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Tag: Adidas

Week Peek Back – 12/4/16

December, the last month of 2016, can you believe it! This year has just flown by!!! No snow yet, but it is coming and so is the cold weather. That […]

Adidas Adios 3 – First Impressions

Okay, enough of the political crap, let me get back to something nearer and dearer to my heart – New to me Running Shoes. I haven’t been that impressed with […]

Surprise 9 Miler 8/22/12

What a gorgeous day! By the time I got to run it is was in the low 80’s, with bright sun, low humidity and a 5-10 mph breeze. Definitely a […]

50 Mile Review of Altra Instincts

Initially I was going to wait until 100 miles to do this review, but I have been doing the 50 mile running shoe reviews since I started A Veteran Runnah […]

Setting the Record Straight

The other day I was talking with someone and I said I was looking at getting a different pair of Trail Shoes, because my current ones left the soles of […]

Unexpected Running Shoe Shopping

I have researched what my next pair of running shoes would be for the past couple of weeks and had a good list of shoes that I thought would meet […]

My iPhone Running App

Ever since I got my old iPhone 3G, I have searched, for the perfect Apps to track my walking/running progress, especially now that I am running more again. It doesn’t […]

In Search of the Perfect Running Shoe

from Like most runners, I have shoes stuffed in the closet, under my bureau (dresser), in boxes out in the garage and have given away shoes to the neighbor, […]