Skechers GoMeb 2 after 50 miles

Skechers GoMeb2
Skechers GoMeb2

Okay, so I have a few more than 50 miles on my Skechers GoMeb 2 racing shoes, yeah that’s right racing shoes. You know me – that guy who said back in February that I didn’t need racing flats and now have 2 pairs.

However, it took a while to get to 50 miles, due to all of my wonderful injuries this summer. Then once my legs got feeling better and I started training little more seriously for some 5k’s, the mileage piled up on my Meb 2’s a lot quicker than I expected.

Yeah, this is another one of those reviews of an older running shoe that is nearing the end of its cycle, (so it is not the hottest new running shoe out there, but there are enough of people who are still interested in this racing shoe that the post is still pertinent. I plan to do a post next week on why I think doing reviews of these older shoes is still relevant – at least in my mind  😉 .

No I am not going to bore you with all the stats that the manufacturer or other sites that sell running shoes can give you.

I am going to focus on how the GoMeb 2’s worked for me as an older, recreational runner, who wants to run faster, but ain’t no Meb or even really all that good 😉 . Continue reading “Skechers GoMeb 2 after 50 miles”

Time for a Blog Vacation

Nothing serious is going on, but since the beginning of 2008, I have been blogging almost daily.

The brain is dead, the fingers tired and the eyes are sore. I am tired of blogging and that is something I never thought that I would say.

That is why I changed my theme to the beach theme.

It is time to take a vacation from blogging.

What will I do?

Gone Running

I plan to keep up with logging my runs on Strava, but I am not going to worry about blogging about anything, I might do a race report on the 10th, but that might be a bit late.

No, I do not know if it will be for a few days or a couple of weeks.

Yes, I probably will be back with more stories to tell, a fresh outlook and an old fart’s outlook on life and running.

I just need some time, where I do not feel I “have to” write (I know that I do not have to, but I still feel as though I am supposed to blog every day).

I need to get back to writing because I want to.

Who knows, maybe I will find so many other things to do with my time, that posting my runs to Strava will be enough…I doubt it, but you never know.

See ya next time :-).

Hopefully, by then this damn hamstring thing is better too 😉

First Runs in Brooks Green Silence – RunLog 5-2-14

Brooks Green Silence
Brooks Green Silence

That’s right I ran a first run in a new to me pair of Brooks Green Silence today.

  • Yes, I got them on Ebay.
  • Yes, I know they are a discontinued model.
  • Yes, they are very comfortable.
  • Yes, they  are light.
  • Yes, I added in LockLaces
  • Yes, I changed out the insoles (not the original) to a pair of PureFlow 1 insoles
  • Yes, I can hear you all laughing at me right now. 🙂

It is okay – really, laugh away.

Me the running shoe geek, who loves the newest and greatest running shoes is running in someone’s old cast-off shoes, that the manufacturer couldn’t sell enough of to keep them in their current line-up.

What is wrong with you Harold? Continue reading “First Runs in Brooks Green Silence – RunLog 5-2-14”

April 2014 – A Month of Change

April was not a good month weather-wise or for my running, it still has been cold and nasty.

One in Five 5K Cropped Photo 4-13-14
One in Five 5K – Yes still in Gloves and long sleeve top

So it was cold and nasty – that is just part of living in Maine and just something that I can whine about.

However, as the result of my experiences in April I also made a lot of major changes to my running: Continue reading “April 2014 – A Month of Change”

Gotta Be Flexible – RunLog 4-30-14

Yep - A selfie at ACAR - where I have been spending way too much time at lately.
Yep – A selfie at ACAR – where I have spent way too much time at lately.

I missed out on the Central Maine Strider’s noon Group run today – another vehicle repair appointment, I was disappointed, but I am definitely making next weeks – at least that is the plan.

