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Category: Year in Review

Final 2017 Running Stats

Well the final run is done, the hay is in the barn so to speak and it is time to see what my running final stats of 2017 ended up […]

2018 – What Will It Bring

Well, we made it to another year – tomorrow starts a new one and many of us are all full of piss and vinegar to get started on things that […]

What Is Happening In 2014

I am going to do things a bit different. Well actually a LOT different in 2014, than I have in the past when it comes to my running. Okay Harold, […]

2013 – Looking Back

What a year it was – I say that with a great deal of sarcasm, gritting teeth and even smiling. To me 2013 was a year of injury, contemplation, disappointment, […]

How was My Year of Running – 2013

Each year Amanda over at Miss Zippy blog, puts together a series of questions to get us thinking about how our year has been. What was your: Best race experience? […]

Looking Back at My 2011 Goals

Every year I go back and see how I did on my previous year goals and the outcomes. #1  Determine whether or not I want to remain in Special Education as […]