Garmin FR 35 – Initial Thoughts

I got my Garmin FR 35 as a Christmas gift from TheWife and am very happy with how well it is working out for me.


Well mostly.

It is not a top of the line running watch, but from my experience it probably is all the watch that I really need. Continue reading “Garmin FR 35 – Initial Thoughts”

A Good Run, Just Not as Good as Garmin Said

When my face hurts in less than 5 minutes of being outside for Bennie’s first walk, I know that it is pretty damn cold, as a matter of fact according to the thermometer it -7 and when you add or should I say take-away a bit for a nice pleasant little breeze, well you get the idea. Then almost falling on my arse because I wasn’t paying attention and stepped on a nice slippery patch of white ice — well I knew I wasn’t running outside this morning.

Yes, this was yesterday and no it didn’t look a lot different at 6:30 AM this morning

The wife and I enjoy having breakfast together and I am on my last 9-5 week for a while, so immediately heading out to the gym to get a first run in, really is not an option. So I went back in, ate a nice breakfast, yakked about the day and how she was feeling (she was sick as a dog all weekend) and got ready for work.

Then we had an unexpected appointment at 1:00 at work, which meant that I had to go to an early lunch.

Typical Monday stuff.

So when I got on the treadmill I was pretty damn ready to run and knew that I had to get my arse back to work pretty quickly. I wanted a good test of the how the Puma Speed 300S Ignites were going to be now that I put the Locklaces on and see if the calibration walk yesterday helped any on the indoor running accuracy? Continue reading “A Good Run, Just Not as Good as Garmin Said”