the right hip seemed to like that. The left ankle that was rubbed raw a couple of weeks ago by the Grasse Roads is just about healed and the right heel blister from my work boots has stopped bothering, so the body is healing up pretty well.

This Fall I am focusing on running faster for me 5k/10K races at some poin and am figuring out how to best train the old body for that and what races I would like to do these attempts at. I am going back through some of books on training and looking at different philosophies about training for an old fart.

I know that I have limitations that younger folk do not have, that I am slower than I used to be and at least for me going up hills jacks the old heart rate up into areas I know it ain’t supposed to go if I push it too hard. So I have to figure out what works best for me and the body I have now.

More to think about on this, but until I figure out the direction I want to go, I will just keep plodding along and doing what I have been to see how that works.

I did two faster workouts in the RunFasts last week and both of them were in the rain. However, I did pretty good on the quarter repeats on tired arse legs and then I had 2 good miles and 1 that I should have done better, during my 5K time trial on Saturday. Even so, I still came within 30 seconds of my fastest 5K time this year, so it was still a confidence builder.

No long runs or trail work this week, but I did get 30 miles in for the 11th straight week, which is very consistent for me. Which is the most important thing…staying consistent and mostly injury-free. A blister or two here or there and the right hip discomfort I can run through pretty easily, as long as it keeps to those levels, I am happy.

The Reality is that

This was a really good week.

SD2’s house lot should be ready this coming week and we have gotten a lot yard work done that needed to be gotten done.

While I made some changes to this blog, I think in the long run those changes will motivate me to write a bit more and look at things from more than just a runner’s perspective and that is something that I want to do. There is more to my life than running, although if you talk much to me, you wouldn’t think so. πŸ˜‰

I am finding that Reebok’s newest running shoes are working nicely for me and although the Run ULTK might not work as running shoes, as athleisure shoes they are quite nice – I just have to find out this week if they are running shoes for me or not.

Now to figure out how to best train the old fart here to run faster for 5K/10K distances and I will be pretty happy – although I want to do it injury-free of course. So I will be conservative and attempt to not train like a 20 something and be more willing to train according to what the body says is good, not what a particular plan has for that day.

The journey continues and the smiles are still here. πŸ™‚

July 2018 – A Really Good Month

Oops. I didn’t hit the publish key, oh well not really a big deal to too many people in any event. πŸ™‚

July was a damn fine month of running. I got to over 160 miles (the first time since November 2015 that I have run that many miles in a month), had a few long run, some track work, didn’t have too many unusual aches or pains and even got my running shoe rotation pretty much straightened out.

So yeah, July 2018 was a pretty good month.


Hitting 160 miles for the month is a pretty big milestone for me. It means that I have been fairly consistent with the running, getting a few long runs in and not lazing around the house on the couch. Continue reading “July 2018 – A Really Good Month”

Week in Review – 7-22-18

Last week was pretty good, I had over 40 miles running, a decent track workout, an 11.0 mile long run and a nice tempoish run. I also got my running shoe rotation pretty much figured out going forward, so those are all really good things this week.

I have noticed that I am starting to get a bit tired and cranky, so I think that this week I might cut-back a little. Just something to think more about the quality rest days.

I am going to try something different with my week in review, so bear with me as I experiment a little.

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Last Weekly Update for a While – 5-27-18

No, I am not going away, stopping blogging or anything like that. Nope, I am just changing things up a little that’s all, but more on that in some other posts that I might have planned.

We got the graves tended to in New Hampshire and Newport. Each year we notice fewer and fewer of the graves are being tended and even us – we talked about we only go to them once a year. As the older generations die, the memories of those who lie beneath the markers are forgotten and the stones are left to themselves or the occasional curious person who happens to wander by, stops to look at the marker, who this person was and then moves on with their life.

Fading memories of past generations is not something new, it is the way life is, but sometimes it is sad to think of the lives we live and how that someday someone will look at our gravestone and wonder who we were. My advice is that we pass the memories and family histories of those you loved to the next generations, because once you are gone those memories you hold will be gone as well. Continue reading “Last Weekly Update for a While – 5-27-18”

A Cut-Back Week – Week In Review 5-20-18

Spring is definitely in the air, my allergies are kicking in gear pretty good, the hummingbirds are back and the lawn has been mowed more than it should be for this time of year. The weather has been mostly good for running, it is so nice to be outside.

My favorite photo from the week is actually from this morning – the apple trees are in bloom.

Sometimes you just get very lucky.

