Trail Running at Bond Brook – RunLog 11-18-13

Bond Brook 60 Minute Run
Bond Brook 60 Minute Run

Okay this post will be quick and dirty.

I have felt really good lately, in other words my Achilles tendon is not bothering me, so I figured it was time to give it a tough test – Trail Running single track at Bond Brook Recreation Area in Augusta.

The rain cleared and the sun came out, I got to run in shorts and a tshirt – felt good at 61F degrees on 11/18, better than 16 that is for sure.

The trails were wet, muddy, slick rock wet grass, roots, etc., so it was also a great test for my NB 1010’s – They passed, only one slip and go bang on slick muddy clay, as far as grip/traction goes.

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Inspiring 10.0 Mile Training Run – RunLog 11-17-13

I took yesterday off, except for a couple of short Bennie walks and a short run on the treadmill, while I had my gait analyzed. However, I was tired from last week, it was not so much the 41 miles in 5 days, it was that I am starting my mileage base and am running slower most of the time, which means more time out there pounding the pavement, for the about the same amount of miles that I have been running. 

So I wasn’t sure how I would feel today on my scheduled 80-100 minute run.

How it turned into being an inspiring run and I felt great the entire way!!!

No I didn’t go under my “easy” overall pace, but I had a couple of times that I just had to run faster, it felt right and then I would slow back down a little. After the first couple of miles I decided that I wanted to keep my pace under 8:30 for the run and really surprised myself, when I finished with an 8:16 overall pace! Continue reading “Inspiring 10.0 Mile Training Run – RunLog 11-17-13”

Stayed with My Planned Long Long Run-RunLog 11-15-13

Lower Winthrop Street Hill
Lower Winthrop Street Hill

First, the day was almost a perfect running day, slightly overcast with a light breeze, which unfortunately, was in my face, but didn’t really impact me all that much.

When I started out my legs felt a little tired and I had to stop at Annie’s Variety for a quick pit stop, that is that sudden uptick in the pace chart-the closer I got the faster I needed to get in there – if you know what I mean.

After that I felt pretty good, I wanted to finish with somewhere around a 9:00 minute pace for my 90-105 minute long run, but was worried more about staying at a steady easy effort than pushing to go faster.

Also, last week I had a LOT of problems with my Achilles and right knee, today while going slower they felt really good – the Achilles didn’t bother and the knee just felt a little off, but didn’t affect the run. Continue reading “Stayed with My Planned Long Long Run-RunLog 11-15-13”

Ollie Way Out and Back – RunLog 11-14-13

Still getting caught up

So what did I do for a run yesterday. I was scheduled to do an easy 60-70 minutes (this is one of those changes that I will be talking about in my weekly review this week), so I figured that I would go down to Goodhue Road and see how the time was at that point.

I have been very careful about running easy and staying in the correct training pace zone during my runs this week. As a result I was feeling pretty good and wasn’t pushing hard to achieve any particular time, but at the same time, I was not pushing the pace during the run either. Which is what I usually do once I turn around an come back down Tiffany Road. Continue reading “Ollie Way Out and Back – RunLog 11-14-13”

New Central Maine Striders Group Run – RunLog 11-13-13

Course 11-13-13
Course 11-13-13

Okay, I have been negligent about writing my daily RunLog posts for the past couple of days, while I focused on putting my spring marathon training plan together and reflecting on the reasons I needed to make some very drastic changes to how I train.

Putting those thoughts into something that made sense (at least a little) took more time than I thought it would.

The other part is that my marathon mileage base building started last Monday, but I will get into all this stuff in my weekly round-up, which I will go over a LOT of changes, including when I will be doing my weekly wrap-ups.

I am very excited by all the changes and believe that they will get me to the marathon finish line this spring with a BQ time for me!!!

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Windy and Chilly Run – RunLog 11-12-13

I decided to run in Waterville and then go to Champions to lift after I got done. I wanted to run for 60-75 minutes, which meant I planned on going somewhere between 8 and 9 miles and to be honest since it was in the afternoon, I didn’t want to fight traffic and have to run on the shoulder of the road that much.

Champions 75 minute course 11-12-13
Champions 75 minute course 11-12-13

Today was the first day of winter, well errrr no, but it sure as hell felt like it. Oh I know I will piss and moan about the weather and how cold it is getting. However, I know that cold weather is just part of living in Maine and today’s weather will not feel nearly as bad in January, but still I am not used to it yet. So I will whine a little.

