Not What I Expected – RunLog 7-12-14

Yesterday, I had a couple of good runs which was the good news, but the big event of the day was something that was very unexpected and not anything that I wanted to have happen.

Yeah I was sore and a little tired from haying the day before, but not nearly as bad as I thought that I would be. In other words I wasn’t completely wiped.

I made sure that both of the runs were slow recovery runs that totaled just over 5.0 miles, the body wasn’t up to or into doing a lot more.

My neighbor was still haying and had even less help than the day before, so I lent a hand again. About half-way through the field, we were on the 3rd tier, so the stack was about even with my chest and I was having to pick up the bales and then toss them on the trailer.

6 Tiers of hay
The dual axle trailer

As a part of this tossing motion, I step forward with my right foot.

Yeah this isn’t going to be good.

Wellll, as I was tossing a bale on the trailer, my foot went forward as usual, unfortunately at the same time the first tire of the trailer was about to occupy that same spot. This was the double axle heavy-duty trailer pictured above – luckily it was only half full of hay.

Really not good.

With peripheral vision, I saw the tire beginning to go over my foot and the tire wasn’t stopping. At that point I felt a sudden pressure on the outside of my foot and couldn’t move it (believe me – I tried).

As I looked down.

There was nothing I could do, but watch the friggin tire run over my foot.

Yes time does slow down, when something like this happens. It seemed like it took forever for that wheel to get done going over my foot.

It was kind of surreal, the tire going over my foot, there was a squishing sensation, sharp pain and then relief as the wheel rolled off my foot.

Then I had to move it quickly, so that the second axle’s tire didn’t have a chance for a repeat performance.

Yep, it hurt like a son of bitch!

All of I could think of right then was, there goes my running the rest of this summer and beyond.

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Serious Weight Training Session – RunLog 7-11-14

Just a bit of hay
Just a bit of hay

I am running a bit late at getting around to writing my post today, but I just got through eating supper a bit ago and have a sneaking suspicion I am going to be massively sore tomorrow!!!

One of the neighbors, was haying and when I drove by, their “crew” was pretty slim pickings, so I stopped over to their place and offered to give a hand. Needless to say, they were both surprised and happy to have another hand.

Yeah, I knew what I was getting myself into, when I was a young fella, I did this quite a bit, so I “knew”:

that I would not be able to pick and load the last two tiers in the hay wagon. In the past, I just never had the arm strength to get the bales up past the 4th tier. Today, I really surprised myself and was able to toss-up to the 6th tier on the last wagon load. I guess all the strength training I have done is paying off a little. Continue reading “Serious Weight Training Session – RunLog 7-11-14”

Not The Best Run – RunLog 7-10-14

Some days you really think you have it all together and then BAM, it’s gone.

That is how it was today for my primary run.

I went ahead and did a bunch of stretches before the run, because the Achilles was feeling tight on my earlier Bennie run and by the time I got started, my GPS watch had reset itself and I didn’t realize it. So without looking down, I just hit start and started running.

About half a mile down the road, I looked down to see what my pace was and figured out that I hadn’t started the GPS.


Oh well, sometimes it happens, so I stopped and waited about 30 seconds for the watch to get signal and started out again. I was feeling pretty good and decided to just go with it.

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12 x 20 Second Strides – RunLog 7-8-14

TheWife is on vacation this week, so my schedule is slightly different from it usually is. In other words my schedule is more about what she wants to do and I get my runs/workouts in around that.

Last night she was spending the night with SD2, so I got to entertain myself around the house, which meant that I got bored (which can be dangerous). Bennie is great company, but he ain’t much of a conversationalist and after his last walk I decided to finish up my Kinetic Revolution workout.

A part of  this workout was doing 12 moderate effort repeats focusing on my arm swing and keeping my stride shorter and quicker. I changed it up to being a speed workout.

What in the hell are you doing Harold?

This is one of those do not do as I do posts and if you have an injury and need to rehab it, do not be like me and actually listen to your medical professionals or coaches for what you should be doing after an injury. 

You ran a tough run yesterday morning and it was still in the mid 70’s with a lot of humidity. On Monday your Chiro fired your ass, because you wouldn’t take his advise to take a couple of weeks off and here you are doing speed work the next day – are you f$%*&$#+ nuts.


At the same time, get over it.

I know my body better than anyone else and I am feeling 100% better than I was a couple of weeks ago.

So in spite of the Chiro’s recommendations (which I acknowledge are based on sound medical advice) and what many others would consider to be common sense, I am going to fail or succeed doing it my way.

Stubborn old bastid that I am.

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Hotter than I Thought – RunLog 7-8-14

Another morning at ACAR, but this was just to drop off the Toyo, to finish up some stuff. Still I have seen more of Al and Todd than I have anyone outside of the house his week, which is not a good thing. Sure they are great guys, but every time I see them, it tends to cost me money. Oh well the vehicles are in top-notch shape.