With my running last week that is pretty much the case, because last Monday I was not sure if I would be getting any miles in at all during the week. My hamstring was barking pretty loudly, but for a change I was smart about resting and foam rolling the crap out of my hamstring.

It worked!

I made it to Wednesday’s Acupuncture appointment and everything came together enough that by Thursday I was running fairly normally.


Hamstrings and I go way baaack to my days as a sprinter in high school (I wasn’t too bad), but the Hammies never really liked some of those cold-arse spring days in Maine back in the 70’s and would complain quite loudly about running all out in those conditions. It seems like most springs, I have to contend with them doing more than their share of complaining and I thought that I was in for a rough go of it this year too.

So yeah, maybe I m getting smarter and wiser as I get to be an old fart. Naw, just more likely – lucky this time. πŸ™‚

The rest of the week went pretty well for running and while I did not get in 30 miles, I got in 26 more miles than I expected – so I think it was a VERY good week.

I even had a 2018 course record for my test course by a minute, without pushing the effort too level too much on Sunday. I took a couple of days off in a row, then I got back to running with short easier runs on Tuesday and Wednesday. A longish run on Thursday with a 7.0 miler on Thursday where I learned a lot about the Liberty’s and another 5.0 in them on Friday that really solidified my feelings about them. Then I had a quick 4.0 that I mentioned on my test course.

So I was very pleased with how well my running went this week, when it could have been a complete disaster.

Now to get whatever is going on with that right hip taken care of again, same thing as last fall, so I gotta be thinking about what worked to “cure it”.

Running Shoes

I have been working on a small project to get my running shoe photos into Apple’s silo – it is a slow laborious process = yes it is a pain in the arse, but I am getting there and it brought back more than a few memories of shoes that I liked or shoes that I should have given more of a chance.

Last week it was a pretty short rotation Zealot 3’s, Liberty’s, Road Hawk’s and Razor 2 of which I am going to talk about the Liberty’s and Razor 2’s

If things do not change too much, I am not sure that the Liberty’s will make it to a 50 mile review. The Liberty’s are a very good to great running shoe for the right runner, but unfortunately I might not be the right runner.

I only have 25 miles on them, but I am finding that while I can run decently in them they feel heavy at 10.3 ounces (I know that is fairly light, but…the more I run in them the heavier they seem to feel), are pretty stiff (the full length outsole I believe is most of the culprit) and they bother my forefeet too much to run completely comfortably in them. Which I really think it has something to do with the bootie construction of the ISO Fit. So I have put them under the dresser for a week or two to see how things go without running in them for a while.

I was very meechy about running in the Razor 2’s, because the ankle collar area was very uncomfortable (too high and stiff) when I was walking in them or on some of the little jogs I do at times with Bennie.

Finally, I just needed to know whether they were going to blister my ankle area or not. So Sunday I ran in them and while I had an excellent run – there was never that disappear on my feet feeling that I look for in a pair of running shoes. The ankle collar was noticeable, not a discomfort or thank goodness biting my ankles to form the dreaded blister, but more a distraction.

Which makes me wonder why Skechers’ have running shoe models with the ankle collar/well so high, especially since they are designed so that you can remove the insole, which in turn makes the ankle collar come up even higher on your ankles. I had the same issue with the GoRun Ride 7’s and wore a hole in the right ankle well because it came up too high on my feet – even with the insole inside the shoe.

Even so, I will say that the Razor 2 is an amazing running shoe and other than that ankle distraction, I loved the feel of them on the road and will continue to run in them as long as I don’t get blisters on my ankles. If I do get those darned blisters, it might come down to doing shoe surgery on the ankle wells. I have scissors and know how to use them.

I also had been looking at D2 getting me a pair of running shoes for Father’s Day (I know a very unique present for me) and then got to thinking about the shoes that actually have worked for me this year. Then while I was wandering around eBay, I found a pair of GRR7’s on sale for a fantastic price. I ran well in the GRR7’s until I wore the hole through to the plastic heel cup (which was partially my fault I have a feeling) and decided to see if they are part of the solution at that price. I hate the gray colorway, but at this point I want the shoe, the colorway is secondary. That is what I hate about great sales, they suck you in.

The reality is that

I had 26 more miles than I originally thought that I would when the week started, so it turned out to be a very good week running wise. Also I learned a lot more about some shoes that I have in the house and there are some that might go away and others that surprised me with how they did feel when I finally ran in them.

So yes, it was a pretty darn good week.