I couldn’t have dressed any better and felt very comfortable running. Skechers GoRun Ride 2, Wind Pants, shorts, compression shorts, Running Jacket, Short sleeve and long sleeve tech shirt, ball cap, watch cap and mittens. My clothes were a little sweaty and I needed to change, before I went into the gym, but during the run I felt fine.

Garmin Stats 11-12-13
Garmin Stats 11-12-13

Yes, the thermometer said 30 and the above says 10 mph winds, which was very misleading, the winds were a lot higher than that!!!! So the feels like temp or wind chills were really in the mid teens IMHO. Oh well enough whining, how was the run?

The run was almost a recovery run, especially when I was running into the wind, but I just kept running comfortably and came in at the slow end of an easy run – according to the McMillan pace calculator, which surprised me, but I didn’t push and I didn’t put the reins on either, so I was happy with how I felt the whole way.

Another good thing was that I went up Mayflower Hill for the first time in a long time and while I can’t say that I hurried up it, my Achilles didn’t bother, which was the important thing for this run. As long as I go slower up the bigger hills, it should be fine.

I have worked on something for about month now and will be writing about it later this week, but I came to a decision and I decided to finish up the project this afternoon – more later.

After I got back to Champions, I was going to do a weight workout and I made it through 2 machines before I bagged it. I just didn’t have it after the run and went and sat in the sauna for a half hour.

Too Much Fiber Equals Interesting Run – RunLog 11-11-13

Taking a couple of days off last weekend, after Friday’s run was a good thing! Yes I ate too much and became a bit of a sloth, but at the same time, it felt good and you know something, I noticed a difference today in my legs.

They actually had a little snap, crackle and pop in them for a change.

Initially, I was going to go to Waterville for my usual Monday morning workout of treadmill speed work and lifting weights, but it is Veteran’s Day and TheWife has the day off, so I changed it up to have breakfast with her and planned to go for a 9-10 mile run a little later.

During breakfast I found out that she was calling SD2 at 9:30 to set up going shopping this morning between 10 & 11 (she told me last night, but I forgot). Which meant that I changed my plans again and decided to just do Goodhue O/B + Howard Circle – which is a little over 7.0 miles. It pays sometimes to be fairly flexible. 🙂

I really wasn’t sure how I would still be feeling after Friday’s run, so I started out comfortably. When I got to the first mile, I knew that I had run decently, but I didn’t think that I was going to break 8:00. At that point, I just decided to keep running at this pace until, I got tired or my Achilles began to bother me. Continue reading “Too Much Fiber Equals Interesting Run – RunLog 11-11-13”

What I Learned This Week — 11/10/13


What did I learn over the past couple of weeks? I forgot to finish my week in review post last Sunday.

  • That I felt a lot better and more focused on getting things done than I have in a while. I didn’t realize how big a funk that not being able to run MCM put me in. I am glad that is over so I can get back to being me.
  • That I am glad that I went back to Champions Fitness as my gym, I just feel a lot more comfortable there.
  • That I need to loose 15 pounds and get under 145 over the course of the next few months and get my body fat to under 15%. So I need to start watching what I put in the pie-hole a lot more and as much as I hate to admit it, focus more on lifting weights.
  • That I sort of have my very tentative race schedule through June of 2014 and now I just have to put together my training guidelines for it. I do have to decide if I want Nov/Dec to be a base building period, actual training or some combo of the two.
  • I had my down time back in June/July, and already have been building up my mileage over the past couple of months. Decision, Decisions.

That I have made a couple of decisions, since I wrote the above: Continue reading “What I Learned This Week — 11/10/13”

A Tale of 2 Runs in One – RunLog 11-8-13

Today was my weekly long-run and it became the story of 2 runs in one.

First, let’s talk weather. I ran into 3 separate snow squalls, yes it is that time of year. Luckily none of it was sticking and stopped about as fast as they started, but…it was still snow – the first sign of it this year and a taste of what is to come. It seemed like I ran into a headwind 11 of the 13 miles I ran.

The good news, was the first 7-8 miles, I just ran comfortably, not pushing at all until I got to the 6 miles, when I purposely picked it up just a little. Unfortunately while I was running on Leighton Road, my left Achilles started to bother, not pain, but became uncomfortable. So I slowed down – a lot and then when I got down on Bond Brook, my Achilles loosened up a little, so I picked it back up, that was a mistake.

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Yes I have been Running – RunLog 11-6-13

I have had a lot on my mind lately and finally made my decision to run a spring marathon this morning. In order to get to this decision, I did a lot of thinking and just a little research on what I wanted to and that took my focus away from writing my blog posts on what I have done for training lately. I wanted to get caught up, so here are Tuesday and Wednesday’s training runs.

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