When I got delivered back to the house (courtesy drop-off), I talked with the wife for a couple of minutes to update her on what was going on with the Toyota and went for a run.

It was after 10:00 when I got going and by the time I finished, the thermometer at the house said 92F. So it was a bit hotter than I expected to be and did affect my run.

When started out, I was feeling pretty tight from all the sitting, so the first couple of miles were to shake things out a bit and work on my form some more. Yeah I even pushed it a little, one I loosened up.

Then the heat started to bother me and I purposely started slowing down and wasn’t going to push the pace in this crap.

Strava Stats 7-8-14
Strava Stats 7-8-14

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Another ACAR Run – RunLog 7-7-14

Time to get caught up on my running log, it has been a few days and I am falling behind again.

It seems that I have spent more than a few too many mornings at Al’s Certified Auto & Repair shop lately, but the Jeep’s left front tire developed another leak (what is it with me an tires lately), but anyways as usual I wasn’t going to sit around and just wait – I went for a run.

I snuck down through Hallowell (which is mostly downhill from ACAR) and got on the Rail Trail at MM 2.75 and ran down to 4.50 and returned. This section of the R/T is probably my favorite, it is rolling, not flat and there is even shade most of the way.

Strava Stats 7-7-14
Strava Stats 7-7-14

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No Race Just a Bit of Rain – Run 7-4-14

Happy Independence Day for those of us in the U.S.

Wet t-shirt contest anyone?   :-)
Wet t-shirt contest anyone? 🙂

No, I didn’t race any of the local races in Winthrop, Freeport or up in Bangor areas. I wasn’t sure of how the leg would respond and decided to skip them, which was too bad, because I think I would have done just fine, but better safe than sorry.

Still when I read the tweets and facebook posts by people who raced today, I feel as though I should have – oh well it is what it is.

The weather coming in was a bit of a factor, not the rain and humidity those things didn’t bother, but with the low pressure coming in, I got my usual headache, verging on a migraine. It is something I have to contend with when a bad storm is coming in and it seems to be coming around a little more often this summer than it has for a while.

Oh well, running does help.

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Hat was a Leaky Faucet – RunLog 7-3-14

Running errr swimming today was pretty good and with the number of horseflies, mosquitoes and black flies down-back made it so that you didn’t linger too long in one place.

Yeah it was hot
Yeah it was hot

First Run

Was with Bennie and he wanted to fly! My legs were feeling reasonable so I was willing to push a little faster with him than I have been.

  • Course: Bennie Run Down-back
  • 2.3 — Distance
  • 18:25 — Time
  • 8:02/mi — Pace
  • Shoes: Skechers GoBionic Trail 6-18-14 (20.8 mi)

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Getting Acclimated – RunLog 7-2-14

I must be starting to get acclimated to the heat/humidity a little. While I went slow today for both runs, they really didn’t make me feel that bad, even with it almost 90 degrees and high humidity.

First Run

Bennie and I ran down-back, they had just graded all the dirt road yesterday, so it was tricky and if you are not careful an ankle breaker waiting to happen. Need some rain and lots of traffic to drive over it to calm it down. Until then no fast running with Bennie down there, to much of a risk for getting hurt.

Strava Bennie Run 7-2-14
Strava Bennie Run 7-2-14

Plus in this heat, he doesn’t go so much like a bat out of hell after we hit the dirt and tends to just lope along and plays in the old mud puddles in the ditch as we run along. He did have that doggie grin going today, especially when we were walking and he got to play in the stream. Continue reading “Getting Acclimated – RunLog 7-2-14”

Sorta Speedwork – RunLog 7-1-14

I am tired of whining, pissing and moaning about my frigging leg. No matter how I do, it isn’t going to change anything.

I know that I will still do it, but at some point everyone else has to be getting sick of it being the primary topic of conversation on my blog and when any of my local running buddies see me.

After yesterday’s Chiro appointment, if all that is wrong with my leg is accumulated scar tissue rubbing together and irritating the hell out of my hamstring, there ain’t a whole hell of a lot that I can do about it.

Scar tissue does not dissolve, go away or any of the other fairy tales that I have heard. About all you can do is make it softer and more pliable, so it isn’t as painful when it rubs over each other.

So unless there is a miracle cure for softening up scar tissue out there that I haven’t heard of, it means that this crap  is just something that I am going to have to learn to live with, if I want to keep running.

Which I am going to do.

No two pieces of scar tissue rubbing together is not the most comfortable feeling when I am running, but as long as I am not doing too much further damage to my hamstrings, I can handle the discomfort. It just means that I will not ever be as fast as I was 2 months ago, but at least I will still be running, which is the most important thing.

So this morning, after getting an inspection sticker on the Toyota – yes it passed, so all the work we did on it was worth the effort.

I went down to the Rail Trail and parked on the other side of Hallowell at the 2.75 mile marker and proceeded to run towards Gardiner, to do some quarter-mile intervals – my favorite type of speed work (well I prefer to do quarters on the track, but I didn’t feel like driving over to Cony or up to Colby).

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