38th Annual CMS January Thaw – Race Recap

Ahhhh January and running = a bit chilly most of the time.

Photo by David Colby Young

It also means running at the Central Maine Striders January Thaw in Belgrade, ME. Today was the 38th edition, so thank you again to Gene, Geoff, Ron P., DonneJean, Ron P, Alicea and all the rest for putting on what is usually my coldest race of the year ;-). Continue reading “38th Annual CMS January Thaw – Race Recap”

CMS Wednesday Group Run – RunLog 4-2-14

WOW! What a great day for a run, shorts and long sleeve tech shirt weather.

I got to do my first Central Main Striders Nooner Group run in shorts with three others:

Barry, Patrick and Brian
After the run Barry, Patrick and Brian. No Patrick is not crying because we punished him so badly on the run, I think he was trying not to laugh too hard at me and the fluorescent colors I was wearing which were blinding him in the sunlight 😉

I even managed to get into a photo, without breaking the camera. Continue reading “CMS Wednesday Group Run – RunLog 4-2-14”

35th Central Maine Striders January Thaw Race Recap – 1-19-14

This is the 3rd year in row that I have run this race and each year it has a different challenge to contend with. Today’s challenge was a 2-3 inches of fresh powder on the roads and sleet during the run.

January Thaw 2014 - Looking at the road prior to the race
January Thaw 2014 – Looking at the road prior to the race

The Belgrade town crew did a great job and sanded the roads we were going to be running on.

Now because of the road conditions, I decided to run in my PI N1 Trails and was very impressed with how great they did. They had good traction and to be honest I didn’t even think about them after the race started. I just ran and that is what I expect/want from my shoes. Continue reading “35th Central Maine Striders January Thaw Race Recap – 1-19-14”

CMS Group Run and Hill Repeats – RunLog 1-15-14

Barry & Patrick after the CMS Group Run
Barry & Patrick after the CMS Group Run

Yesterday – yes yesterday, I got busy with life again, after running yesterday and didn’t write-up the run last night. Oh well, the way it goes.

What a gorgeous day! Mid 40’s, just a little breeze – in other words the January Thaw is here and I actually thought about wearing shorts, but at the last-minute chose not to, but I could have.

The only thing that wasn’t fun was avoiding traffic and having to run through the puddles and the left over ice patches.

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Central Maine Striders Group Run – RunLog 12-11-13

CMS Course Map 12-11-13
CMS Course Map 12-11-13

Another Central Maine Striders “nooners” group run yesterday – at noon ;-). The usual suspects were there Barry, Greg, Patrick an myself. Not a bad winter day to run, just a bit breezy up through Colby.

As usual I was the drag on the group, especially until we got to the top of the hill past Colby, yes “they” hehehhe had to wait for me at the Rice Rips Road turn off, but it was all good. I figure that they need a slower run at least once week, so I don’t really worry about slowing them down and it is more of a “running” joke with us than anything, that I am so much slower than they are.

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CMS Group Run and a Little More – RunLog 12-4-13

Today was the Central Maine Striders’ weekly “nooner” run that starts over at the Alfond Youth Center in Waterville.

Central Maine Striders Group Run at the Alfond Youth Center 12-4-13
Central Maine Striders Group Run at the Alfond Youth Center 12-4-13

Greg, Barry and Patrick showed up (yes I was there taking the picture) ready to run. Patrick had meeting at 1:00 so we had to hustle up and decided to do only 4 or so.

Unfortunately, I am the old, slow guy of this bunch – you know that anchor that drags everyone back. All I know is that this was the fastest run I have done outside since the Rise ‘n Shine 5K back in September. The “young” guns (they are all younger than I am, even though Greg isn’t that far away at less than a decade back), pushed this old fart pretty damn hard. Continue reading “CMS Group Run and a Little More – RunLog 12-4-13”

New Central Maine Striders Group Run – RunLog 11-13-13

Course 11-13-13
Course 11-13-13

Okay, I have been negligent about writing my daily RunLog posts for the past couple of days, while I focused on putting my spring marathon training plan together and reflecting on the reasons I needed to make some very drastic changes to how I train.

Putting those thoughts into something that made sense (at least a little) took more time than I thought it would.

The other part is that my marathon mileage base building started last Monday, but I will get into all this stuff in my weekly round-up, which I will go over a LOT of changes, including when I will be doing my weekly wrap-ups.

I am very excited by all the changes and believe that they will get me to the marathon finish line this spring with a BQ time for me!!!

So what have I been doing, running-wise? Continue reading “New Central Maine Striders Group Run – RunLog 11-13-13”

Central Maine Strider’s Group Run

At the last Central Maine Striders meeting, we decided to try to start-up having Group runs again.

This morning at 9:00 A.M. 5 intrepid runners showed-up at the Colby College lower Field house parking lot, to kick-off the Central Maine Striders group runs.

Patrick, Tom, Chris and Tracey – photo by Harold Shaw

Patrick, Tom, Chris and Tracey participated in the this year’s inaugural group run this morning, an 4 or so miles. Unfortunately, I chose not to run today and only be the photographer because my hammies are still barking at me too much.

