New Shoes–Only the Second New Ones in 2019–RunLog 4/6/19

Yeah, can you believe it, this is only the second pair of new running shoes that I have run in during 2019. I really think that is some kind of record!!!


Unsurprisingly, it is a pair of adidas Tempo 9’s that I got for Christmas 2018 and have had in the closet waiting for my first pair of T9s to finally give up the ghost. While I could probably get more mileage out of my first pair, when I ran in my new ones today there was a definite difference for the better.


So it was time to change.


I did take Friday off, I got changed up and ready to run, but I really just didn’t want to, so I didn’t. Sometimes you gotta listen to the old body and it said time for a day off. I am attempting to listen better and more often, even though I am attempting to follow a plan, at times the body is going to need something different.


Spring is here with temps in the 40s, but the breeze still feels colder than it will in a few more weeks. We just have to see the sun more.

The run itself was nothing all that special, an easy run down to Pepin, a quite port-a-potty stop and then running up that hill. I did better than usual going up the hill without really pushing all that hard, so that felt good.

I have a feeling that I will be running down to Pepin more often if I run around the house, the local young and old guy mud runners have made down-back unwalkable, much less unrunnable for at least a month. So I will get more town running done, I have a feeling.


I know that I will go through more shoes than a lot of runners, but this year I have purposely cut back on the number of running shoes that I have bought and worked on using the shoes that are actually working for me.

One of the things that I have been merciless about getting rid of running shoes that only sort of work for me, versus keeping them around and hoping they will work great if I wait a while. It usually doesn’t work that way.

My second pair of Tempo 9s felt great and I am looking forward to running more in them.

adidas Tempo 9 – 300 Mile Review

The adidas Tempo 9s made it to 300 miles.

A 300 mile review on a pair of shoes???

Holy crap…I couldn’t remember the last time that I had a pair of shoes make it to 300 miles. When I looked, it was a pair of Hoka Clifton 1 (Blue), back in 2015 and they were toast at that point.

Which makes the adidas Tempo 9s getting to 300 miles, still being shoes I enjoy running in and me wanting to write about them – even more impressive!

The short version is:

I can run in Tempo 9s comfortably, I don’t don’t get mysterious pains or blisters from the shoes and when I reach for the Tempo 9s I have no doubts about how they are going to perform…

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