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Category: Week In Review

Week In Review – 3/2/14

Shoveling that damn roof over a week ago slowed me down for a couple of days – you know that DOM’s thing – Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness or is that […]

Week In Review – 2/23/14

Yesterday, I didn’t run, not because of any problems or issues, it was because I KNEW that I had to shovel the garage roof. There was 2-3 feet of heavy, […]

Week In Review – 2/16/14

After last week’s cut-back week, I went back up into the 40 plus mileage and felt pretty good the whole week. I took today off, the roads were pretty nasty […]

Week In Review – 1/26/14

January is done, than goodness – February has been a lot more seasonable, but according to the weather forecasters it is supposed to be a lot stormier and then get […]

Week In Review – 1/26/14

It has been a good week, even though the weather has been wintry (to say the least), even so, I only ran on the treadmill twice this week, which is […]

Week In Review – 1/19/14

The January Thaw came through this week and gave us a break from the sub-zero weather we have had, which allowed the roads to clear a lot, so that you […]

Week In Review – 1/12/14

There has not been a lot of consistency this week, hell really for the past few weeks, but at least I was able to get outside for a few runs, […]

Week in Review – 12/29/13

I skipped my Week in Review last week, due to the Ice Storm and this week the weather and road conditions has continued to played havoc with getting runs in. […]

Week in Review – 12/15/13

This week I decided to not run a marathon in 2014. You can read about my reasons here. When you add in that my Achilles just doesn’t like long runs […]