It seemed that everyone had a good time and we stood around quite a while afterwards, just talking and gabbing, which is the part of running with others that I enjoy, that part where we get to know other runners better.

Although the turn-out was only 5, it is a start. I believe it shows that we are serious about reviving the Central Maine Strider’s Group runs again and that we are actually doing it.

We plan to do another group run next Sunday at 9:00 A.M., meeting in the same place the lower Colby Field House Parking Lot. The runs are open to runners of all levels or abilities. If you haven’t been running with others, this is a great low-key way to meet other runners, get in a workout and swap just a few lies, mmm stories.

I heard a few comments last week about some runners being concerned that you are too slow – don’t be, come and enjoy the camaraderie of other runners. There will be someone there to run with you and have fun gabbing and talking.

If you live in Central Maine and are a runner, I hope to see you there.

Put it on your calendar:

Who:  Central Maine Striders Group Run
When: 9:00 A.M. Sunday November 4, 2012
Where: Colby College  Lower Field house Parking Lot

Check out the Central Maine Strider’s Facebook page

Hopefully next week I will be able to do the run also, instead of just being the photographer :-).

Central Maine Striders – Resurrection

Central Maine Striders’ Facebook page

The Central Maine Striders have a long and great tradition of being a big part of the running community in Central Maine, but the same as many other organizations and clubs in today’s world, membership and interest levels have waned and it has fallen on difficult times.

Last night I attended my first Central Maine Striders Running Club meeting, which was the first one that they have had since I became a member in February. While the club still is active and does a few races, it has become in the words of one long-time club member a Newsletter club, instead of the vibrant running club it once was.

This is really unfortunate and not the reason that I wanted to join. I joined because I wanted to meet other runners, develop friendships that go beyond running and give back to the local running community.

During the meeting we discussed ideas and strategies to resurrect the club and bring it back to being more than a Newsletter club. I enjoyed listening to the long-time club members talk about how it used to be and thought about how great it would be for it to be that way again. It will take a lot of work, to be sure, but I believe that it is something that would be so great for the Central Maine Running Community.

We decided that the first step would be to start group runs again and use the new Central Maine Striders’ Facebook page, to help Central Maine Runners connect with one another!

Our first Group run is scheduled for:

  • DATE: Sunday, October 28th

  • Time: 9:00 A.M.

  • Where: Colby’s Lower Parking Lot

  • Distance/Pace: TBD

We will figure the routes and paces that morning. Personally, I really hope that this group run idea is successful, that other runners from Central Maine start to show up and have some fun running with other local runners. We plan to keep up this group run schedule for the foreseeable future.

Do you have any ideas or other days that would be more convenient or better for running a group run? Please let us know or comment below.

Also do you have any memories or great stories about the Central Maine Striders that you would like to share. Eventually, we  are looking at setting up a Central Maine Striders’ blog and website and would love to include positive or funny stories about the club there.

I would love to meet some new runners or some veteran runnahs on Sunday to re-start the Central Maine Striders’ Group run :-).

See you Sunday Morning!!!

Life is Funny Sometimes

It is funny how life works sometimes.

In my Running to Run Isn’t Enough Anymore post, I talked about how we sent in our application and membership fees to the Central Maine Striders last week.

Last night I had some extra time on my hands so I did a Google search of the club to learn a bit more about the running club I was applying to join.

Unfortunately, the Central Maine Striders do not seem to have a webpage currently. So I just bounced around the web looking at different search results and I came across one about Rick Krause.

In that article I found out that the founder of the Central Maine Striders was Rick Krause, that name rang a bell, but I didn’t place who it was until I read this in the article:

It was while living in Newport, where he taught physical education and coached cross country, that Krause founded the Central Maine Striders on Dec. 5, 1975.

Thinking Back to High School

Rick if my memory serves me right must have been the “runner” that Coach Smith introduced us to my senior year at Nokomis and became the assistant cross country coach that year. I don’t really remember all that much about him other than he was some “old guy” that ran with us once in a while during practices and kicked our butts.

Back then I was one of those slower, classic underachievers that didn’t really like distance running all that much, see my Running High School Cross Country 1971-1974 post. He focused more on helping the better runners, who were more interested in getting better, the group I wasn’t really a part of and I got injured that year and didn’t finish out the season.

About the only thing that I really remember about Rick besides him being fast, is that I think he had a pair of big Elvis sunglasses that he wore a lot back then. Honestly, I was too busy being a senior in high school to remember to much about some “old guy” assistant cross country coach. 😉

How things change

Here I am applying to get into a Running Club – The Central Maine Striders that was founded by someone who was the assistant coach of my high school cross country team and were created the same year I graduated from high school. Now so many years later, I want to be a member of that club.

Seems kind of fitting to me – Maybe there is just a bit of Karma involved.

I wonder if Rick is still active in the club, I didn’t hear any mention of him while at the race or see his name on the results of the January Thaw Race that I ran in.  It will be interesting to find out more as I get involved with the Central Maine Striders.  If any members of the Central Maine Striders or other Maine Runners who read this blog know – It would be fun to hear how Rick is doing.

Do you have any stories like this where someone from your past, even though might not have known them very well, suddenly has an unexpected role in your life today, so many years later?

Funny how that happens sometimes