More adventures in vehicle maintenance at ACAR – it seems that I am spending waaaayyyy too much time there and I had yet another appointment this morning. So I drove into Augusta and when I went through the circle – it said 35F degrees and this was just before 9:00 AM. Then when I started my run, instead of doing the waiting room wait, there was also a nice little breeze in my face all the way out towards Gardiner, but at least it was at my back coming back.

Yep – it sucked!

I was wearing shorts, but I had an extra layer on top, that I had planned to leave in the truck – I didn’t. My hands and ears were barking at me pretty good, by the time I got out of Hallowell.

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am really ready for some warmer temps. This needing tights, winter hat, gloves and multiple layers sucks, especially for the last day of April.

Enough whining about how cold I was – just deal with it Harold!

How was the run? Continue reading “Gotta Be Flexible – RunLog 4-30-14”

Killer Interval Workout – RunLog 4-28-14

Well it didn’t kill me, but it sure as hell was one of the toughest workouts that I have done in a while!!!

As part of my changing up my training plan to run better i.e. faster at the 5K to 10K’s, part of the deal is increasing the intensity of my hard workouts.

I feel that I have a pretty good mileage base and as long as I stay away from raking the lawn, my knee seems to be doing just fine, so it is time to push the envelope.

Yeah, I even went back to running in the Newton Energy’s and was wondering if they would bother me as much as they did the last time I ran in them.

Here is the workout:

Continue reading “Killer Interval Workout – RunLog 4-28-14”

Two Weeks In Review – 4/20/14 and 4/27/14

Kennebec River in front of the Augusta Arsenal
Kennebec River in front of the Augusta Arsenal

Wow – it is hard to believe that I “forg0t”, well actually just didn’t do my week in review last week. Let’s be honest I had several opportunities where I thought about doing it and didn’t.

Anyway it is already that time again this week.

Let’s see what has happened over the past couple of weeks?

Right Knee. I went through a stretch of my right knee bothering me enough to take some down time and be under 20 miles for the week for the first time this year.

Luckily it didn’t turn out to be anything serious and it/I just needed a little rest. Also I started raking the lawn about the same time as my knee started bothering and I have a feeling my knee was hurting because of the way that I plant my right leg while raking. When I did some more raking this week, it hurt again.

So sometimes it is not always the running that is the culprit when you have a new and unexplained niggle.

Patriot’s Day 5.0 Miler. I wanted to run in a race on Patriot’ Day and since I wasn’t running Boston (wasn’t it cool that Meb won and it turned out to be a great event for everyone involved – although a lot of runners had a tough time with the warmer weather). So I ran the 85th Annual 5.0 mile Patriots Day Race in Portland. It is a great race, well-organized, with a lot of great people there. Unfortunately, I was very disappointed in my performance, especially on a very fast course – it happens to us all, but this was the second race in a row that I wasn’t happy about.

This poor showing caused me to really look at my running and what I doing. Continue reading “Two Weeks In Review – 4/20/14 and 4/27/14”

Runnin in the Rain – RunLog 4-26-14

I got a late start on my run and as a result I got to run in the rain.

Now running in the rain doesn’t usually bother me, but when it is 42F degrees and raining that makes things a LOT less fun, than running in a nice summer rain.

Weather 4-26-14

This rain also meant that running through downback was probably going to be muddy (luckily it wasn’t too bad).

I had planned on an easy recovery run, after yesterday’s tougher long run, my legs were tired and my hamstrings were a little tight, so I planned on 4-5 miles at around a 9:00 minute pace. How did I do? Continue reading “Runnin in the Rain – RunLog 4-26-14”

Quick 5.0 Miler – RunLog 4-27-14

It was still raining and cold when I ran this morning, 42F and a bit of a breeze doesn’t make running super enjoyable.

I know that I was happy wearing tights, gloves and three layers, I just wish that I would remember to wear something on my ears, but they survived.

Pearl Izumi Infinity Jacket
Pearl Izumi Infinity Jacket

One thing is for certain, no one can say that they couldn’t see me – I was just a little neon colored. Continue reading “Quick 5.0 Miler – RunLog 4-27-14”